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Scam Email #1

he name of the company is Piramal Health Care Ltd

Piramal Health Care Ltd is a globally integrated healthcare
company that fulfills unmet medical needs across the world. It
has a growth track record of above 29% CAGY since 1988, Now going
into Data entry/ Medical billed and accounting work from home job
to create employment opportunity for the less privilege, disables
and mainly to decrease the rate of unemployment in the
economy,Our office is located at Patterson, NY 12563, Our head
office in Mumbai India, we have locations all over the USA and
currently working on setting up some branch in Atlanta,GA . and
that’s why we are employing online,but when the new office near
you is ready you can be assign to one of them that is if you are qualify after the interview.process for the interview….setup a yahoo ID for the interview,add this yahoo ID to your
list…,she will be waiting for you online
to conduct an interview for you.Here is the company site,

Kindly Regards,
Hire Department Office,
Mrs Sarah Coptom.

Scam Email #2


My name is Moreno Carlos. I just came about your email address and your brief profile through an email listing affiliated with the US Chamber of Commerce and I would be very interested in offering you a part-time paying job in which you could earn a lot.

I just resigned my job as a research scientist for ODI(Overseas Development Institute, Poverty and Public Policy Group) but i still work as a freelance consultant for the institute and also assist the poverty and public policy which gives me very much time to do my own work which is basically being a freelance researcher who could be employed by research institutes to do research projects anywhere in the world.


Presently, I have just been granted a funding to head a research project in the tropical regions of West Africa regarding rare and vulnerable Agricultural Plants Species and also to assist the poverty and public policy and this would be commencing very soon, However my funding were by my American, British and Canadian counterparts which sent me the bunch of payments mostly in US,Uk and Canada based checks. Getting an accountant in or opening an account would have been my best choice but I have a deadline to meet and taking any of those choices would cost me time and a whole lot of other requirements I am not ready to deal with as I would be traveling a lot in the meantime.

So presently, assuming you would be able to deal with cash, I would be willing to employ you on contract basis to be my payment representative back in the states, this way I could issue and make these money orders out to you, you could then cash them easily, withdraw 10% of the total amount on these money orders as your commission and then send the rest back to me through Western Union wire transfer.


1. Receive payment from Clients

2. Cash Payments at your Bank

3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.

4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to (Payment is to forwarded by Western Union Money Transfer).


10% from each operation! For instance: you receive 7000 USD via cheques or money orders on our behalf. You will cash the money and keep $700 (10% from $7000) for yourself! At the beginning your commission will equal 10%, though later it will increase up to 12%!


You do not have to go out as you will work as an independent contractor right from your home office. Your job is absolutely legal. You can earn up to $3000-4000 monthly depending on time you will spend for this job. You do not need any capital to start. The employees who make efforts and work hard have a strong possibility to become managers. Anyway our employees never leave us.


18 years or older

Legally capable

Responsible ready to work 3-4 hours per week.

With PC knowledge

E-mail and internet experience (minimal)

And please know that everything is absolutely legal

I would be glad if you accept my offer and I intend to commence on the job as soon as you are ready. If you are interested, email me back, so we can make concluding arrangements.

Please note when replying fill the form below:


Full Address not



Zip code:

Phone Number(s):



Current job:


Thanks for your anticipated action. And I hope to hear back from you.

Mr. Moreno Carlos
Poverty and Public Policy Group
Overseas Development Institute
111 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7JD

Scam Email #3

How are you,Am glad you reply to my posting on ClasificadosOnline .Am sorry that i reply you late have been busy but am glad to email you that the position is still available as a dispatcher .This is a special job offer for you experience is not necessary to be successful within this position as we are willing to train the right candidate who is Honest, Trustworthy,Reliable and able to work hard who will handle the printing of my Co-Workers Payroll-Check and Dispatching them on payroll list of the company co-workers and which will be done under the authorization of the company in which we will be made for you to dispatch the Payroll-Checks to our client various destinations through Courier services like Ups and Fedex , we will take care of the shipping and handling of the payrolls you are dropping off.

I travel very frequently trying to expand my business and sometimes there is a work overload for me, this is the more reason I’m looking to find someone back home who is efficient, self-motivated, organized, a good communicator with an ability to multi-task under pressure and who can help me keep up to date with all of my activities amidst my ever busy schedule.

Your task are:
Printing and Dispatching , so we will like to know if you will be trustworthy enough to entrust you with our clients vital information, please we want you to be sure that we will be paying you $1200 monthly.salary for a start, if you perform very well, we will increase your salary to $2,000 as your performances impress the company after a couple of weeks you get started so, please get back to me today to know your interest in the job. The position is part-time you will need to set up a home-office if you don’t have one; You will need the below materials in your home-office for the payrolls printing .. So if you are ready, here are the list of materials you will need to start the job..

Materials Needed for Job
1)… A good computer system with fast internet connection. { must have}

2)… Colored Printer Laser or Injet { must have }

3)… Versa Check Business Paper form #1000 { Sold in Office depot,Office Max at the rate of $20 }

4}: VersaInk { Sold in Office depot,Office Max at the rate of $44.99 }

5}…Brown Letter Size Envelope

6}..Go to fedex store around you and ups to pick nextday delivery airway bills and envelopes is free they wont charge you,pick atleast 100peices each.

This materials stated above are less sold in any local store in your city which are: Office depot,Office Max or Wal-Mart, Best Buy or Staples and also you will be reimbursed for the money spent on the check paper and ink when paying your first week salary the same week you get started..


Daniel Bowman

Scam Email #4

Thanks for getting back to me regarding the shoot. More so, we are happy to inform you that you are one of the few people chosen out of the screening exercise performed for us by Model Mayhem. You have got the physical Requirement we need for our Forever21 Magazine Shoot ( ). We here by decided as a committee to offer you this pay Fashion job. My client wants to update her Catalog with her New Year release Fashion outfits and I’m interested in you for the professional shooting no nudity, fetish, bondage, escort and other adult content stuff. So if you are interested you can get back to me. we will be responsible for your transport, feeding and accommodation allowance through out the photo shoot, the invitation letter would be mailed to you, all make up will be taken care of in the studio.

You have the opportunity to bring along an Escort which we would handle the expenses along with your own just for you to feel comfortable through out the

You have 12 different Fashion outfits to cover, which would be provided by our client on the day of the shooting and the shoot is just for 3 days and you will be paid $3,650 for the whole project, the Job is Urgent so you are to get back to us as soon as possible so that I can arrange on how to get you the part payment. You would be paid an advance payment of $500 for the shoot and your balance of $3,150 will be given to you after the shoot. As part of our working policy and ethics of our company, we give part payment to any client before we proceed with any job and balance immediately after the work. As i told you earlier this project is very urgent will be taking care of your payment, accommodation and other expenses. The payment would be mailed directly to you alongside with your cloth allowance, shoes and costume fee for the shoot.
As soon as you get the payment, you will take out your $500 as your advance payment for the shoot and send the remaining balance to the wardrobe stylist, including your shoe and cloths size.

If you are interested kindly get back to us with your details as follows:

1. Name on check:
2. Complete Mailing Address:
3 City:
5.Zip Code:
6. Phone#:

Stage name :

Height :

Weight :

Age :

Years of experience :

Measurements :

Dress Size :

Shoe Size :

Skin Color :

Hair Color :

I here by represent and warrant that the above information is true and correct.The names listed above include my present name and every name that I have ever used including my maiden name, alias, nickname,professional or stage name.

You have different Fashion outfits to cover in a couple of 1hours 30minute taking picture for the shoot. This will take just a day job of 1hours 30minutes from 4:30pm to 6:00pm.Shoot dates are 11th-13th of May 2012

The company has went on agreement with the LOCAL AUTHORITY of the United State Of America just to make sure there is no illegal business moving around and that you will follow the instructions giving to you after the payment issued out.

Best Regards,
Nick Davis

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    How are you doing today ? The personal assistant position is still available. I will like to know if you will be interested in working as a personal assistant. I’m looking for someone that can be trusted, reliable, efficient, self motivated, organized, a good communicator, and IT literate.

    My Name is Collabo Anderson, Married with 2 Wonderful children. I run my family’s farm mainly; I also have a lot of investments and businesses of my own particularly in the real estate market and as a private lender. I’m also a Certified Payroll Specialist working for a number of companies within and outside the US as a private eye / analyst in their payroll activities. I travel very frequently trying to expand my business and sometimes there is a work overload for me, this is the more reason I’m looking to find someone back home who is efficient, self-motivated, organized, a good communicator with an ability to multi-task under pressure and who can help me keep up to date with all of my activities amidst my ever busy schedule.

    It is important for you to note that you are being hired by me personally not by my family or any other businesses that I represent, although most of your duties will be related to these businesses, I will be personally responsible for your wage and all correspondences, findings and queries would be made and promptly reported to me personally no matter the circumstance. The position is part-time you will need to set up a home-office if you don’t have one; we will discuss the costs of setting this up as we move along. Most importantly, you need to have Internet and telephone access,

    Your activities as amongst other things will include;

    * Invoicing, managing accounts receivable and/or customer account collections;
    * Purchasing needs;
    * Handling and monitoring financial activities;
    * Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence;
    * Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring;
    * Organizing and maintaining diaries, memos and making appointments;
    * Dealing with incoming email, faxes and post;
    * A personal reminder for Schedules, programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them as they come up;
    * General clerical activities.

    Your Wage is $400 a week after tax, pay will always be regular, and any extra personal expenses (transport, gas, etc) incurred by you while on an errand or otherwise will also be reimbursed by me at the end of each working week.

    I’m currently in Mexico now attending a seminar, in the mean time we will begin unofficially and on trial pending my arrival because I have a number of important things you could begin work on immediately. Your wage remains intact even during this trial period. I hope you can be available immediately .we will arrange a meeting and set up a proper interview as soon as I return to the state.

    Due to the excessive number of responses to this job Ad on Job Board , I will require the following details about you to filter applicants and for a personal record update;

    Full Names:
    Full Contact Address :
    Postal Code:
    Phone Number (H)
    Phone Number (M)

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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