Quick Summary of Fanpage Cashflow

Rating: 2 It's not an out and out scam, but it's not great either.

The Good: Teaches you how to set up a Facebook page

The Bad: Old. Pushes your greed button. Training is available for free elsewhere. Suggested daily earning is unachievable for most people.

The Bottom Line: There is much better training out there that is more detailed and well rounded, and importantly, up to date. If you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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Fanpage Cashflow Review

Have you ever been in that situation where you’re waiting for a bus and none turn up for a while and then all of a sudden 3 turn up at once?

I feel that way with internet marketing products promoting Facebook marketing techniques!

This week I’ve actually stumbled upon an older product that is still doing the rounds, called Fanpage Cashflow.

This product is designed to help you make the most of fanpages on Facebook, but some of its claims are quite extraordinary, and more than a little worrying.

Let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

Fanpage cashflow
That’s quite the expectation

The Sales Pitch

Fanpage Cashflow has been created by two experienced marketers; Jamie Lewis and Matthew Neer.

Both of these guys have run other successful product launches, so they obviously know there stuff, but if you dig a little deeper you can find out that more often than not Jamie’s products have been labelled as scams.

With two marketers who, perhaps, have less than your best interests at heart, the sales pitch is a 30 minute rollercoaster of marketing techniques.

The first thing you’re shown is a flashy section showing fast cars, exotic locations, bank balances overflowing with money: the usual warning sign of a con.

The presenter appears and is instantly into the pitch pushing your buttons regarding your “dead-end job” and how you’re struggling to pay the bills and so on. Straight after that he’s advising how some of his students who apparently make over $500 per week, from their very first week.

The people behind this product are laying the greed factor on thickly here.

Fanpage cashflow just a computer
Just a computer and hope…

Jamie makes an appearance and shows you “live” proof of the system in that he shows you a Facebook page called “Love Hip Hop”. Weirdly, I searched and was unable to locate the page.

Regardless of whether it exists, it’s just a page,

After this, and another display of wealth, there’s a section containing several video testimonials, supposedly showing how they made lots of money with this system. However, the testimonials are vague and don’t clearly confirm that they are either real or that they made the money via this system.

Remember folks, vague 5 second testimonials should not be trusted!

I’m not going to bore you with the remaining 25 minutes of this 28 minute video because it just regurgitates the same old spiel. It tries to get you excited about a product without going into details and pushes the hype and the dream of making lots of money.

Issues with Fanpage Cashflow

There are several issues with this product that for me make it a product to ignore.

The first major issue is that the training is old; it was released in 2013 and doesn’t seem to have been updated since that point.

My second major issue is that it’s not actually teaching you how to make money as such. All it is doing is teaching you how to use Facebooks pages to send people to your money site.

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It doesn’t go into anywhere near enough depth on how you can actually sell or pre-sell a product.

Fanpage cashflow random earnings
This is NOT proof this system works!

My last major issue is that it wants you to treat a Facebook page as a sales page. You might get away with this in regards to Facebook terms if you’re careful, but is it really the best approach in terms of gathering followers and potential site visitors? I would say not.

As well as those problems, there is nothing in this product that can’t be found online for free already. Sure it packages it up, but as soon as it was made it was out of date.

Finally, and perhaps this should be a major issue too, I just can’t see how it justifies it’s potential earnings.

I mean a Facebook page is nice and if you know what you’re doing you could make it into a brilliant lead magnet.

However, going from newbie to earning $1,000 to $2,000 per day (or just $10,000 a month depending on what part of the video you listen to), is ridiculous and you would need to be a natural born marketer to even have a slim chance of that.

Benefits of Fanpage Cashflow

You might actually learn how to create a Facebook page. I’m not convinced that this is worth $39.99 though.

The Bottom Line

What makes my skin itch with this product is the fact that you have two marketers that have sold a lot of potentially dubious products in the past saying that their sales pitch is nothing like a “guru” sales pitch, when in fact it is exactly that: a guru sales pitch.

Nothing about this product is good value for money. It’s not only an old product but it has limited training, and a heck of a lot of upsells that can catch you out.

At the end of the day it’s your call if you buy this or not, but if you do I think all you’ll end up with is a lighter wallet, and a small part of a bigger internet marketing puzzle.

If you want my advice, avoid this one and look for a more sustainable way to make money online.

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