Quick Summary of FaceBeast

Rating: 2 Not a scam but full of upsells and misleading info on how you'll make money through Facebook.

The Good: There is some training on how to make money through Facebook Ads and fan pages.

The Bad: You are misled into thinking you can just make money online by commenting and liking posts. FaceBeast has several upsells for email coaching and it even tries to cross-sell binary options trading software.

The Bottom Line: While Face Beast has some useful information, the additional costs involved don't justify purchasing it. There are better training systems out there that don't nickel-and-dime you at every turn and make outrageous claims of big money in just days.

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FaceBeast Review

“Make a legitimate income by simply liking Facebook pages, posting comments, and doing what you normally do on Facebook.”

“Take a bite out of Facebook’s billions!”

These are the promises of a new work-at-home opportunity called FaceBeast. This online job opportunity comes on the heels of other recent Facebook-focused “jobs,” including Facebook Money.

So…can Face Beast really help you earn money from home?

My FaceBeast Review

When you go to FaceBeast, you are confronted with quite the sales page. Apparently, the graphics designers were quite enthusiastic about portraying the beast portion of Face Beast:

FaceBeast - Earn Cash Using Facebook! ‎- Microsoft Edge 2016-05-01 11.21.45

The program is introduced as a work-at-home opportunity to make easy money via Facebook. You simply take 3 steps:

  1. Activate your membership.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Be guided by the Beast via its “detailed video instructions and tutorials.”

FaceBeast is priced at $97; however, the sales page discounts your membership fee by 65% to just $34. If you try to leave, your fee is discounted to just $15.

Once you sign up to FaceBeast, you encounter training modules and tutorials that focus on two main goals: creating Facebook fan pages, and getting likes on and traffic to those fan pages. To this end, you gain access to information about niche research, fan page and Facebook Ad creation, finding and posting content, email list building, viral posting strategies, etc.

This all sounds good in theory. However, there are also several red flags in this program that you should be aware of:

1. There are upsells.

If you think you’ll start making money on Facebook by paying just $15 for FaceBeast, think again. FaceBeast strongly “encourages” you to create and operate Facebook Ads. Within FaceBeast itself, example Facebook Ad campaigns cost over $1,000.

FaceBeast also encourages that you sign up for an AWeber account to email your list. A basic AWeber account costs $19/month. The program also recommends using Leadpages to generate your landing pages, so tack on another $25/month for that service.

It could be argued that the above mentioned items are external vendors, which FaceBeast can’t control. Fine. However, even within FaceBeast itself, there are upsells.

If you want more than just the video tutorials, you’ll need to pay an additional $197 for Elite Circle Membership. Once a part of this membership, you’ll get unlimited email mentoring (probably through daily emails sent to your inbox), as well as access to the system’s “personal email,” which you can write to with questions of your own.

Currently, the price of Elite Circle Membership is discounted to just $67. However, it’s still an upsell.

2. There is scam by association.

You that saying about how you become whom you associate with? FaceBeast has an uncomfortable “scam by association” reputation. To begin with, there is its customer testimonials, such as this one:


The guy providing this testimonial may or may not be an actual FaceBeast member. I say this because the same guy provides a glowing testimonial for MyFlexJob, which was reviewed by us several weeks ago.

My Flex Job Application

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As if that weren’t enough, FaceBeast touts another income opportunity called Auto Profit Replicator, which is a binary options trading software platform. Why oh why would FaceBeast threaten its credibility by touting a binary options scam?

Finally, if you read the FTC disclosure area of FaceBeast, you’ll learn that customers were monetarily compensated by FaceBeast to provide testimonials.

FTC disclosure: The persons found in the testimonials/ endorsements on this page have received monetary incentives to publish their opinions about FaceBeast. These persons were part of an initial trial group that received free access to the FaceBeast program along with monetary payment for voicing their opinion about their experiences.

How objective are FaceBeast members going to be when they are being paid to give FaceBeast a positive review?

3. There is overhype.

The FaceBeast sales page plays up the idea that all you need to do is post comments and like pages on Facebook and you’ll soon be rolling in money. And I’m not just talking about $100 or even $1,000 per month. No, it’s claims like these:


The truth of the matter is that it takes more than watching a few videos to become adept at social media marketing. You need to understand how to target your ideal audience, craft an attractive offer, generate a good landing page, and keep ad costs down through continuous monitoring of your offer’s responses.

However, before you even get to this level of advertising, you need something else entirely: a product and/or a niche website.

Without either item, what exactly are you supposed to promote or create a fan page around?

FaceBeast doesn’t address this issue, nor does it state that its program is for customers who have something in place to promote and/or sell.

The program also assumes that Facebook will take your newbie fan page and publish it at the top of its news feed. Nowadays, unless your page or post has thousands of shares, it won’t get a second glance from Facebook. News feed space is precious and requires a level of “virality” before Facebook will promote it.

The FaceBeast Bottom Line

FaceBeast isn’t a complete scam, but it’s definitely overhyped. The system also requires a lot more work and research than it lets on. Given its many upsells and associations with known scams, you’re better off not sinking your money into this online opportunity.

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