John Chow is a well-known figure in the Internet Marketing world and has produced several products. I can’t obviously confirm his income but he seems to be doing well for himself.

IM John Chow seems to be a the next step after Blogging with John Chow, and his sales pitch lays it down that it is no hype, just a step by step guide to making money.

By marketing standards the sales video wasn’t too hyped up, though he did throw in some sales figures and a car or two!

The product is $47 a month, which is fairly steep, but if you are clever and try to leave the page but stay you can get the first month for $1 buck, which isn’t too bad.

Want more money?
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Of course this being an internet marketing product there is an upsell, some additional products for a one-time fee of $67, but I didn’t look too closely at those, I rarely do with upsells they generally aren’t worth it.

Getting Started

The member home page looks a little busy but really there isn’t much there, a welcome video and outline. The sidebar just contains links that can be found in the main menu.

One thing that I did not like was the advert for a third party product, not even anything to compliment your learning but a completely different system.

There is a secondary advert but that’s for hosting and domain, yes it’s an affiliate link but at least it is useful, although I have never heard of the hosting company.

Daily Action Plan

Every week you will find 7 new items here. It is intentionally drip fed to you in order to help you focus on the tasks at hand and not get “shiny object” syndrome and start going off in different directions before actually getting the basics done. For intermediate internet marketers this might be a little frustrating, especially if you already have an idea about choosing a niche and picking a domain name.

Each module is comprised of a video (actually a series of short videos with a handy menu) explaining what to do and a homework assignment, to basically try and get you to go and take action.

I was disappointed that there was little in the way of written content, I personally take in data better in reading format, especially when the videos are slideshows with a voiceover like these are. That being said the videos are short and to the point, and full of information.

On a personal note he does tend to say words that are not on the screen, or even not say them, so you have his commentary and your own different internal commentary, which is somewhat distracting.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen the later modules here, as they are blocked and I haven’t been a member for long enough. Basing it on what I have read though, I have high hopes for the content. The initial information is informative and well written.

John wants you to focus on building a list, it is core to his teachings, he believes that a loyal subscriber list will generate you money, and I agree with him.

His four step freedom formula is this:

  • Ethical bribe
  • Value
  • Call to action
  • Repeat

Get someone onto your list, give them value in terms of content, ideas etc, then encourage them to do something (buy a product, etc), and finally repeat the process.

This isn’t rocket science, it is a well-known and proven technique, and above all it is ethical. It is a win-win for you and your list, they get good content and decent products, and you make money.

Knowledge Bank

This section contains information on different areas that you will need to learn to successfully earn and income from home, as internet marketing is a varied job, and there are various aspetcs to it beyond setting up a site and writing.

The knowledge bank focuses on these areas:

  • Building your site – details on choosing and buying a domain name, and purchasing hosting.
  • WordPress 101 – standard WordPress basics, like installing themes and plugins and creating posts and pages.
  • Listbuilding 101 – “the money is in the list” is an old marketing mantra, but it is still true in today’s digital world and this section goes into detail on how to start building and marketing to a list.
  • SEO 101 – the basics of helping your site become Search Engine Optimised.
  • How to use Clickbank
  • The 4 step Freedom Formula

Success Secrets System

This section has two parts to it:

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

Done for you sites

A selection of pre-made sites to take and do something with, though as usual when you get pre-made things in internet marketing, they don’t tell you that you should change content etc, but you really should.

They contain a surprising amount of info though: articles, emails, ebook (these are 50 plus pages as well), sales letter, and even a WordPress theme!

As a WordPress fan, I should warn you these themes probably haven’t been updated in a while and you probably won’t find support for them. They may do for a short period of time, or give you an idea how to make a site, but shouldn’t be trusted for a live site!

Still, it is a lot of content and ideas and there are 11 categories with at least one site, often 4 or 5.

Review & Pre-sell Templates

Basic HTML templates for structuring reviews.

Facebook Empire Modules

This is a bonus section all about marketing on Facebook. It includes details on strategy and branding, as well as creating a page and generating traffic. It also includes information about getting leads and likes, and how to work with Facebook ads.

What’s missing?

For me the main thing that is missing is a community like they have over at Wealthy Affiliate. While the training is good for beginners and novices alike, there is no one to bounce ideas off or get support from.

Due to that fact I do wonder about the monthly fee, it seems the site is a little bit geared to keeping you hooked for at least 3 months (it’s a 90 day training system, and remember it drip feeds the content to you every week).

The content is good, no doubt about it but a monthly fee with no community? Not even a forum? If the fee was $19 a month then maybe, at $47 I’m not wholly convinced.

The Bottom Line

IM John Chow is a decent product, especially for the beginner, which guides you through the start-up process, so it isn’t scam by any means, though it does try to keep you with the system as long as possible, with good intentions perhaps, but still it lines John’s pocket at the same time.

I would have preferred a cheaper monthly fee or a community added to the site to justify the cost.

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  • adrian

    I agree, I thing first year of John Chow mail subscribers mails was helpful, and till then, only spam

  • Ann

    I have been on John Chows Email list for over 2 Years, He is a knowledgeable, seasoned Internet Marketer and lays it all out on the line what He has done to get there, How to do it, Etc.. Etc..I have always received a very quick response from John Chow when I have a question, He also is very upbeat and wants to help others make it in a Honest Way Online, very rare! I highly recommend John Chow’s Products as They are, informative, and very easy to use, I also see that He will not promote scam products like Empower Network Like all The Internet Marketers out there, John Chow only promotes what works, and who wouldn’t want to know/promote what works? He has been in this Business for Many, Many Years and always over delivers.

  • Neha Mehra
    Neha Mehra

    I agree with you. All i get from John Chow is spammy mails and nothing relevant.He is doing nothing except building a scam and fooling people..Be careful

  • Joe

    I totally agree with Gugulethu. Without even purchasing his products, one can learn so much about successful internet marketing practices by checking out what top IM earners are doing.

    A quick look at his website is worth reading for hours about setting up a sales funnel. While I don’t encourage pure emulation and testing is always required as niches vary, following John Chow’s site or another guru’s as an example is a great way to get a solid foundation in IM.

    The techniques used by these kinds of bloggers are proven to work.

  • Chris Lee Vella
    Chris Lee Vella

    That’s all fair Gugulethu but what he teached can be found better for cheaper.

    He truly is successful and I do follow him. I like his videos on YouTube too :)

    It’s just he has scam-ish behaviour!

  • Gugulethu

    I disagree, I’ve been following John Chow since 2009. Bloggers come and go but John Chow has been there and he’s not going anywhere. I wont talk about what he has accomplished…

    The reason people fail in online marketing is simply because they buy a course and read or watch the tutorials. Which is good I also do that… BUT real marketers look at – “How Did I Get Sold?”… we look at how he set up his funnel, the layout of the tutorials, the marketing strategy, what got my attention to even search for reviews online?

    I look at things like that, so think like a marketer not a customer. I don’t believe there’s any crap or bad course I would advise people to buy as many as they can.


    Even if you think John Chow stuff is not good, you’ll learn a lot by following that guy and replicate what he does. For me, he’s honest and his course is one of the best. That’s just my 2 cents :)

  • Del

    I think everybody who is into marketing will eventually want to promote just like him. So let’s get real and just squeeze all the lessons we can get from the guy. After all, he gave us hope that blogging is not just a waste of time. Cheers!

  • Vin DiCarlo
    Vin DiCarlo

    @Chris Lee Vella, I agreed with you. John chow send spammy mail to his blog subscribers.

  • Den

    I would also add that it is not very easy to give up further payment. Support does not respond immediately to tickets, special tightening procedure

  • Chris Lee Vella
    Chris Lee Vella

    I have followed John Chow and I’m on his email list. I have to say he sounds scammy to me. All I get is emails that just sell, sell and sell!

    I agree, WA is the best place to start online! Great post!!

    • Dean Robinson
      Dean RobinsonAuthor

      Thanks Chris!

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