I want to address some claims made against the blog. We think we do a pretty good job with this blog, but that hasn’t stopped people from calling us crooks, frauds, thieves, liars, and Angela Penbrook. (No, really: we get emails almost daily demanding a refund of somebody’s $197.) We’ve always been transparent in all of our actions, but let me address a few issues.

We Make Money with this Blog

*gasp* It’s true. When we find a program we like and it has an affiliate program, we make money when our readers (you) make a purchase or join a program. This isn’t a new concept and it does not affect the outcome of a review. Nearly every program we speak out against has an affiliate program, yet you will never see an affiliate link in one of those posts. We would never profit off of your losses to a scam. We would never compromise the integrity of a review just to make a few extra dollars. That isn’t what this site is about. If you don’t believe me, just stick around a while, read some old posts. I think you’ll come to trust us.

We Sell a Book

A commenter “called us out” last week daring Joe to say what he’s promoting. Here’s the big secret: we wrote and sell an ebook. This shouldn’t come as a shock as we promote the living hell out of it. Why? It isn’t just so we can make money. It’s so readers (you again) can gain an understanding of what it really means to work at home. We do this to try to help people establish a successful telecommuting business. This means never giving money away to another scam again.

Yes, you should buy the book, and no this won’t be the last time you’ll see this message.

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We Prevent Others from Losing Money

We started keeping track of those who personally wrote to us and thanked us for our work, without which they would have given up money to a scammer. We’ve only been tracking the thank you messages for the past few months. So far, we have received 168 messages totaling $44,425.19 saved.

This means that we spend money out of I’ve Tried That income in order to conduct reviews. If the product sucks, we try to get a refund. Usually we are able to get our money back, but there have been times where we’ve simply lost our investment. Yes, it’s for content. Yes, it’s to help you. No, we don’t have hidden motives. Yes, I’m honest. No, I’m not making this up.

Why We Do What We Do

I just recieved a cashiers check from surveylot.com in the amount of 2905.00 with instructions to do survey on moneygram at my nearest walmart…it also stated that i need to call before cashing the check to recieve an authorization number…i did phone this person at which time he was on his break and asked me to call him back after he returned from his break…anyhow i decided to go online to check this out and found this site….i am very fortunate that i did not end up like Joanna, and would like to thank her for posting her misfortune…thanks again you saved me from paying back something i can’t afford…

I would like to thank this website for telling me the truth about Angela Penbrook. This website just saved me $197.00.

Thanks. We were just considering this scam when I decided I should check on it. Your site saved us money, time and anger!


i just recently got married and my husband is working long back breaking hours to get me through school. i was reading my e-mails and this was in my bulk, it looked interesting so i went to it and it seemed like a good idea. when i saw the the price tag of $197 i quickly started looking things up on it and ended up on a site that rated hers in the top 3, but even they were requesting money, even so, i almost went back and paid the money but decided to look it up one last time and i ended up on you guys. SO THANKS :) you guys saved me from losing my poor husband’s hard earned money.

i want to thank this site and all of you people out there that have a voice and use it. I have a disabled husband and lost my job and was looking for work at home. This way I could take care of him. I almost spent 197 dollars on something that is a scam. something told me to search out Angel Stevens and I came upon this website thank you again

This is why I’ve Tried That exists.

PS. The pictures at the top of the post are chosen at my discretion. Sometimes they are relevant to the content; other times they are not. I just thought the elephants looked pretty.

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