Quick Summary of Fast Profit Formula

Rating: 4 Slightly overpriced, but filled with solid information and good tips.

The Good: This program is legit and teaches you how to profit from micro job sites. You are offered a money back guarantee.

The Bad: At $37, this program is a bit overpriced. You have two upsells marketed as 'bonuses." in your download area.

The Bottom Line: If you're considering doing micro jobs through sites like Fiverr, then you should consider downloading and using this program.

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Fast Profit Formula Review

I’ve seen Zoul Pio promoting several online ventures lately, such as FLIPP:ME. Now, it appears that he has his own product to promote, called Fast Profit Formula.

What is Fast Profit Formula about?

On the Fast Profit Formula sales page, Zoul says that the product will enable you to make money in order to pay your bills, take a vacation- or even quit your job. As for what you’ll be doing with Fast Profit Formula, Zoul describes it as the following:

“I will reveal to you not one, but MULTIPLE mini-job sites that you can get started making money online as soon as TONIGHT”

Example mini-jobs are provided as follows:

“Read/proofread a document; Give advice on a topic; Review a product on video; Draw/hold a sign and take a picture ; Sing in a funny voice; Edit a photo; Write an article about  something you know; Rap; Knit; Create Facebook Page; Animate Graphics; Design a logo or ecover; Wear funny clothes & take a picture.”

I’ve heard of mini-job sites such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or Fiverr. Mini-job sites have also been reviewed on I’ve Tried That in the past.

However, I was intrigued that Zoul claimed that mini-job work could even help you quit your job. That would entail having a steady stream of work that paid an equivalent of at least $100/day (assuming your job pays ~$25K/year).

Could this program deliver enough work to help someone achieve at least $25,000/year?

I purchased this program (at $37) to find out. Here’s what I found inside.

Inside Fast Profit Formula

As soon as my payment went through, I was directed to the product download page for Fast Profit Formula. This was a welcome change from other products I’ve reviewed this month, where I had an obstacle course of upsells to first get through. In my download area, I found the following goodies:

Eight training videos

I was really not expecting training videos to be included with this program (just a PDF), so imagine my surprise when I saw not one, but eight, videos included in my download area. They covered the following topics:

Video 1: Welcome and overview of the system (12:33)

This video announces that, for the purposes of this training, you’ll be focusing most of your efforts around Fiverr. This aforementioned micro gig site is described in detail (including its terms of service) and the announcer states that some people even make a full-time income from it. You are told that the training will eventually follow-up with these individuals.

Video 2: Standing out – and creating gigs that COMMAND INCOME (13:00)

You are provided with instructions and helpful hints on how to create your Fiverr profile and create an attention-grabbing gig ad. Examples of good Fiverr gigs are provided.

Video 3: The Next Level – Now to get even more exposure to multiply your income (19:32)

Leveling up is important because it enables you to charge more money for extra/premium services and get top level support from Fiverr. You are instructed how to level up on Fiverr, which includes delivering gigs on time, getting great least 10 orders, and accumulating great customer reviews. Examples of top level Fiverr sellers are provided.

Video 4: TOP services to over that ANYONE can do, EXACT walkthrough (10:27)

Many people automatically assume that they have nothing of value to offer through Fiverr. Not true. This video goes over the many unexpected products and services you should consider offering, including program/class notes, PLR articles, logo redesign, etc.

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Video 5: How to get all the work done without doing ANYTHING yourself. (10:35)

You don’t have to do all the work yourself when offering gigs on Fiverr. This video asks that you consider outsourcing your work and add-on services to other Fiverrers (or elsewhere, like oDesk). The video even recommends that you work with off-site clients, who will likely pay you much more than $5, but get your work done by outsourcing it to Fiverr. In essence, what this video is telling you is that you need to become a project manager, and not just be a worker.

video 5

Video 6: Top sellers and EXACT breakdown of what they are doing so you can copy. (13:34)

This video takes you through the profiles of top Fiverr sellers and gives you tips about their success. Offering a range of services (including add-ons), having lots of positive customer reviews, and having a complete and interesting profile are just some of the recommended methods. 

video 6

Video 7: Even MORE places to get income NOW (6:04)

Several alternatives to Fiverr are provided, such as Fourerr, Gigbucks, Fittytown and Tenbux. Higher paying freelance sites like eLance, Freelancer.com, Guru.com are recommended as places to sell your work after outsourcing it through these Fiverr-like sites.

Video 8: Secret bonus (12:25)

This video advises that you offer add-ons that don’t require any extra time to complete, but which you can charge extra money for. One example of this is offering the product in different formats or via different technologies. Another add-on idea is offering your products in an expedited manner. It’s also recommended that you charge money for any kind of file you give away, whether it be a .doc, .psd, .jpg, etc.

video 8

The other download area ‘bonuses’

The other item in your download area is this “sales maximizer.”

When you click on that yellow box, you are taken to…an upsell.

Upsell #1

On the upsell sales page, Zoul offers a sort of cheat sheet for getting started quickly with Fiverr without having to think of and/or consider any work opportunities. He advertises it as follows:

89 Things You Could Be Doing Immediately…(With Little Or NO Experience) To Earn A Great Income

This cheat sheet is offered for $17, but Zoul says you can keep it for free if it doesn’t work for you.

When you try to click away from this upsell, you are taken to…yet another upsell.

Upsell #2

Here, Zoul offers you “A Fully Automated Income Source WHILE Working The Micro Jobs Sites.” Also, he offers to “Show You How $43,746 Were Made In 4 Months…Starting From ZERO.”

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How does this work? Zoul says that this automated income is the result of just seven webpages that you set up and which generate you a fully automated income stream. Best of all, these pages require just 30 minutes of work per day.

This upsell costs $97.

Fast Profit Formula offers fast support

Within an hour of my emailed refund request, Zoul was writing me back and asking for the reason. After I explained that I already tried Fiverr as an online money-making opportunity, my $37 was quickly refunded to my Paypal account. I also received a follow-up email from Zoul asking me if I’d be willing to share my Fiverr experiences.

Is Fast Profit Formula worth it?

Fast Profit Formula offers a decent product that is informative and useful.

You do have two upsells thrown at you, but you can click away from them fairly easily. Overall, if you’re looking to make a side or even full-time income from Fiverr, this program will help you achieve your goal.

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