This week’s product review is another email marketing guide. This time it’s from a couple of guys called Anwesh Rath and Reed Florian.

While the name of the product suggests it is a membership site, it is in fact an e-book about email marketing.

Quite the Sales Funnel

The cheap front offer is of course an incentive for you to jump down the rabbit hole of the sales funnel.

This funnel is quite long and could be incredibly costly.

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Email Ninja Academy Funnel

The first upsell is called MacDaddy and it will set you back $27.

I thought at first that this was a bunch of Apple Mac related products, but I was wrong.

It consists of various videos and sales pages and graphics. To be fair, the number of graphics alone would make this reasonable to good value.

I was actually tempted by it. Without seeing the video and sales letter content it’s hard to say exactly how good this is, but I would say it’s one of the better upsells I’ve seen in a while.

If you are not too hot with graphics, this might be a serious consideration, though you will still need some skills and the appropriate software to edit the images.

It is then down sold at $17, but it seems to have less content in it.

If you don’t buy an upsell, then the funnel ends and you get to view the main product.

However if you decided that those vector images were a must have, your funnel isn’t over yet, and the high ticket items come out to play.

The makers of Email Ninja Academy will soften you up with an offer for an 8 week pre-recorded coaching session. This will set you back $495.

After that comes an offer for a one hour telephone call and sales funnel creation help for $997.

The final step of the funnel is for one on one personal coaching via email and Skype for approximately 2 months. This costs a cool $1997!

In total you could spend up to $3533 if you buy everything.

On the Inside

After getting inside Email Ninja Academy you are offered to sign up to the free webinar (8th April 2014) and the private Facebook group.

Both of these are welcome bonuses, though I wonder how much of the webinar will be spent upselling the $2000 dollar coaching!

The left hand menu contains links to all the products offered to me in the funnel and even the ones that weren’t.

Unfortunately, clicking everything but the core product results in a full site error. I think the creators are missing a trick here, or at least could have made a better website, by having an upsell page for each!

The core product page consists of a list of links, the first to the main product and the rest to things mentioned in the product.

The e-book itself is 45 pages long and is fairly well laid out, with some images, though there are sections that are just walls of text which is a little off putting.

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The language, spelling and grammar of the e-book is not brilliant, but I suppose that’s to be expected as the authors first language is not English, though it wouldn’t have took or cost much to have had it proofread.

“Stuffs like Spellings, grammar etc. MUST NOT be a road block. Don’t keep a
dictionary by your side while writing an email. Of course you must proof read it
before sending out, but letting these secondary elements stop you from being
creative is utterly stupid.”

He obviously didn’t take his own advice!

The training focuses heavily on promoting internet marketing products, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a huge step to target a different audience.

The techniques used, focus on building a list, mainly via paid adverts like Facebook ads or Solo ads (which is like renting another marketers list, on a pay per click basis). It also discusses segmenting your list to target specific interest groups and to maximize the earnings from each email.

There were some interesting techniques outlined in the e-book, mostly to do with offering free gifts and bonuses, as well as timing your promotion of the affiliate product.

He wraps up the e-book with a discussion about email list reader psychology. Aspects of this were very intriguing especially on one way to retain unsubcribers!

The Bottom Line

I don’t know why, but I found the Email Ninja Academy e-book a little unsettling. Perhaps it was because of its heavy focus on hard-core internet marketing techniques, whereas I’m used to more subtle marketing.

Perhaps it was the difficulty in following some of what the author was trying to say – both from a technical point of view and a linguistic one.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the sample emails he shows are virtually identical to the ones that fill up my spam folder every day.

Does this mean that Email Ninja Academy is a scam? No, it is not a scam. For the price of it you do get a fair amount of information and bonuses thrown in.

Whether he is teaching the best practice is debatable, but he does provide some interesting viewpoints on building and maintaining a successful list.

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