Here are the latest submissions for my weekly scam roundup. If you have received any similar emails, please forward them along to I’ll post them here to help protect others from falling for these scams.

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Scam Email #1

Dear Sir/Ma
We wish to employ the service of a work at home financial assistant/secretary
who would handle billings and full inventory of monthly billings, payments and
activities routed through him/her on behalf of Rexfabrics.
Am Hiring Manager where we sell our brand of fabrics and garments made from unique
materials online. I require the services of a company assistant/secretary to help
with payments, provide customer support services and keep records of ongoing
transactions. I have to be very mobile, as I need to import and export a lot of
selective and unique fabric materials on the request of our customers as the best
of them are actually produced in Europe.
We are struggling to keep pace with meeting the demands of our expanding
customers as a result of inadequate hands to attend their orders whenever I
travelled to source for fabric materials. Most of them had to wait till I return to
place an order. This is not good enough for our business. The long term effect of
this would be our customers sourcing other suppliers and perhaps we may not be able
to even attract new customers. I have to avoid this. I have put a lot of hard work
into the business to come this far and I am prepared to keep pace with market
demand. Hence, the important of hiring financial assistant/ secretary is paramount.
We have a store in MIAMI. FL We sell our products mostly here in the US and in
Most of the buyers we work with are those we’ve previously handled successful
transactions with, new buyers are verified by me so you have nothing to worry
about. The best form of payment is via a Certified Cashier’s Checks and Money
Orders as they are readily available and since payments come from a wide range of
consumers these means is an easy option for those that prefer the old fashioned
cash means and money order way of transaction
As a financial assistant/secretary, your work is pretty simple and straight forward
with flexible working hours. You receive the payment from buyers according to their
preferred mode of payments directly from the individual buyer, in your mail and
have them cashed at your bank.
You send the payment to our suppliers/vendors when I need you to, or directly to
the company and your pay is 10% of the amount sent to you from individual buyer.
An average transaction from a buyer is worth $2,000.00 and upwards. All charges
during cashing, sending of payments and transaction
completion will be deducted from the balance after you’ve gotten your pay. Nothing
is deducted from your pay so your pay is fixed on the amount cashed per transaction
from a buyer. If you can handle as many as 3 transactions per week, though you’ll
be handling one (1) initially to see how efficiently you can carry out your tasks
and complete transactions. On 3 transactions you’re sure of nothing less than $500
weekly. The hours are flexible and you can decide when you wanna work,I don’t need
you online 24/7 just online on a daily basis and check your emails regularly.
Working with me will also not disturb your other jobs as I require that applicant
only have easy access to the net, be reachable easily and respond/carry out
instructions sent as soon as possible.
Kindly indicate your interest in the position by sending me your full contact
details in the format below.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Full Names…
Physical Address…
Zip code…
Cell Number…
Home Number….
Email Address(Pry & Sec)…
Please be mindful that the job you are doing is 100% legit.
Kind Regards
Hiring Manager
Gerald Harris
823 S.W 37TH AVE
FL 33135-4207

Scam Email #2

From: Leonard Harland
Date: Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 3:45 PM
Subject: Re: Security officer Position Available

Dear Applicant,

Thanks for your interests in the security job, I will deeply appreciate all genuine efforts to help me monitor and Safety of my property. I need you to be my fiancee’s security and bodyguard for a short period of time she will be spending in the convention that will be held on the 16th of July through 22nd of July 2010 in which I think you will be capable of doing this job. your service will be needed from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM everyday. Most importantly is for you to secure my fiancee and make sure she is safe and fine I will not be around for that period and every necessary items will be provided for you and you will also be taken good care of. i read your resume and see you are qualified to be my fiancee’s Security. The convention location will be in the state but will provide you the location later. You just need to keep her company and she’s only an attendance in the convention. You don’t need to be armed and the transportation will be provided. I’m afraid to tell you that I won’t be able to call you as I’m hearing impaired and I can’t get my ear closed to the earphone because of the sound-rays ( doctor’s advise). I chose email to my means of communication and I love it. Please I’m really sorry for any sort of inconvenience this might have caused. My fiancee is 26 yrs old and presently in Canada. I will be coming back by middle of next month. The accountant will be sending a check payment that will cover your upfront salary and her expenses (Flight ticket, accommodation and other expenses) while she is with you at the conference. So the following information will be needed for the payment to be sent to you.

Full Name To Make Cashier Check Payable To:
Address No Po Box:
Zip Code:
Contact phone number:
Nearest Airport:

I will instruct my accountant to send you a paycheck for the travel expenses and your payment fees, so you can assist in forwarding some little difference I’ll be including along with your paycheck to the fight agent to your booking done prior your anticipated date. I will be offering you $700 for the job aside the travel expenses and I will be responsible for your accommodation and more. Thanks as I anticipate your quick response

Leonard Harland.

Scam Emial #3

> From:
> Subject: RE: [1] CareerBuilder: Accountant Position
> Date: Saturday, July 3, 2010, 5:11 AM
> Hello Chris,
> Thank you for writing to us,
> Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Kristin
> Robinson and I am
> the International Human Resource Manager of Smart Pay
> Limited I am pleased
> to inform you that we have an open position for you within
> our company.
> Below you will find a short history of our company; please
> give me a bit of
> your time and allow me to present it to you.
> Our Company was founded in 2004 in the United Kingdom;
> Smart Pay Limited is
> one of the largest equipment selling companies in Europe
> and our customers
> are various businesses, hospitals, groups and individuals.
> The Smart Pay
> Limited is a renowned and trusted symbol of dependability.
> Naturally, you
> have great expectations regarding your career and that
> means you will need
> plenty of room – to grow, to explore your potential and to
> realize your
> goals. Smart Pay Limited needs a responsible, honest, self
> motivated and
> reliable individual to work for the company as our
> Representative in USA for
> our newly opened market. This is in view of us not having
> an office
> presently in the USA but accepting orders from our American
> customers. You
> don’t need to have an office and this certainly will not
> disturb any form of
> work you have going at the moment.
> – No fees needed to get this job.
> – No one at Smart Pay Limited will ask for your sensitive
> info.
> – You are not involved in any sales.
> – Everything is legal under EU/USA and International laws.
> The today’s situation on the financial market requires us
> to open and fill
> several of these job positions within our company; the job
> opening is that
> of a Representative within the US. This opening will help
> our company to
> reduce the time it takes to receive funds from orders that
> we receive each
> month. And we offer you one of the highest incomes on the
> market today and
> the minimal expenditures of time.
> Presently with the amount of orders we have we cannot put
> them on hold for
> fear of losing our customers, secondly we cannot cash these
> payments from
> the US soon enough, as international checks take about 28
> working days to
> cash anywhere in Europe. We lose a lot of time and money
> each month because
> we have money transfer delays. Our clients could pay us
> where we want by
> sending checks to an US address. What we need you to do is
> to provide us an
> address where you can receive our customer checks. We need
> someone who can
> receive the money through this method of payment. Regarding
> the check
> process all you have to do is to receive the checks our
> customers will send
> to your address, take them to your bank, cash them and send
> the remainder
> amount to us after deducting all fees incurred and your
> commission. All fees
> for transferring the funds will be supported from our
> share. Bonuses will
> apply for cashing checks within 24 hours upon receiving a
> check. You will
> always take your commission upfront.
> We make direct contact for sales of products. Once orders
> are received and
> processed we deliver the product to our customer (usually
> through USPS). The
> customer receives and checks the product and proceeds to
> send the payment.
> We accept all forms of payment but most of our customers
> pay using Bank
> Checks and so in order to solve this problem and not lose
> any of our
> customers we have decided to open this new job position.
> This job is legal
> according to the U.S. legislation as it is today. Local
> money transfers take
> but a few hours, so it will give us a possibility to get
> customer’s payment
> almost immediately.
> For example you receive a check as payment in the amount of
> 3000.00 USD, you
> deduct your commission (10%): 300.00 USD and then send to
> us the balance:
> 2700.00 USD. In the first month you will receive around
> 15-20 orders under
> 3,000.00 USD to process and after checking your performance
> records during
> that first month the orders you will receive may increase
> from 3,000.00
> upwards to 6,000.00 USD. For example 20 transactions each
> around 3000.00 USD
> gives you a total income of 6,000.00 USD per month and
> after establishing a
> close co-operation with us you’ll be able to operate with
> larger orders and
> you’ll be able to earn more. You will also deduct fees that
> are related to
> this job (gasoline, western union fees, bank commissions,
> etc) from our
> balance, not from your commissions. At first the checks you
> will receive
> will vary from: $500.00 to $3,000.00. We will also send you
> a 1099 Form for
> tax deduction on your part. Our payments will be issued out
> in your name and
> you can have them cashed in your existing bank account, we
> don’t accept
> newly created bank accounts because it slows the cashing
> process. Deduct
> your percentage and forward the balance to the company
> attorney manager via
> a western union money transfer, the name will be given to
> you later after
> cashing a payment. This job takes only 3-7 hours per week.
> You’ll have a lot
> of free time for taking up another job; you’ll get good
> income and a regular
> job. This job is very challenging and you should understand
> it. We are
> looking only for the employee who satisfies our
> requirements and will be an
> earnest assistant.
> We have health insurance and the 401K retirement savings
> plan as well as all
> the other standard benefits that a major company usually
> provides.
> Unfortunately we can only start talking about this after
> the first month has
> passed since you’re working for us. We consider the first
> month as a trial
> period. In any case you do not have to pay for anything in
> advance, there
> are no hidden costs for performing this job. Any fee you
> might encounter
> will be deducted from our share of the funds before you
> send it to us.
> You will receive next instructions step by step.
> This depends of how many checks you will receive but it
> won’t take more than
> 2 hours to deposit the check and send an e-mail as soon as
> the check arrives
> to you. Also as soon as checks arrive we will send you
> further instructions
> and all details in order to complete the process with
> Western Union.
> Unfortunately we cannot setup any interviews now as we do
> not have any
> representatives in US. We will be able to come and meet
> within the next few
> months when the new offices will be opened in your area!
> Please let me know if you are still interested and I will
> e-mail you the
> contract. Also include phone numbers and e-mail address
> where you can be
> reached. Within 24 hours after we will receive this
> information we will
> forward you a copy of the contract you have to fill in,
> sign and e-mail back
> to us.
> Kristin Robinson
> Smart Pay Limited
> Kingsway,
> London, WC2B
> United Kingdom
> FAX 011-44-587-880-8080
> FAX 011-44-107-880-8081

Scam Email #4


Hello Ma/Sir,
My name is Terry Roberts, A representative of PATH-FINDERS Consult Co Inc.,
This is an awareness to let the public know that we have a vacancy position of a
mystery shopper in our company and we would like to know your interest in
working for PATH-FINDERS Consult Co Inc. As a mystery shopper you work and shop
together for pleasure and the pay is $400 weekly on Part time basis, you only
work 2-3hours twice in a week.
Kindly provide the Information requested below for assessment and registration
by the company, you can contact me by sending me an e-mail to the e-mail address
Kindly provide the information below for assessment and registration of the

Terry Roberts
Time: 24hrs daily

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  • Sunshine

    I responded to #4 as well and I actually thought it was legit. I am in desperate need of a job and I have heard of secret shoppers before. Lol oh well hopefully I find a job soon. I knew it was to good to be true

  • Donna Fee
    Donna Fee

    05/31/11 11:00 pm CST I just got hit with scam #4. I am presently looking for a job so when I saw the same letter type as the foreign money requests, I was tipped off. There was no actual application. My question to you is: How can I respond back to these scammers to shock them and wake them up? I want to say somehing to them that is going to make them scared.

  • Kathryn

    I responded to the #4 ad for a Mystery Shopper, then thought I better check to see if it is a scam. What will the PATH-FINDER CONSULT CO. do next? What is their scam?
    Thanks for your information and time

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