Quick Summary of WP Blog Rocket

Rating: 4 A solid start for this A/B testing WordPress plugin, but it does have flaws.

The Good: Easy to use. Great statistics. Simple A/B testing with no effort.

The Bad: Doesn’t cookie the user so results can be skewed. Titles can make no sense without editing.

The Bottom Line: If your titles suck and you need some help, and want to test them properly, I do recommend WP Blog Rocket. It's not a perfect plugin, but there is a lot of time for it to mature.

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WP Blog Rocket Review

Would you like to know 2 areas where most content marketers fail?

Titles and testing.

Sounds simple right? However, when was the last time you truly spent time on crafting a title? Have you ever? I don’t mean spending ten minutes on it, but spending hours reading, and speaking the title, crafting it into the best title it can be?

What about testing? Have you run any trials to see if a title is effective?

I can pretty much say that most people reading this don’t do either!

You see with there being so much content out there nowadays, it’s incredibly important that your content’s title stands out from the crowd, in order to make sure that people click it.

Personally, I hate writing titles and I think a lot of other people do too. They can be hard to craft, and it seems a lot of marketers out there shove in a keyword and run with whatever title they make up then and there.

Legendary copywriter David Ogilvy said this about titles:

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

What this means, and from someone who spent his life writing copy, is that you need to spend 80% of your time and money on the title.

Could WP Blog Rocket help?

I came across WP Blog Rocket while researching content marketing techniques.

This recently released WordPress plugin makes a lot of claims about how it can help you harness the power of “Click Magnets” and improve your traffic by “as much as 512%”.

In fact the plugin makes a lot of claims about how it can improve your website and content market:

WP Blog Rocket features

The idea behind the plugin is that it improves your article titles by turning them into “Click Magnets”.

It supposedly does this by using a “Smart Title algorithm”, that allows you to generate titles that are effective (i.e. will get clicked) and that can be automatically tested.

I was intrigued, so I picked up a copy.

Purchasing WP Blog Rocket

The plugin has a few sales options, mostly focusing around the number of sites you can use it on.

The price was reasonable but apparently these are heavily discounted, for example the Professional Pack is $47.67 at the time of writing, but is meant to be $197 bucks.

Whether these discounts will remain is hard to say as marketers sometimes use bogus discounts to make a plugin seem more valuable than it actually is.

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Anyway, I picked up the $27 version to give it a spin.

As with most internet marketing products, the product you buy is not the only thing that you get sold on.

There was an upsell for a plugin called Content Firestorm that honestly looked like it just does a Google search and allows you to copy and paste content in, and there was a downsell for the same product.

Using WP Blog Rocket

After gaining access to the membership area I download the plugin and took a look. It was good to see some training videos in the membership area, as I was a little bit confused at first with how to get started so I would recommend checking them out.

The plugin itself solely focuses on titles. The idea is that you add in a keyword and press a button and boom, you have an amazing title.

Sadly that’s not quite the case.

After entering a keyword you have the choice for generating a random title or selecting from a list. The titles don’t always work with the keyword you chose, so you will need to either keep searching for a better option or edit the title to fit the keyword in, most likely both.

WP Blog Rocket title examples

As you can see from the above image, I used the keyword WordPress Plugin and generate 5 random titles.

Some of these work, such as “How Safe Is Your WordPress Plugin from These 12 Common Issues?”, others need tweaking.

The titles also don’t take into consideration your context, so again you will have to spend time going through the titles and tweaking them to meet your needs.

There are about 200 titles though so there’s plenty to work with.

These 200+ titles are hard coded into the plugin, so they will only change if the plugin author does an update and changes them in the update.

That being said, they are solid title templates; not too click bait-y but following proven formulas.

The plugin currently only works with new posts, though there are plans to make it work with existing ones.

After you save the post, the real magic happens.

The WP Blog Rocket plugin uses an A/B (split testing) method to show the different titles and will progressively show the most popular one as clicks occur.

For example, if you have 5 titles and people click one title 60% of the time and the others only 10% of the time each, the plugin will show the 60% one more often, eventually locking it in place after X amount of time.

This is great A/B testing and helps you have the best title possible for your blog post to generate the most CTR (click through rate).

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However, it’s not perfect. In my opinion, there should be a method to lock the title in place for the person viewing it.

Currently that’s not the case, for example your visitor closed the page and reopened it, they may be presented with a different title. Clicking the new title will skew results for the new title.

This is a serious flaw.

Stats for geeks (and marketers)

Once a campaign for changing the post title is in place, you can view the different statistics available via the post editor.

This will give you lots of information to work with, from seeing the number of views and clicks per title, to seeing the number of views and unique views.

There are other stats as well, including seeing technical info on who is viewing the post (i.e. operating system, browser, etc), and a timeline showing title clicks per day.

If you’re satisfied with a title before the campaign time is up, you can also manually lock the title.

WP Blog Rocket stats

The Bottom Line

WP Blog Rocket is fairly new. We expect it will grow and mature over time.

Right now though, I have some mixed feelings for it:


  • Easy to use
  • Great statistics
  • Simple A/B testing with no effort


  • Doesn’t cookie the user so results can be skewed
  • Titles can make no sense without editing

I also don’t fully agree with some of its claims, especially regarding boosting rankings, and engagement and bounce rate.

While it should increase CTR and does provide some visitor data, I think the rest is a little fluffed up.

Overall I think the WP Blog Rocket plugin has some potential, as it does allow you to make informed choices about article titles, and it does reduce the time taken to craft a “Click Magnet” style title. The number of title templates along with the power to A/B test them would benefit most marketers, especially at its current price.

I liked what I saw and definitely give WP Blog Rocket a hearty recommendation.

And yes, I used WP Blog Rocket for the title of this article!

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