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Scam Email #1

We appreciate your decision to join Titan Advisers Ltd.

The work from home option is becoming increasing popular in many corporate sectors. Financial Support Agent is on-line, home based position. Our employee get to work at flexible times. Thus it helps them to meet family obligations and full-time job if any efficiently. It helps them avoid travel, traffic, pollution, crowds, transportation charges, health risks, stress, work pressure and physical tiredness. Home Based Jobs have proved a great source of extra income. The capability and willingness to complete more tasks for less income has helped our employee to carry out their jobs of interest. As a result, their monetary benefits have increased considerably without having to leave their homes. Not having office space for an extra employee and never less having this employee completing a specific tasks that can be completed remotely for a modest amount of money. That allows them to complete a task in a few minutes while if a company were to use an internal employee it could cost hours in labor and perhaps even more to purchase any specific software or tools necessary to complete a task.

There is no formal Interview process for this position and most of communication is done on-line.

This job requires for you to be available Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 am. It’s possible to work different hours per day, however all transaction must be completed by 2 PM on the same day you receive the task. Your main job would be monitoring your on-line Task Manager, which you’ll create on our site. Once the funds enter your account, your supervisor will notify you and assign you your tasks for the day. At this point you would go to your bank, withdraw the funds and transfer them using Western Union or Money Gram, as instructed by your supervisor. In the beginning you will only receive 2 to 3 transactions per week. Every transaction is followed by an invoice with our company’s seal. You would always be aware of where the funds are coming from and where they are being transferred to.

You will be hired on a trial basis (1 month). During this period you will be trained and receive online support while working and being paid. Please note that personal supervisor can recommend termination during/after the trial period, depending on agent’s activity. New employee should be responsible and strictly follow supervisor’s recommendations to pass the Probationary Period successfully and be employed on regular basis.

In order to secure the position and get started with probationary period, you need to create a Task Manager Account.

Please follow the link to register on company website and create a Task Manager Account:

For prompt and correct use of all of the online functions, please refer to the online account manual at

NOTE: As you will be receiving bank transfers for our international clients, please provide your bank essentials. To avoid unnecessary problems, please be very careful while completing this form.

It’s OPTIONAL to provide online banking information, if you do not feel comfortable with that, please keep it confidential, simply click on “skip this step” during the registration. If you wish to provide view only access to your on-line banking, simply contact your banker and let him/here know that you want to activate this service, but be advised, that not all banks have this option, in this case, simply click on “skip this step” during the registration.

During the registration, please familiarize yourself with all the clauses of the Contract, if you agree, click on sign the contract.

The contract comes into effect since the moment of your Task Manager account activation. We would like to mention that electronic form of the Contract has the same validity as the contract signed personally by both parties.

We guarantee complete privacy of your personal data and would like to emphasize that our company strictly carries out its commitments as regards to private information and confidentiality of private and business information protection. We make use of reliable means of physical, electronic and administrative security with the view of protection of private information entrusted to us.

You will find detailed information on this matter in our Policy on Private Information Security following the link:

Once registration is complete, please make sure that you have uploaded or faxed us some proof of identity, preferably a copy of DL or a copy of Passport.

We required this paperwork for background check. Due to company policy we use background check as a means of objectively evaluating a job candidate’s qualifications.

If you’re unable to upload the documents into Task Manager account please use fax. Here is the number: 087 2352 7716. If you don’t have access to the fax machine, simply provide a photo of the document via email. Please make sure the picture is readable before submitting the documentation.

Once I receive all of the required documentation from you, it will take me about 1-4 business days to activate your account and assign you a personal supervisor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Scam Email #2

From: Kelly Argust


Your resume/email was received and has been reviewed. I appreciate your effort and have decided to give this a “go.”

My name is Kelly Argust. I am 51 years old, married with 2 wonderful children. I am a relatively successful entrepreneur and huge investor in the real estate market, which tends to be my main source of income.

I’m looking for someone that can be trusted and reliable to work very well with good understanding as my Personal Assistant. This position I am offering is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I May come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings. As my personal assistant, your activities amongst other things will include;

Duties and Requirements:

*Scheduling programmers, flights and keeping me up-to-date with them.
*Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities.
*Processing weekly check payment.
*Filing, Faxing, Creating and sending out letters, scanning documents, some personal assistant duties for owners, and many other
*Managing expenses and invoices

Basic wage is $450 weekly from start date.

I’m sure you’ll understand I tend to have a very busy schedule at this point. Please note that this position is not office based for now because of my frequent travels and tight schedules, it’s a part-time work from home for now and the flexibility means that there will be busier weeks than others. I would like to give you an immediate trial, so if you are interested kindly get back to me. As I have been checking my files and schedules and would need someone urgently to run some errands for me this week/next week, while I am away. I will have some funds sent to you to complete the errands and would get back to you with more information on that, get back to me with your Personal/Contact Details such as:

Nationality: ___________________________
Current Job: ____________________________

Are you eligible to work in the United States? Yes ____ No_____

If you are under age 18, do you have an employment/age certificate? Yes ___ No ___

How often do you check your email: ______________

Days/Hours Available: Hours Available: from _______ to ______

What date are you available to start work? ________________

Once I have received your contact information, I will get back to you with the task for next week, You will also be paid upfront as its important you help me handle some errands before i get back from my business trip. Hope I am clear with that.


Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.

Scam Email #3

Position: – Administrative Assistant

Type: – Part-Time (Reference: 5540709) –
Full-Time (Reference: 7095490)
Salary: – Part-Time : $450/week + 5% commission
– Full-Time: $880/week + 5% commission
Hours: –
Part-Time : 3 hours/day, Monday-Fiday –
Full-Time: 8 hours/day, Monday-Fiday

The primary goal of the Administrative Assistant / Sales Support Representative is to provide local customer support to our clients within United States. This includes providing convenient payment options and informing them of shipping and the terms of sale. You will be assisting our clients within United States, the assistance to be provided will include: payment collections and customer service via email.

Your duties will include:
– Collecting Local Payments When a buyer in the United States decides to purchase an item through an online auction from our sellers he has the following payment options: pay pal, international wire transfer, international check, local certified check or local wire transfer. The quickest option of these is local wire transferring. Local wire transfers and certified checks are the options that the sales support representative will provide to the clients.
– – Managing Data Along with the payments received from buyers you will be receiving details for these sales. These details will include items sold, price, and buyer’s information. You are to file and maintain these purchasing records and transactions.
– – Forwarding of the Payments Once you receive each payment you will be keeping 5% as commission and forwarding the rest to the seller or representative, whose information will be provided prior each transac-tion. It is crucial to complete forwarding of the payments in a time efficient manner.
– Correspondence You will be submitting brief reports, weekly reports, and monthly reports. Weekly and monthly reports are to be done in Excel format and are to summarize all transactions completed within the week, or month.

Here is an example of a brief report:
– Date: May 8, ’07
– Buyer: Mona Evans
– Item: Movado Watch
– Price: 1,921.27 USD
– Commission 5%: 96USD
– Fees: 75 USD
– Total Forwarded: 1750.27 USD
– Forwarded to: Diana Paulco, Stockholm, Sweden
– Reference Numbers: 2438749827

Fees, and Transferring Procedures
All fees are covered by the company. The fees for transferring are simply deducted from the payments received. No client will contact you during initial stage of the trial period. After three weeks of the trial period you will begin to have contact with the buyers via email in regards to collection of the payments. For the first three weeks you will simply receive all of the transferring details, and payments, along with step by step guidance from your supervisor. You will be forwarding the received payments through western union, money gram transferring agents, or by international wire transferring.

Why do we need Administrative Assistant? What does it give us?
§ Reduces expenses for offices maintenance (as Administrative Assistant is an official company’s representative, so the construction and maintenance of the office is not required);

§ Number of clients is increased (as many customers can’t make an international money transfer);

§ Our service is increased (as the international transfer needs about 5 days to reach our central office and then a couple of days to reach the performers branch. Consequently, it slows down our work significantly. It’d be much faster if Administrative Assistant receives the money and directs them to the appropriate department/branch. This is how we reduce terms of payments expectation and can provide a service to the customer more promptly);

§ Improves quality of reporting (each Administrative Assistant is responsible for one’s region. That system allows us to quickly and accurately make up all the reports and avoid their mess up.)

Scam Email #4

SUBJECT: Incredible chance to improve your prosperity with a new vacancy,
FROM: Miss J. Simpson

All the changes that have come about in the past 10 years, from environmental policy to emerging technologies to the recession, have contributed to the creation of careers that never could have existed before.

My name is Miss J. Simpson and I’m with staffing of one of the biggest outsourcing company in US. I recently came across your resume on Below is a career opportunity that we are currently hiring for part time that you may be interested in.

Company we are representing is small but respectful in outsourcing market which is situated in United Kingdom. Main aim is to achieve simpler communications between US outsourcing services with international market in this area.

FS Agent is a part-time position. If you are just re-entering the workforce or are a recent college grad, this can be your opportunity to start a solid career with a leading outsourcing company. We provide one month paid training period. During your training you receive online training and support. A personal supervisor guides your training. At the end of your trial period the personal supervisor makes the final decision to extend a permanent offer or not. Your training is critical to your success!

The monthly salary for the first 30 days is $2300 + 8%commission for every completed transaction. Working with a number of permanent customers your total income can be up to $4500/month. After the trial period your monthly wage will be $3000 plus 8% commission.

We believe that money saved due to outsourcing can be effectively and successfully utilized to focus more on strategic and core businesses functions.

If this opportunity is a fit for you, please feel free to reply to this email at Thank you for your time, and I hope you’ll contact me to discuss this opportunity.

Our representatives will reply within 48 hours. We would like to thank you beforehand and we’re looking forward to a long-term cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
HR Recruiter

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Join the Discussion

  • Kayla Thomas
    Kayla Thomas


    Our Company is getting back to you concerning request on a Careers job-web-site
    I have found that you fit our conditions for vacancy of Packages handler.

    Basic Payment: will be paid monthly of $2,550 and after probationary period is $3,250 a month.
    This is home part time \ full time work.
    You will also have an outstanding and wide-ranging package of benefits which include a 401(k) plan, stock purchase pack, etc.

    Main tasks are: anytime access to a online Task Panel with your duties on a daily basis, dealing with the receipt and shipment of the parcels with prepaid labels, collaboration with a supervisor.

    – Must be detailed oriented, responsible, able to write legibly and read English;
    – Must have PC skills; proficiency in Microsoft Office;
    – Minimum knowledge of document circulation.

    If you think you are ready to make the first step and begin the hiring process, please email us at: with your cell phone number and you’ll be contacted by our HR manager very soon.

    Best regards!

    If you have any questions you can give us your phone number to the e-address mentioned above and we also will reach you back.

  • DAS

    Subject:aadhighosh900 VacancyNotification 165964Z3514n63


    Our Company is returning back to you concerning request on a Career Builder I have found that you meet our requirements for career opportunity of Packages handler.

    Payment rate: will be paid monthly of $2,550 and after test period is $3,250 per month.
    This is based at home half-day \ Full time position.
    You will also have an outstanding and wide-ranging benefits including a 401(k) plan, stock purchase pack, etc.

    Main duties are: anytime access to a Task Panel with your duties during the day time, receiving and shipment of the parcels with prepaid labels, being in touch with your department supervisor.

    To start cooperation with us you:
    – be detailed oriented, well organized, be able to write and read English;
    – Must have computer knowledge; be proficient in MS Office;
    – Minimum understanding of paperwork circulation.

    If you think you are ready to make the first step and start the employment process, please send us your actual phone number and you’ll be reached by our HR manager very soon


    If you still have any questions you can give us your phone number and one of our managers also will call you.

  • Karen W
    Karen W

    To Jul 24 at 11:00 AM

    We getting back concerning application on a CareerBuilder for career opportunity of Procurement Clerk.
    We received many applications for this position and the screening process is still runing. The search committee is looking through your profile and we are glad to notify that you have been chosen for an interview.

    Payment rate you will earn starts from $85,600.00 up to $124,100.00 per year. Also you will have flexible schedule, and extra benefits: health, life and dental coverage.

    Main tasks are:
    Do negotiations with vendors,
    Monitor a team of Procurement Managers and provide direction to them,
    Prepare agreement compliance and do optimization of contractual obligations,
    Develop long-range strategic sourcing plans,
    Manage inventory and provide administrative and clerical help as required.

    Conditions are:
    Minimum 30 years old or older,
    Be a citizen of the United States or have work permit,
    Decision making skills,
    Be great time manager.

    To get more details about the position, please submit the following and write us back:

    Name and Surname:
    Current cell number:

    Have a good day.

  • Kmd


    I am THOMAS BROWN,I’m currently working as a CONSTRUCTION PROJECT
    AGENT. Can you work as my personal assistant what are your

    I AM
    applying project to some companies in your area, so i will always
    email you the project letters and tell you the company to take it to
    after printing it out. You will also be paying my employees on my
    behalf. As i have other company duties to handle, I will be
    money to your online bank account and you will send the money to some
    of the company workers
    across our branch you will have to make sure there is no money on the
    account online bank account
    you will provide to avoid complains lost funds on the process of this
    business period.

    NOTE: you will not be asked to send any money before this job can be
    offered to you
    and you will not have to spend your personal money on this period of
    our business time
    the company is going to take care of any expenses you will encounter on
    this period
    of our business time.

    I am choosing you as my personal assistant because i am having lots of
    project works to handle.You need to be Honest and Hardworking to work
    with me. You will be paid $800 Weekly.How soon can you start work.

    This is a real and legit work i am going to tell you more about us and
    why we need you in our company
    when you reply for an interview

    You are to furnish the company with your information such as:
    the acces to your online bank account as said earlier and make sure
    is no money on the online account you will provide or you provide
    a scan copy of your debit card the front and the back side of it.
    the expire date of the card …….
    your zip code……
    Your full Name……….
    Your country………..
    Your Personal phone number…….
    Your international passport………
    City and Current home address……

    Best Regards
    Fredrick William

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