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Scam Email #1

Subject: Employment Opportunity Available Now
To: Recipients
From: PGP Valuation Inc


My Name is Ferguson Anderson and I am your group regional Instructor from
within the USA.Henceforth you will be working with me on the completion
of your Mystery Shopper’s Position application. Like you already know, your
weekly per assignment is $300:00 Flat for working with us and will come
in payments of $300 each per assignment you complete for the company.

Your payment would be sent ($300) per assignment , Also the company is
in charge of providing you with all expense money for the shopping and
other expenses incurred during the course of your assignment.All the tools you
will needing would be provided to you with details every week you have
an assignment.

JOB Description :
1} When an assignment is given to you,You would be provided with
details to execute the assignment and in a timely fashion.
2} You would be asked to visit a company or store in your area and they
are mostly our competitors as a secret shopper and shop with them to know
more about their sales and stock , cost sales and more details as provided
by the company then report back to us with details of whatever transpired at
the store. But anything you buy at the shop belongs to you,all we want is an
effective/quick job and reports.

Before any assignment we would provide you with the resources needed
{cash}Mostly our company would send you a check which you can cash and
use for the assignment. Included to the check would be your assignment
packet .Then we would be providing you details on here. But you follow every
single information given to you as a secret shopper .

Full Legal Name :
Full Physical Address :
City :
State :
Zip code :
Nationality :
Home and Cell # :
Present Occupation:

Thank you for reading.
Yours sincerely.
Contact Person:Ferguson Anderson
Time: 24 Hours daily by e-mail

pgp valuation Inc
pgp valuation Inc, Inc Copyright (c) 2011
All rights reserved.

Scam Email #2


Subject: Santos Limited® (Getting Started )
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 11:02:32 +0000

After going through your application,I Petrina Coventry is satisfied that this applicant is qualified enough to join our team,I will like to put to your notice that we have decided to hire you for this position,But Mr Peter Wasow (Chief Financial Officer and Executive/Vice President) need talk to you first on phone or on the Yahoo Instant Messenger chat cause he need to explain some procedures to you which are very important.Below is the form for you to complete and email it back to us for processing of your offer letter as soon as possible.We need you to complete this form as we need to have some basic information about you in our central database system as a recognized employee of Santos Limited.We hope to receive your completed application form soonest via Email.


1) First Name___________________________________________________

2) Middle Name__________________________________________________

3) Last Name____________________________________________________

4) Contact Address______________________________________________

5) City ________________________________________________________

6) State_____________________________________________________

7)Zip code________________________________________________________

8)Mobile phone_________________________________________________

9) Work phone___________________________________________________

10)Home phone___________________________________________________

11)Phone number of whom to contact in case of emergency______________________

12)Date of Birth _________________________________________________________

13)Do you have a job? __________________________________________

14)If yes,what do you do for living?___________________________________

15)Yahoo Instant Messenger:__________________________________________(If you don’t have any,then you can activate a yahoo account,activate a Yahoo Instant Messenger and add to your friends list so that we can chat).

NOTE : Also send us a Photograph of yourself,have it attached to your reply form and also if you have any questions, do hesitate to call us on 323.647.5662.


Petrina Coventry
Chief Human Resources Officer
BEd, PostDipHR, Master Business Ethics
Phone number : 323.647.5662

Santos Ltd
Ground Floor Santos Center
60 Flinders Street
South Australia 5000
GPO Box 2455
South Australia 5001

Scam Email #3

We appreciate your swift response to the job offer been given to you
and we congratulate you because the Company { AL WAJUD MANUFACTURING
COMPANY } has chosen you to work for us .You have been given the
position of (Director of Staff and Payroll accounting )and you will be
given $60,000 monthly



*Your working days are Monday through Saturday and Sunday are your off days.
*You will be required and expected to work for approximately 40 hours
per week (8 hours/day Monday to Saturday). Every off day will be spent
at the company

START Date and Period of Employment:
*You are expected to resume duty as soon as you arrive here.
* You are expected to be a good and reliable worker.
Reasons which could give rise to disciplinary measures are as follows:
(1) Causing a disruptive influence in the OFFICE is prohibited.
(2) Job incompetence is not allowed.
(3) Conduct during or outside working hours prejudicial to my interests..
(4) Unreliability in time keeping or attendance.
(5) Failure to comply with our reasonable instructions or procedures.
(6) Theft or other dishonest offenses will be dealt with.
(7) Drunkenness not allowed.
(8) Illegal drug taking prohibited.
* NOTE: That any Activities of improper conduct will also be our
concern too,you will be highly required to be of your best behavior
(in or outside) as you work for us to protect our good name.
*You are expected to shoulder 50% of the processing costs for your
visa and other necessary legal documents needed for your arrival.
*The host company is ready to shoulder 50% percent part of your
travel fee for your convenience
*ACCOMMODATION/FEEDING: You shall have a big room, huge, and has a
double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is also a
wireless broadband internet in the room!!. We shall discuss travel
arrangements in due
course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.
*As for your Accommodation and feeding, the host company will provide that.
*Vacation and holidays this is allow after 6months
We look forward to having you for the job offer and hope that your
association will be a long and happy one.
Best Wishes,
Mr John
Personnel Manager.

Scam Email #4

Company Name: NovaTrans Company
Job Category: Correspondence Assistant/Manager
Location: US
Position Type: Full-Time, Employee, Part-Time

We have an exciting opening for a Correspondence Assistant/Manager. This position is limited.

Are you blessed with a new child yet unable to attend work? Are you a college student with odd class schedules impairing regular work time?

Well you’re in luck!!!

We are looking for honest and communicative people to sort, store, and make readily available our delivered correspondence from your own home!!

This is not a sales gimmick requiring you to pay setup fees or sign up to a mailing list. This is a business requiring only limited amounts of your time.

Please send your resumes to:
or if you are without resume or employment history simply send your name address and a few comments or reasons why you should be considered for this position.

We are sorry but P.O Boxes will not be accepted.


NovaTrans Company.

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  • russel

    I forgot to add, these people have been trying to hook people with fake job adverts for Santos Limited from Australia. There are no jobs and these people just want your bank details and / or you to deposit stolen or fake checks and send them the money – classic `money mule’ scam.

    Don’t fall for it! Which international company uses Yahoo or email addresses for their top people? With spelling mistakes and bad grammar? If you see these adverts, inform the newspaper or website posting them as they will be unaware it is a scam – stay safe online!

    Google the email address the scammers are using and see the truth on other scam alert websites


  • russel

    the scam people using the email address have also used other email addresses in the past including,,,, and

    they are busy scammers!


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