When looking for products, guides and help inside the internet marketing niche, it is often a good idea to look at the people behind the product.

Are they well known? Are they known because they are good or because they are scammers? Have they “made it”?

DotComSecretsX is a by-product of Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets website. Russell is a self-made millionaire and has tons of products out there. His style is very much of the over the top marketer. Russell’s mission statement is to make 100,000 people a dollar and 1000 people millionaires. Lofty goals, especially when the DotComSecretsX system is raking in him a lot of money. It costs a mere $1 for the first month, after that it’s a hefty $97 per month.

The Pitch and the Sale

The pitch for the system is fairly standard marketing stuff, very slick, pulls all the right strings. After you sign up you are (of course) hit with not one, not two, but three upsells in a row and that is even before you pay…

Want more money?
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I didn’t check the upsells out as they are usually overpriced and unnecessary.

On the Inside of DotComSecrets

The bulk of the content lies with the 90 day training which as you may have guessed is individual training snippets that span over 90 days.

My first issue with the training was how it is given to you. It is drip fed over time and each week a new 7 days is opened up to you. As a beginner, it might not be an issue as it stops information overload, but as you get more proficient or if you already have the basics nailed, it will be frustrating.

The training itself is not too bad, it revolves around videos, but the videos contain slides making it a little easier for those of us who learn by reading. The video quality is reasonable and they are easier to navigate which is a plus, not more fast forwarding through a video to find something you watched a week ago.

The Promotions

One thing that concerned me was that the recommended products to sell were mainly the DotComSecrets products. I get that Russell needs to expand his business and one way to do it is via teaching people how to sell his products, but it seriously limits people.

What I mean is that places like Wealthy Affiliate teach you to find a niche or subject area that interests you, one you can talk about for hours, and promote something to do with that.

Not everyone can, nor should, promote “make money online” products like the DotComSecrets products. For a start you may lose interest, and if you lose interest, you will lose commitment and eventually give up. Secondly, that market can be a tough market to crack as it is completely saturated. Unless you are naturally a talented marketer, you may struggle and eventually give up.

It does mention places like ClickBank where you can at least find slightly different products, but there is nothing detailed on the subject matter that I could find.

Disturbing Traffic Methods

The three main ways of getting traffic that DotComSecretsX promotes are:

Solo Ads

This type of advert is where you pay another person to send your email promotion out to the people on their list.

The main problem I have with these is that you are advertising to an unknown group of people that may or may not be your target audience. I think of these ads as the sort of general advertisements you get in your mailbox. You might look at them but very rarely do they catch your attention.

One thing that made me laugh was the first recommended Solo Ad vendor I clicked on had this on their page:



Ad Co-Op

This is actually a cross-sell, it leads you to a DotComSecrets product, Affiliate Incubator.

Lead Co-Op

This is yet another cross-sell; this time for Instant List building Anarchy, which is another Russell Brunson product.

Other Stuff

There are some other aspects to the site apart from just the 90 day training.

Live training

This training runs twice a week, though I could only find two previously recorded training sessions.

The Vault

Containing a variety of videos there may well be enough content in here to keep you occupied while waiting for the next weeks training to kick in. Some of it actually looked quite interesting such as a video of a training session between experienced marketers. The quality was poor, but the information was pretty good.

Making money online has never been easier...
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There was also a 44mb (zipped) file contain two large PDF’s about adverts. There could be some useful information in there but it would need a lot of mining to get at.

The Bottom Line: is DotComSecrets X a Scam?

Is DotComSecretsX a scam? No. It provides enough bang for your buck to take it out of the scam category.

Would I recommend it? No. My concerns with this system come from a few factors.

The price is too high. You can get the same or better quality content with a built in community at places like Wealthy Affiliate.

The content is drip fed, which I find highly frustrating. Even if I was back in my beginner shoes, I would want to set my own pace not have it pre-determined by someone who is just trying to keep me paying them $97 for longer.

It specifically wants you to promote DotComSecrets products and doesn’t provide you with enough broader material about promoting different products like physical products or anything that isn’t “making money online” orientated.

Finally, my last concern is the methods of traffic promotion are not organic. They seem to be aimed at just pushing out that single promotion rather than building a sustainable business. Real businesses need to forge strong foundations and build trusted relationships with readers to last. Definitely not a scam, but it’s not making the top of our recommended list any time soon.

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  • Mike Henry
    Mike Henry

    Totally agree with most of what you said Steve though I would put Dot com secrets in the scam category alongside Empower Network. I was with DCS for 30 days to see what it could do for me and after 2 weeks realized that although like you say the training is good, everything is geared at buying more and more things he is involved with.

    Also the way he trained us to advertise and get leads via solo ads made me want to throw up. With Russell when he’s got you in his clutches it’s spend spend spend.

    Thanks for bringing this (I’m sorry it’s a Scam) to every ones attention.

    I’m so glad I found your report on Wealthy Affiliate 3 weeks ago, it was so refreshing to not being forced to upgrade. These so called guru’s should take a leaf from what Kyle and Carson have created for us.

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