In yesterday’s guest post, Tara told you about a training program we like called the 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. As she reported,

The whole concept is based on article marketing using the bum marketing method. Just in case you don’t know, bum marketing is a way to create an income without spending any money

Today, I’m going to back up a step or two for those of you who are new (and that’s most of you, according to your survey answers). Article marketing? Bum marketing? What the heck is that?

A Free Way to Make Money

In affiliate marketing, one indispensable piece of success is getting a lot of people to view your offer. (If you’ve just recently joined us and don’t know what affiliate marketing is, read “What Is Affiliate Marketing?”)

If nobody sees your links or offers, you make no sales and no money. Traffic—visitors to your Web site, your blog, your ad—is absolutely vital. There are many ways to get people to view your offers, and some of them can be very expensive.

Article marketing is an effective FREE way to get that traffic. Here’s how it works:

  1. You write an article on a subject you want to profit from.
  2. You put your affiliate links in the article. (Go here and read under “How Does It Work” if you don’t know what an affiliate link is.)
  3. You publish the article in one of many article repositories, such as
  4. People searching for info on that subject find your article, read it, and click your affiliate links.
  5. They make a purchase.
  6. You get paid.

It’s that simple. Is it easy? No, but it’s not brain surgery, either. If you have time to invest, you can do it.

Learn Article Marketing

As with most things in life, and certainly in affiliate marketing, you could learn how to do article marketing through trial and error and through free resources online. But you’ll be successful much faster if you get excellent training. Check out the 4-Day Blueprint. It’s $29 and I’m betting you can make it back with just a couple of affiliate sales from the articles the program will teach you how to create. And if you have any doubts about how cool the program is, take a look at the comments on Tara’s post.

There's only ONE program I really recommend. It helped me turn my 'hobby' into a $10,000+ per month money making machine. Click here for the exact formula I followed.

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  • Brad

    Great post Joe. Article marketing is definitely the best way for beginners to get started. Like I said on the last post, I definitely recommend the 4-day Blueprint because it is well worth the money.

    Travis Sago invented “Bum marketing,” so named because the intention of the method is to make money while not spending money. He offers a free course in this method at . Makes sense that a course in free marketing is free, right?

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