The problem with internet marketing products is that sometimes old ones re-surface. This makes it really quite difficult for new and experienced marketers alike to figure out if the product is up to date and worth the investment.

One of these systems is currently doing the rounds: Commission Coverup. The website isn’t accessible unless you are taken there by an affiliate link. However, since this is reasonably high up on the ClickSure (yes, them!) list of recommended products, you may get an email about it.

What is Commission Coverup?

Via a lengthy sales video, your host, Ryan Ramsey, proceeds to tell you that you are poor, probably a loser and will fail in life.

If you can get past the snide comments and sly digs at you, Ryan goes on to tell you that you can make $100,000 or more a month because of his “3 part traffic glitch” and 20 minutes of work.

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Like the testimonials in the video, Ryan is a fake. The real creator of the product is one Alan Magliocca.

That is not untypical in internet marketing videos, but it never bodes well in my opinion.

It advises that the system is based on a secret back door that will get you access to unlimited traffic, via sites like Google.

Yeah, if Google had a secret backdoor or loophole they would find it and squash it. It’s what they do!

The Price

$50 up front, or if you click to leave a few times you can get it for a mere $9 bucks. This is apparently just for the training.

There is some software included that is apparently free, though you cannot access it without paying for the training, so that’s not really free is it?

There are upsells (of course, did you doubt this?) and even on the inside the first thing you get shown is a hosting upsell…

The Product

Surprisingly, there is some meat to this product, or so it seems.

You get access to 19 different videos, all around the 10-15 minute mark. These videos cover a wide range of topics including: an introduction to affiliate marketing, using the software, various traffic videos and outsourcing.

The videos themselves are OK, a little light in detail in places, but the overall tactic of the system is more worrying.

While the basic premise is to create an affiliate site targeting a particular niche, it advises you to use 3 pieces of software.

The Plugin

Commission Content Bot is a WordPress plugin. Its job is to aggregate content from other sites, and adds it to your website. This is a huge no-no nowadays; Google will slap your site silly for duplicate and spun content.

Even a year ago when Commission Coverup was released, this was a frowned upon tactic.

As well as that, this plugin was created in 2010 and is not being updated any longer. How do I know this? The creator’s website now redirects you to a sales page for a product for adding labels to clothes…

This means that the software may be buggy, have security loopholes and may not even work depending on your WordPress version.

Keyword Tool

The next piece of kit is a keyword tool made with Adobe Air. Now, I’ll be honest here, I didn’t try it. I’ve downloaded software like this before from untrusted sources and got viruses. As such I’m reluctant to install it without knowing the creator is genuine and trustworthy. Nothing on this site so far has made me want to trust it.

Another Bot

The Viral Commission Bot is the final piece of software and in some ways this is an upsell. The reason being is that it is so complicated to install, they offer an installation service that will know knock you back a further $10, plus they want your Facebook login credentials!!

A Serious Lack of Customer Service

There are some obvious problems with the site, the PDF, downloadable video and resource files available with each video are just not there. The links go nowhere.

The comments on each video also suggest that even when the product was new, the customer service was minimal at best.

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Right now, you will be lucky to get a response.

The Bottom Line: is Commission Coverup a Scam?

If you compare the content of Commission Coverup to its sales pitch, then it is certainly a scam – they hype of a 20 minute setup, copy and paste technique is just a pack of lies.

The whole process is set up to confuse newbies, as there is not enough guidance or detail to answer every question. There is also no real way to get assistance, as there is no community as such and as mentioned, the customer service has disappeared.

As well as that it is concerning that the techniques are more likely to make your site bomb than earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

All of this means that you should avoid Commission Coverup.

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  • Chris Lee Vella
    Chris Lee Vella

    It’s so sad that these products manage to scam people over and over again.

    Good job on showing the dark side of this product guys. :)


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