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  • VeganFitnessLife

    Years ago, I tried to become an independent salesperson for Mary Kay. For a while, I believed I could turn a profit, but as you mentioned above, you have to be very social, and have a strong desire to be a salesperson all the time. Not only that, but my passion does not really lie in cosmetics…

    Needless to say, I ended up losing money and time on the whole endeavor, but I suppose it was a good life lesson. One I wish I’d avoided by finding Wealthy Affiliate first, but hindsight is 20/20 I suppose! I’m happy now to be working on something that actually is a passion of mine, and utilizes my strengths, such as writing and graphic design. :)


  • ThoroFrankiTrillz

    You have a very unique way with explaining MLM and I guess if its worth your time and the commissions are large enough that you love to do sale it and the expenses are low enough that the business don’t leave you with a loss then go for it. But I like how you bring that whole MLM spill around to Wealthy Affiliates free entry and you provided the link to go ahead and get started today. You are pretty good and have a way with bringing the reader around to feel like they are getting a lot of value for free and I’m hoping that I can gain some of that guiding writing spirit in my writing as well. Thank you and I am glad to be a WA

    Frankie Trillz

  • Ian

    Wonderful post!

    I’m actually a fan of MLM’s i just think you have to find the right one for you. Because without passion behind the product it most likely will not work for you.

    I think every point that you made in this post is very accurate because although there are some good MLM’s out there, there are also some scams and you definitely need to know what your getting into before you spend your money and sign up.

    So I think this post is very helpful and anyone thinking about joining an MLM definitely needs to read this.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ian J.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      Thanks for commenting Ian! Like every other business out there, MLMs have both their good and bad sides. Plus, you run into Ponzi schemes masquerading as MLMs and that can hurt their reputations overall. I’m not a fan of the MLM model myself, but there does exist the right program for the right person. I just haven’t found one I liked enough.

  • Jack

    I think that the whole concept of an MLM is a scam. While they claim they’re not pyramid schemes, the people at the top end up getting rich, while the people at the bottom become desperate to sell products of very little value, to the point where they lose friends and fall out with relatives over it. Some are better than others, but stay away from things like Cutco and Usana.

  • Benson

    It is not a very good idea to join the direct sales MLM business opportunity if you are still learning to market through the internet. This is good for people who have responsive followers or email list.

    The MLM business opportunity is good for people who has master the art of selling online. If you are new, you will only waste your money and run out. My advice is that those who wish to join MLM business opportunity should first master the art of selling online.

    Build a website and learn how to build a responsive email list. Get many followers on Twitter, Facebook, google+ etc, then you are ready for business

  • Liz

    It definitely takes a lot of time and money to get started with these companies. My personal experience with Avon was that you can be successful but it takes a lot of marketing and being a people person to really make it in MLMs. Some even charge super high start up fees which is pretty much how they get you to stay so that you don’t feel like you wasted your money.

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      On top of the high start up fees, a lot of MLMs these days require a minimum quarterly sales number. This unfortunately leads to many sellers buying up more inventory from themselves to remain “active” as a member. Now, they’re stuck buying products they can’t sell and fall further in the hole until the cycle repeats at the end of next quarter. This is the one major aspect about a lot of modern MLMs that I cannot stand.

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