Quick Summary of PWM by Michael Beeson

Rating: 1 They want you to overpay for web hosting.

The Good: You get web hosting, albeit at a very steep price.

The Bad: You don't get a real website or product. You don't get any training or support. You get no free traffic. You'll be lucky to get a refund.

The Bottom Line: We've seen programs like this pop up time and time again. They have one motive in mind: sucker you into paying outlandish prices for webhosting so they can collect a big fat commission. If you want to learn how to make real money online, look no further than our top recommendation here.

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PWM by Michael Beeson Review

You may have come across the following income opportunity from Michael Beeson, known as PWM (which stands for Profit with Michael). What is this opportunity all about?

PWM in a nutshell

Michael B. introduces PWM as a way to make a lot of money from home by using just a computer and Internet connection. This will happen once you implement two steps of the PWM program:

  1. You set up an exclusive website available only from PWM.
  2. You get free traffic to your website.

Michael claims that his money-making website is a big secret, and that he is sharing this secret with select members of his PWM group. Interestingly, the video where he discloses his secret is posted on YouTube.

PWM Youtube

Michael also guarantees that you are going to make at least $100 in 48 hours following the setup of your website. If you don’t, PWM will send you $100.

The cost of PWM is $1.95 for a 7-day trial. After those 7 days, you are charged $97 for the product, and $97/month afterwards.

So, will you really make at least $100 in just 48 hours after launching your PWM website?

I say no, and here are some reasons why.

1. You are paying for hosting- and not much more.

PWM’s 2016 sales page gives out very little information about how you’ll make money with this system. However, Wayback Machine provides some pertinent information about what PWM, which used to be called Profit with Michael, actually offers.

You see, back in 2014, Michael Beeson posted an almost identical video on his site’s sales page and made the same promises about how you could make a ton of money with his system.

Profit With Michael

Back in 2014, Michael also noted that you’d have to purchase web hosting to enable your money-generating website. The web hosting fee varied over the months of 2014, but it cost at least $49/month at one point.

Unfortunately, it takes much more than web hosting to make a real online income. As for the money-making website, it was nothing more than a one page sales page.

Members who bought into this scheme started posting online complaints such as this one:

Profit With Michael comment

2. The web hosting ain’t cheap.

Typical shared web hosts ask that you pay a monthly fee of $8, $10-maybe $15. There is no web host that asks, or should ask, you to pay a whopping $97/month. Unless you have 100+ websites under your belt, paying that much money for hosting is outrageous.


3. The traffic isn’t really free.

Michael says that he knows of free traffic sources that you can implement on your website.

PWM traffic

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However, there are numerous online complaints, posted by (former) PWM members, that say that the web traffic was never free and had to be purchased.

Profit With Michael comments

This isn’t surprising when you consider that there is no such thing as free traffic, and especially if all you have to offer is a one page sales page as your “website.” Traffic requires time and quality content. If you have neither, you can purchase traffic through PPC ads and other promotions- however, such traffic, by its very definition, isn’t free.

4. You’re promoting PWM.

By the way, if you do end up purchasing PWM and creating your money-generating website, guess what you’ll be promoting?


Yep, the “sure thing” website, and its single sales page, serve to promote none other than Michael Beeson’s own PWM. You won’t be learning how to market your own products or the products of other affiliate marketers. Instead, you’ll become an unsuspecting recruit for promoting and selling the same system you just purchased.

5. You could have issues with your refund.

If you peruse the refunds area of PWM, you’ll eventually come across the following statement:

Please allow up to 48hrs for our customer support team to process your refund or cancellation request.


Please allow 7-10 days for processing and for the refund to be credited to your account.

You have only 7 days to complete your trial of PWM before you are charged $97. Granted, if you exceed your 7-day trial, you could file for the program’s 60-day money-back guarantee. However, at that point in time, you’re out almost $100.

The only good news about getting a PWM refund is that this product is offered through Clickbetter, which is typically very responsive to refund requests.

6. You’ll get your $100…after reaching $450.

You remember how Michael promises you $100 if you don’t make at least $100 in 48 hours? Let’s say he keeps his word and pays you that money into your PWM account. However, what Michael doesn’t tell you (at least right away) is that you’ll first need to reach $450 in commissions before you can cash out of your account.

In the terms and conditions area of PWM, you eventually see the following stipulation about when you can cash out:

The minimum payment threshold is $450.

7. PWM will reincarnate just like its predecessor.

If you look at the lifetime of Profit with Michael, you’ll see how this system lasted just over a year before the online complaints about it forced Michael to shut it down and reintroduce it as PWM. However, except for the name change, not much else is different between these systems.

I fully expect that, as online complaints about PWM pile up, the product will similarly die and be reborn as some other online scam.

Our verdict for PWM: A definite no

PWM is, like its previous incarnation, a scheme that is designed to suck you in and have you paying $97/month for web hosting. As for the product itself and any kind of training or support, there is nothing to speak of.

How Does PWM Compare?

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  • Margo Young
    Margo Young

    I just got scammed! He has my credit card #! He needs to be stopped! I need help!

    • Steve Razinski
      Steve RazinskiFounder

      I would highly suggest getting in contact with your bank or credit card company ASAP. Dispute the charges and keep a close watch on your statements for any charges you do not recognize.

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