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Scam Email #1

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 9:17 AM, James Gent wrote:

Thank you for the interest to our offer!

Our services:

When buying-selling operations via the Internet are concerned, the buyer and the seller don’t know each other (they may be placed in different corners of the world) – it is very important both to the buyer and the seller for their deal to be made safe. Payment Protection means receiving money, documents, goods (it might be both the seller’s and the buyer’s) concerning the transaction to a reliable, experienced, impartial person – our Payment Protection agent. The agent will hold all the documents and money until all the terms of the deal are satisfied and only then release them to the intended receiver.

Why we need Payment Protection agents?

Having a Payment Protection agent in every country we can quickly transfer funds inside a country without wasting time on the international bank transfers, and continue our rapid growth rather than overwhelming our own bank account with inbound and outbound transactions leading to severe hold times and possible service interruption. It is time that is of significant importance to our clients.

As a front line Payment Protection agents, you will be responsible for connecting different countries financial markets by acting on behalf of our customers. All you need is bank account, good communication, internet access and desire to work as a big team. If you work and/or have any relations with bank management that will help increase the transaction processing speed, you will definitely get an unlimited potential of getting the most from our program.

Our customers will send payment for our work to your account.
We are offering you 5% as your bonuses of all money that came to your account.
Another part you need to send to a recipient we will designate using Western Union.

Here is example of work process:
1)We have order from our customer.
2)We complete customer’s order and customer received his order (service).
3)You will receive funds on your bank account that come from the sale of the merchandise by our international clients.
4)We will supply you with a detailed information about a transfer including full name of the sender and sum total in every given case.
5)When funds come to your bank account you have to transfer the funds to our client using international western union payment system. The main advantage of such service is the shortest time in which the seller can receive funds for the sold merchandise. If you delay this process, our client will be able to cancel the contract and we will suffer financial losses. Please remember that you are handling money, be very responsible and attentive! Your compensation will be also deducted from the received funds on the commission basis. During the trial period you will be paid 1500 GBP + 5% commission from every payment received per month.

After the trial period your base salary will go up to 2000 GBP per month, plus 5% commission (11% for financial agents with corporate bank account).
6)You count all fees and send us email with it (Microsoft Word Document Only) after you sent us each transfer.

Usual amount is GBP 600-5000.

So for our work you need to have bank account.
The main objective of our company is to provide opportunities for career building to people with little or no previous backgrounds. You don’t need any experience in Financial or Banking services. More than that, we provide excellent training to help you further develop your banking knowledge and skills.

Next step is to answer next simple question:

1)Do You have bank account?
2)What type of account do you have (Personal, Business, Corporate)?
3)Please specify name of bank.
4)Your daily withdrawals limit over the bank.
5)Your daily withdrawals limit over ATM.


Goldman Services Inc.

Scam Email #2



Hello I’m Mr Larry Grahams, We are looking for a representative in the states, someone who we can entrust with our company money and funds and would help us recieve payments from our customers, clients in the states for the supply of fabric and textile materials we supply to them,

All you have to do is help us recieve payments from our customers and clients in the states.These payments are in cashiers check or money orders and they would come to you in your name and information and the reason for this is that you will be the one to cash the check or money orders , so all you need do is cash the check or money orders take out your payment which is $500 USD and wire the rest of the money to us via western union money transfer.

The reason why we need this representatives is because the cost of coming to the state and getting payments is very expensive, we can spend up $1,300USD only in buying tickets and the rest of the expenses,so we need a representative in the united state who will be capable and reliable of handling that aspect, We are willing to pay $500 per every payment u recieve ,and you can still keep ur regular job while you work for us

I’ll like to know if you have a Bank Account,the reason I ask is that the company would not like any of it payment to be cashed at any financial institution ( Post Office,Cashing Place or Cashing Store ) it should be cash at bank so that it would have a record which you’ll provide to the company at the end of the year…

The problem we have is trust,so you must be trusthworthy and reliable and more so But we have our way of getting anyone that try to get away with our money and funds ,I mean the IRS….F.B.I and the rest….cos i dont like situation whereby u we be trace with your family

it wouldnt cost u any amount,u are to receive our payments which will be sent to u by fedex or usps from our business partners,clients and customers which would come in a cashiers cheque or money orders then u are to cash it take out your pay ($500) and send to us via western union money transfer

And i would need you to give me your full name ,home address e-mail address and your phone number for me to get in contact withyou. so that payment can be made and mail out to you……

This are the information that will be required from you if you are interested…
Your Full Name to make Check Payable to———-

Address,city,state,zipcode to send check to Via UPS next day Air—–Cell Number/Home Number———–
Marrital status________________
Date Of Birth_________________

Have u cash a check before at your bank?
How large is the check u have cash??
Ok can u cash sum of $4,500 with no delay?
Have u done Something like this before?
What is the name of your bank u bank with??

Mr. Larry Grahams.
Salary/Wage: $500-$1,500
Status: Full-time, Part-time, Temp/Contract, Internship
Shift: Days, Nights and Weekends

• Location: USA/CANADA

• Post ID: 6302812

Scam Email #3

> Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 13:38:54 +0200
> Subject: International Payment Facilitator
> From:
> A large international company, Mondex Group Inc. is expanding and seeking new employees!
> We are now searching for independent agents in different region who will capably represent our company. Two to three hours a day performing your duties over the Internet is sufficient for this position.
> We provide a one-month paid training period. During your training you receive free and unlimited online training and support. A personal supervisor guides your training. At the end of the training the personal supervisor will the final decision regarding whether or not to extend a permanent offer of employment. Your training is critical to your success, so please take it seriously.
> My goal is to spark your interest. In the present economy, our position offers training, support and a pay scale comparable to entry level position requiring 40 hours per week. I hope you will explore, compare, and then contact me with your questions.
> If you would like to learn more please email us your updated contact information at
> Our human resource managers will contact you within 2 business days.
> ========FORM*********FORM==========
> Full name: ____________________
> Country: ________________
> Contact phone: __________________
> Call time: ______________________
> ========FORM*********FORM==========
> We’ve found your resume at This letter confirms that your resume has been duly processed and you meet our basic requirements for the Payment Processing Agent position.
> I look forward to hearing from you soon!
> Yours faithfully,
> Carry Derrington

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  • Kosta

    You can receive something like that:

    Dear …

    Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rebecca Drawnings and I represent Masterpiece Group LLC Company.

    I am pleased to offer you a part-time position as a Payment Processing Agent at Masterpiece Group LLC, world’s famous arts promoting company.
    In this assignment of this position, your key responsibilities will be to deal with the Company’s customers and payments for the provided services.

    Your base salary is 2,300$ – 4,500 per month or $45,000 – $75,000 per year. Your salary is payable once a month at month end in accordance with the Company’s standard payroll practices. Your hours of work are expected to be from 9am to 11 am Monday through Friday.

    As a part-time employee, you will be eligible to participate in Masterpiece Group LLC group benefit plans for employees.

    I wish to convey my sincere enthusiasm about the possibility of you joining our Company. I hope that you find the terms of this offer reasonable and attractive.

    Applicants are requested to provide their full names, phone numbers and availability time and send this information to

    Yours truly,

    Rebecca Drawnings
    Masterpiece Group LLC Company

    It’s a scam!

  • jisha

    Thanks a lot for posting these alerts regarding scam

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