In the field of internet marketing I rarely get surprised any more. The number of products out there is staggering and the quality of these varies by a wide margin.

That being said the price point for most internet marketing related products is usually quite low, under $100.

That’s why when I came across Six Figure Mentors I was stunned; the cost of joining this system can mount up to a jaw dropping $30,000!

What is Six Figure Mentors?

SFM for short, Six Figure Mentors is a system designed to teach people how to make money online via their various training materials and affiliate scheme.

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The basis of their training is straight up affiliate marketing: teaching you how to promote other peoples products in order to receive a commission for each sale you generate.

They do this through their training course, webinars and live videos, as well as their community area, provided tools and consultation.

Pros and Cons

Some elements of Six Figure Mentors are definite pros. From what I’ve researched their training is broad enough to allow you to learn affiliate marketing for any product. At the same time though it’s supposedly not the most detailed content either.

This is especially a concern because SFM has a focus on getting you to promote their products above anything else.

The major downside as far as I can see is the cost.

Let’s break down the various levels.

Six Figure Mentors pricing

Affiliate Access:

This is a bare bones, nothing included option for if you just want to promote SFM rather than be a member.

Student Access:

I thought at first this was just for students but it’s actually the most basic level they have. There’s a free test drive for 30 days with the option to continuing on for $25 per month.

Essential Membership:

The main training which costs a one off enrollment fee of $297 and then $97 per month after that.

Elite Membership:

The top end membership that gives you access to the best affiliate commissions for their program. This will set you back $2,500 per year!

Now that’s just for there basic memberships and doesn’t cover some of the other features that they sell.

Six Figure Mentors full list

My calculations suggest that if you were to buy everything (for the DEA products just buying the top DEA Black version) and paid for a year’s worth, it would cost you $25,275.75!

If you couldn’t afford the $20k DEA Black then you might purchase some of the others first, and since they combine to over $22,000 just themselves, if you don’t get a discount on the next level because you purchased a previous one (and I couldn’t find anything to say you would) it could end up costing you over $47,000 in the long run.

This is an awful lot of money for what is effectively a system that teaches you affiliate marketing and one that focuses on you selling their products.

There are several decent programs out there that can teach you affiliate marketing for under $100 a month (with some under $50 per month) with few, if any, high ticket upsells.

I could also argue that the information contained in SFM could be obtained for free on the internet, but that’s the case with most training programs – you pay for the collation and easy access to the training.

Still, Six Figure Mentors is not for those who are struggling to get by as the costs are significant.

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Will SFM make you money?

Based on the information I could find, the short answer is maybe.

The information they are teaching you is solid if basic, and it’s proven that people can make good money with affiliate marketing.

Combine that with the fact that they offer sizeable commissions on their own products (at those rates they should!), and it’s clear there is a possibility of making decent money.

My concern is whether the training is sufficient for newbies to break away from the cookie cutter templates SFM offers (which will simply not work with organic SEO, but might with paid adverts).

In fact, I reviewed a few sales pages obviously created by SFM members and their sales copy was very similar. It was similar enough that, to me, it looked like it could have easily just been spun content, which is a huge red flag in Google’s algorithm.

Of course this was just a few sites, but it did make me worry.

Have you tried SFM?

Due to the high costs of SFM, I wasn’t able to give this one a full test-drive so I will not be weighing in on a recommendation here. Instead, I’d like to open it up to the community.

Have you tried SFM? Did it work for you or did it end up costing you quite a bit of money? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Mohammad banna
    Mohammad banna

    I’ve tried SFM, and it absolutely works. The community quickly starts to feel like a family. It just requires commitment, patience and a burning desire to succeed. But then again what doesn’t lol?

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