This week’s product was an interesting one. When I first heard the name, I assumed I would be viewing a satirical Internet Marketing site. It’s called Cray-Z E-Z Profits and has an equally ridiculous URL.

It is however a very real product that has been recently launched by Fergal Downes. It is a video course on how to make money online with one of the more popular methods: Email Marketing.

The Cray-Z Pitch

One good thing about Fergal’s pitch is that he is going in low. He isn’t offering you a way to make the usual hyped up earnings of a $34, 456.85 per day like most guru marketers spew out on their sales pages.

Instead he is low balling it and suggesting you can make a more realistic $70 per day.

His target market is aspiring online marketers, who thus far haven’t made much progress and he plays on the fact that most make money online products offer a dream of high rewards with little work.

Purchasing Cray-Z E-Z Profits

The product is on a dime sale, with the price rising after every 9 sales. I picked it up for around $8 but depending on when you read this, it might be as much as $37 if the scarcity tactic in the sales pitch is to be believed.

As usual, after the purchase there is an upsell. In this case it is a $17.01 product. The product isn’t named but is a video course for creating and ranking videos to drive traffic to your site.

Rejecting that offer leads you to a downsell for the same course priced at $6.99.

What do you get?

The main course comprises of 7 videos, ranging from 41 seconds to 14 minutes, on average being 6-7 minutes long. In total you get a mere 38 minutes or so of video for your money.

There are also some “free bonuses” which might be free but lead onto other mailing lists so no doubt there will be sales pitches’ coming your way should you choose to take up these “free” offers.

Video 1 is an introduction video, mainly about Fergal himself.

Video 2 gets the ball rolling and Fergal starts by strongly suggesting focusing on Internet Marketing as your niche.

He’s right in that it is one of the biggest online niches there is (though I would personally say that Health & Fitness is probably THE biggest out there). I don’t believe that this niche is right for everyone newbies targeting it may actually find themselves in a worse off position (if you don’t get it or you find it boring, why the hell should you be promoting it?).

He breezes through setting up an autoresponder via Get Response, so much so that I had to continually pause and backtrack to double check (there are no written instructions).

He also states to turn off the double optin option, which in itself is fine, but he does not tell you about the inherent risks associated with it (namely a higher risk of being labelled a spammer).

Video 3 is regarding finding a free gift to encourage users to sign up to your mailing list. This is generally about creating a very short video. He does at least steer you away from using PLR (Private Rights Label) products as they are general crap.

Video 4 is the flip side to the previous video and covers creating a sales funnel based on a product that you already have or a makeshift video based on a product you want to promote.

An interesting aspect here is that Fergal provides us with some evidence of how well (or not) his funnels did using a Free WSO (WarriorForum Special Offer) product as bait. It can’t be confirmed that those are his details but it looks real enough.

Cray-Z E-Z Profits

It’s blurry and hard to confirm exactly who’s details are being listed, but this is what’s being offered as proof.

Video 5 is traffic generation, and it concentrates solely on leveraging the WarriorForum as a traffic source. This is of course a paid traffic as you need to pay to add your WSO.

Video 6 is the longest video of the series. It covers creating an autoresponder sequence and finding a product to promote (mainly via JVZoo). As with the other videos, it contains info, but is also quite brief.

Video 7 is a short outro or conclusion, barely worth looking at.

The Bottom Line

Is Cray-Z E-Z Profits a scam? With that name you would think so wouldn’t you, but it isn’t a scam. You get several videos of content for your money.

Whether it is any good or not is debatable. The ideas contained were mainly very well known, but there was also quite an interesting take on certain aspects.

The overall video quality was poor, no HD available, but the sound quality was fine.

However the videos feel very rushed, with virtually no detail. As such if you were a newbie, it would definitely be confusing.

For example there is no discussion on copywriting for the sales pitch etc. (maybe that’s in the upsells).

The traffic generating method is interesting, almost unique perhaps, but unless you are working in the internet marketing niche then it’s probably worthless to you.

Overall I felt that this is a mediocre product, with a few gems hidden in it. Most of the information can be obtained elsewhere in more detail for free.

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