Here are the latest submissions for my weekly scam roundup. If you have received any similar emails, please forward them along to I’ll post them here to help protect others from falling for these scams.

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Scam Email #1

From: robert ryan
Date: Jan 29, 2011 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: Customer Service

We have a job opening for Versa Check Processor & Mailing, you can
work full time or part time…, this is a straight forward employment
opportunity and does not require any special skills. You will be
working solely as a Processor Dispatcher. Its require no experience
and you will be working from home office to do this job. Pay
$1500/1600 Monthly

You must have at least 2 boxes of VersaCheck Paper Business Form
#1000 to purchase. Computer with internet Printer for the Versacheck

If interested fill below info:

First name……………….
Middle name………………
Last name………………..
Address Line 1……………
Address Line 2……………
Zip/Postal code…………..
Home phone……………….
Cell phone……………….
Time/Day (Work Hours) You prefer………
Full Time Or Part Time……

And also come online immediately on your yahoo instant messenger
to chat with our rep for the next step and further instruction. If you
don’t have a yahoo messenger you can download one and sign up for a
user name then add us on this user name (
Waiting to read from you
willson (Accounting Dpt.)

Scam Email #2

From: Peter Patton Reply-To:
Subject: TheUSAddress Company.Vacancy

Good day,
I am the representative of TheUSAddress company. Headhunter infromed us that you are seeking for a work, that is why I would like to offer you an opportunity to take the vacancy of Shipping Agent. Our company deals with post transfer around the world and now we are expanding a new staff to meet customers’ requests. If you are goal-oriented, ready to work on the result, hard-working, we will be glad to consider you as a candidate for this post.
Our requirements are:
full legal age,
possibility to work in USA,
computer skills Word, Excel.
In return we can give you a stable income and career growth. If you have an interest in this post and would like to know more information, please, email us at
In the e-mail, please provide your contact information to contact you.
Have a good day!

Scam Email #3

GTC Team
reply-to GTC Team
to <>
date Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 8:14 AM
subject Re: please send information

hide details 8:14 AM (1 hour ago)


Thank you for your interest in the position of an Assisting Clerk in
our Sales Support Department with GTC Group! I am sure this
will be an amazing opportunity for you to develop your skills, employ
your knowledge and make work not only interesting, but profitable,
challenging and stable.

My name is Deandrea Simmons, I am an HR manager, and I will be in charge
of the selection process. You are more than welcome to address any
questions to me, I am here to assist you.

As you already know, you’re being offered a job with an international
trade and consulting company, offering various consulting and supporting
services to companies and individuals in Europe and North America. At
this time we’re introducing our extended services for the residents of
North America, and are therefore in search of Assisting Clerk,
representing our company across the United States.

You, as a potential Assisting Clerk, will be dealing with the
administrative and financial part of the deals. You will be in charge
of coordinating deals locally, collecting payments, monitoring
deadlines, filing reports, sending invoices, etc. This job will not
require you to possess selling or advertising skills. At this time
we’re offering work from home, with promotion and in-office upon
successful evaluation(30 days). The flexible hours will allow you to
combine jobs, however we require the work to be performed in the
timeframe of 9am-5pm your local time.

If selected, you will be assigned to an instructor for the first 30
days, who will supply you with all needed training materials and
guidance, so even if part of this job is new to you, do not be afraid
to accept it.
Your salary remains full during evaluation – $2,500 monthly plus
instant commission.

Any inquiries should be sent by email, and will be responded to within
24 hours upon receipt.

At this time, please fill out the attached application + job
description form and email it back ATTN HR Dept.
The decision will be taken upon your answers and the
resume. If selected, you will be contacted within 48 hours the
contract to sign and return.


DeAndrea J. Simmons
Recruiting manager
Gommers Trading & Consultancy
Human Resources

Scam Email #4


My name is Arnold Jones , i have a job proposal for you to work as
online representative for ROCKFORT TRADING COMPANY, LLc United States Branch.

Representative Assistant needed for our busy online store to work from home.
Applicant must have computer with a reliable internet, ability to work and think
independently, and be very trustworthy and dependable.

Hours are 8:00 am to 3:30 pm between 2-3 days during weekdays.
Duties include :

-Answering emails,
-Email shipping confirmations to customers
-Collection of packages
-Candidate will be a fast learner and able to follow directions.
-Receiving payment from customers within your geographical location.

• Benefits package offered.
• Payment is $10/shipment
• Commission is $13%/Payment received

You can process more than 150 confirmation in a week ,

Here are the needed details if you are interested to work from Home .

Name , Address, City, State, Zip code, Telephone number, Email, Occupation ,

send me these details above to this email ( ) and i will
send youfull details on how to start

Arnold Jones,

P.O. Box 58228
Salt Lake City

Headquarter: Dubai, UAE

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  • Pat

    I got this email today

    We have a Job Opening for Versa Check Processor Stuffing and Shipping, you can work full time or part time, this is a straight forward employment opportunity and does not require any special skills. You will be working solely as a Processor Dispatcher. Its require no experience and you will be working from home office to do this job.

    The processes are as stated below:
    1. You will be sent a pre designed check.
    2. You will be expected to re design it using the Versacheck software from your PC.
    3. After it has been properly designed like the copy sent to you,It will be inspected.{scanned copy}
    4. List of contacts will be sent to you.
    5. You will have each designed check enveloped and mailed via Courier postal service. You will need to get UPS and FedEx
    letter envelopes and airway bills from their respective offices for FREE which will be used in packaging and mailing out
    payments to clients.{You will be Provided with the shipment UPS and FedEx Account number}. You are NOT in anyway to in cure
    the cost of shipment.
    6. Invoice of all Checks will be filed {this will be requested at the end of 2weeks for audit purpose}.

    you will need to acquire {Instant Checks Solution Suite } you shall purchase this programme at the closest Sam’s club store , office Max and or Amazon.The {Instant Checks Solution Suite } comes with a compatible printer, VersaInk-nano™
    magnetic ink and 500 Pieces of Green Colored Prestige (Form 1000) Voucher (check on top, 2 stubs below). as stated on

    This Project will go on until a US branch is opened and is estimated to earn you a minimum of $ 600.00 USD every month,

    Looking forward to work with you on this project and for the cost of this job do get back to me with this details if you are
    ready to work from home and get paid every month as a part time/full time .
    Below is the info needed from you to have the Job done.

    Please reply via email with complete information as requested:
    A. NAME:
    C. CITY:
    D. STATE:
    E. ZIP CODE:
    H. E MAIL:

    ADC Group Inc.
    Daniel Bruce

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