Quick Summary of Web Wealth System

Rating: 2 It's a bunch of marketing tools mostly designed to promote Web Wealth System.

The Good: You get many pre-generated sales pages, email swipes, etc. You get some training on how to market your product to others. You get a 100% commission from selling front-end membership to Web Wealth System.

The Bad: The only real product that Web Wealth System is selling is itself. The only thing you own is your affiliate link, and that link goes to Web Wealth System. The pre-generated marketing assets are designed to promote Web Wealth System. You can't get ahead with this program unless you buy its back-end products, which cost thousands of dollars.

The Bottom Line: If you choose Web Wealth System, you'll end up paying thousands of dollars to make those promised commissions. There are better and more affordable marketing systems out there that don't rely almost exclusively on affiliate recruitment. You are best advised to seek elsewhere.

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Web Wealth System Review

Web Wealth System (WWS) makes some big claims about how easy it is to make an online income. Supposedly, you can work as little as 45 minutes a day. You can also make money as soon as you start using WWS. Finally, you only need to know how to copy and paste in order to profit from WWS.

Web Wealth System

Is it really that fast and easy? Let’s take a closer look at WWS.

What is Web Wealth System?

WWS creator Terry Duff claims that WWS is a “done for you” business model that you just plug into and profit from right away. That model comes with its own email prospects, pre-written email and sales copy, videos, tracking software, etc.

In essence, WWS is a marketing system that offers lots of pre-written copy, email lists, training and software platforms.

The list of goodies that WWS provides is fairly long and even includes customer service (via Terry and his team) and four merchant accounts. Terry and his WWS team also promise to personally handle refunds and chargebacks.

Perhaps most importantly for the newbie marketer with nothing to sell, WWS offers its own product. What exactly is that product?

Why…it’s WWS, of course.

Web Wealth System: Helping you help us

As a member of WWS, you’ll have one specific item to promote: your own affiliate link to WWS. Using this link, your sole focus will be to copy and paste it anywhere and everywhere your heart desires so that you can create your downline (referrals under you). Those referrals will kick up their earnings to you when they generate their own downlines.

That’s how this system works in a nutshell.

WWS, as advertised by Terry, offers nine digital front-end products that “are all catered towards teaching people different strategies and techniques to profiting and making money online.” These products cost anywhere from $9.97 to $97.

Terry states that you’ll make an unheard of 100% commission from selling those digital products. How is this possible?

Because once your referrals purchase through your affiliate ID, a WWS “Certified Business Advisor” calls them by phone and tries to upsell them some back-end products.

Incidentally, those back-end products cost anywhere from $1,000 to several thousand dollars.

Terry claims that you can make commissions of up to $6,000 on those back-end orders.

The real cost of Web Wealth System

So, you might be thinking that WWS sounds like really sweet deal. You make 100% commissions on front-end products, and you have the potential to make thousands of dollars from back-end products that you don’t even need to push.

The WWS sales page asks you to pay just $27 to gain access to its marketing goodies and products.

$27 isn’t too much to ask, right?

This is where Terry neglects to tell you something crucial: When you buy WWS, you become its customer, not marketer. So, as a customer, you’ll be getting called by those same Certified Business Advisors following your purchase of the $27 WWS.

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If you peruse the checkout page of WWS, this is stated at least twice in its Terms of Service area:

Web Wealth System 2

But that’s not all. As an actual customer of WWS, you’ll learn that, in order to make those thousand dollar commissions from back-end sales of the other WWS products, you need to actually purchase those high-priced items yourself.


You see, when you make your initial $27 investment in WWS, you merely enter its sales funnel. And once you’re in the WWS sales funnel, you’ll be marketed to just like your referrals.

Another thing…

WWS posts the following due diligence warning about its products, which I’m betting are the 100% commission-paying front-end products that range from $9.97 to $97:

Web Wealth System 3

When a program disavows its responsibility for software that may contain malware and/or viruses, that usually indicates that the software is not made by said program. These third-party products, then, could be just about any kind of money-making schemes that you see online.

Quality work-at-home and online income programs ensure that their software doesn’t harm your computer. Third-rate programs and scams don’t make that effort.

The company behind WWS

If you read through the Terms of Service area, you’ll note that a company called Winning Marketing Solutions is the creator and marketer of WWS. This company has its own page, where it discusses its marketing trainings and refund policies in more detail.

Interestingly, its trainings offer some of the same marketing items as WWS. They also carry some hefty price tags.

The “Marketing Apprentice” package costs $1,297. The “Top Earner” package is priced at $2,497. There’s also a “Top Earner Elite” package, whose cost isn’t even disclosed.

Call it a hunch, but I’m pretty sure that these package deals are what you’ll be asked to buy in order to make your thousand dollar plus commissions.

Also, while WWS does state that its $27 signup fee comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee, the back-end trainings provide no such guarantee. This is actually stated on the company’s own disclaimer area, where only the enrollment fee is earmarked as refundable:

Winning Marketing Solutions

To be fair, if you take the time to read the many posted disclaimers from WWS and from WMS, you’ll understand that this company is not about to lose money on its training and marketing materials. This is posted in plain sight. The company also posts its contact information, including a phone number, and encourages you to call with any questions prior to making a purchase.

Is WWS worth the cost?

While WWS offers some great marketing tools and trainings, it’s also (mostly) out to promote itself and its products. As its customer, and then its marketer, you’ll need to both invest in and promote this system in order to make its advertised commissions. The only actual “product” you’ll own is your own affiliate link.

If the company should happen to close shop, you’ll have invested a lot of time and money into promoting a product that you have no access to.

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Overall, I’d recommend looking elsewhere for a less costly system.

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  • Ron Mack
    Ron Mack

    This is a great post. In fact, prescient. The Web Wealth System website has been down for days, and Terry Duff has not sent out an email to members for a couple of months. Nobody in the Facebook group seems to know what’s happening either. I’m guessing this venture is over.

  • Lamont

    I recently just signed up with WWS, however, I am not impressed with it at all. When I signed up, all of a sudden the site crashed then reopened. At this time all of my info was not valid, meaning I didn’t have access although I paid my money! I tried to contact support but was told they were not in charge of handling those type of issues because they were just a processing department and I would have to contact the company directly. So I did, and have not received word yet, however, I am receiving tones of emails from them trying to sell me other items!

    Now I did read the terms and conditions, however I skipped over a few paragraphs because they all seemed to repeat themselves by saying they cannot guarantee profits but I would be equipped with info to start generating money today!

    I still haven’t heard from them.

  • Tommy Kelly
    Tommy Kelly

    Great review Steve, I’ve read up on this product quite a lot over the past few days. I found a lot of reviews were quite positive without actually divulging how it all worked and where you stood legally if things didn’t work out.
    Knowing how clear and concise you are with all of your reviews, I had to head on over to see if you had one written up to be able to make a correct decision on whether to join up with WWS.
    Thankfully I found what I was looking for.

    Thanks and all the best

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