Here are the latest submissions for my weekly scam roundup. If you have received any similar emails, please forward them along to I’ll post them here to help protect others from falling for these scams.

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Scam Email #1

From: “Nia Holdings Limited.”

Nia Holdings Limited,
Fortress Tower,
205 King’s Road, North Point
Hong Kong

Dear Friend,

I am Yiu Chung, the Public Relation Officer of the above mentioned company.
Our company needs representatives who we can use as a medium of getting to our
customers world wide as well as making payments through you to us.If you are
interested in transacting business with us we will be glad to partner with you
and as a result you stand to make a lot of money.For more information, write
to the email address below and subject to your satisfaction you will be given
the opportunity to negotiate your payment mode for your services as our.

For interested candidates, please forward to us your full details:

1. Full Name
2. Phone number
3. Fax
4. Full contact address
5. Country

Please note that your area of specialization or occupation is of no relevance
to resolve to assist us.

Thanks in advance

Yiu Chung,
Public Relation Officer
Nia Holdings Ltd

Scam Email #2

Subject: Company Representative
From: “Alba Beds & Furniture Ltd”

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Mr Andrew Cameron, managinig director of Alba Beds & Furniture Ltd. We are a Furniture Company that is into the import and export of goods like Bedroom Furniture,Dining Sets, and Lounge
Suites set etc, we export these furniture in tons into U.S,Canada and Europe. Owing to the large amount of clients that we have in the U.s.a/ Canada we are having difficulty in reaching all of
them, therefore we decided to employ representatives in all the states of America,Canada,Europe to help us get to our clients. As our representative,you shall serve as a link between us and our
clients and you will also be responsible for the collection of payments on our behalf.Note: that you shall have a 10% commission for every payment that you collect on our behalf.Kindly fill this
form below and forward to this E-mail address:

Subject to your response,we shall have our company’s attorney draft out
an agreement to seal up this contract.

Andrew Cameron
Managing Director. Of
Alba Beds & Furniture Ltd
Acorn House, Coppen Road(off Selinas Lane),
Dagenham, Essex, RM8 1NU.

Scam Email #3

From: Mark Walker
Subject: Job opportunity ID , (279021602).


We are a multinational organisation with an excellent background and a
global reach. We can offer a fantastic career & training opportunity to
candidates from the United Kingdom.

Our company provides business to business solutions, multi-channel payment
processing services and business management. We provide best of breed
solutions to hundreds of corporate clients mainly within IT and light
industries. This is a unique opportunity to get into the company at a
graduate level. We would consider candidates with no relevant education.

We are searching for self motivated, proactive and reliable individuals to
join our transaction management team after an initial course of training. We
are looking for people who feel confident working with sales, purchases and
payment processing. There are long-term opportunities for those candidates
who show high levels of motivation and can deliver fantastic customer
service. It is advisable that you have a confident telephone manner and have
strong negotiation skills.


– The maintenance of sales and purchases
– Daily monitoring of incoming orders and their timely completion
– Managing operational and billing issues
– Provides vendor relations and client support
– Analysing issues and suggesting creative solutions to our customers
– Protecting companies from financial or operational risk through diligence
and process improvements


– Ability to work independently and be able to work in a multi-tasking
– Good communication skills by telephone and email
– Good attention to details
– Strong customer service skills
– Excellent math skills

Considering the current workload, this job could be considered as part-time,
thus besides earning a stable salary of 2000 pounds per month and
commissions, your work will provide you a flexible schedule.

If you are interested in this job offer, please reply to

Scam Email #4

Showatex Inc,.UK mainly manufactures Textile & Art.As the head of human
resource department/chief recruitment officer,haven been mandated to seek
individuals /corporate bodies in USA and North America for this purpose.We
were able to get your email address with the help of a market research based
on your country.
Representatives will act as intermediaries between us and customers in their
country of residence.They may also recieve payments on our behalf also help
in placing orders for goods and
services that we mayrequire in their country of residence.We are very open
to negotiation as per your working terms as regards benefits and
commission.Provide us with your fullnames,
mailing address,sex,age,occupation,cell or phone number and a clear scanned
copy of your identity.Please respond to me via email for more details.
Please if you are interested do respond back to us via our company email:

D Desmond
Showatex company Inc,UK

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  • Jon

    Seems this is another Karen Miller SCAM

  • Jon

    Anybody ever heard of Internet Job Locator? I been receiving suspicious SPAM e-mails from / Control Ability , this one showed you can make $150,000.00 at home Part Time from your laptop-flexible schedule-no degree needed-recession proof. Yea right and I have some swamp land for sale.
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