Quick Summary of White Label Academy

Rating: 3 You get loads of training materials and bonuses.

The Good: You get lots of good quality products that you can resell as your own. You get a good deal of training and helpful plugins. The current price of $27 for access to this system's tool and trainings is very reasonable.

The Bad: Selling software is more involved than the product's creator would have you believe. You will probably need to purchase the Copybuilder Pro upsell in order to work quickly on your marketing collateral.

The Bottom Line: If you are thinking of selling white label software products as a business, White Label Academy is a good place to start, despite its upsells.

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White Label Academy Review

White Label Academy (WLA) as launched in early September and claims that you can quickly make a six figure income by selling this system’s products.

White Label Academy1

Those products are described as white label software, which supposedly sell better than e-books and other online digital products. You get to rebrand these software products as your own and sell them to customers at 100% profit.

Can WLA’s claims be believed? I purchased this system at $27 to find out.

Inside White Label Academy

Once inside WLA, I found myself staring at my first upsell:

WLA Gold

This upsell is priced at $47 and is advertised as a set of 7 WordPress plugins that you can sell for extra money. The plugins are described as helping other marketers improve free online traffic, ads, and sales and conversions. For example, one of the WP plugins is called ‘Rate my post’ and enables its buyers to create a review site. Another WP plugin is called ‘Keyword Directory’ and helps users create a word directory and dictionary page.

Most importantly, by having access to these premium plugins, you diversify your income stream.

WLA upsell

When I clicked away from this upsell, I saw the following second upsell:


Here, you are told about a copywriting app that you can use to generate sales copy that will easily generate six figure income-earning months for you.

Upsell 2

Within the app, you obtain the following frameworks:

  • Sales Page Framework
  • Sales Video Framework
  • Headlines Framework
  • Facebook Ads Framework
  • Lead Page Framework

This app is priced at $67.

When I clicked away from this upsell, I was finally greeted by the actual product I purchased. What did I find inside?

Here’s a screen shot of my product dashboard:

WLA – Members


In this portion of the program, you get six training videos as follows:

Welcome (1:44)- The program’s creator, Sorin Constantin, introduces himself and his marketing partner, Alex Costan.

Features research (9:13)- Sorin says that most software sellers aren’t building their own software; instead, they are buying already developed software and simply improving on it in some way. After they improve on the purchased software, they can sell it as their own.

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Finding cheap developers (10:14)- Sorin shows you how to use Fiverr to find developers who will help make alterations to your purchased WP plugins and other software. Outsource sites like SEOClerks, Tenbux and Fiverups are also introduced.

Launching with a JV partner (7:19)- Here, you learn how to approach joint venture (JV) partners and recruit them to sell your software. The JV Rolodex that Alex compiled is referenced in this video.

JV partners

The launch checklist (33:39)- A rather thorough checklist is provided for you to go through as you set up and launch your software product(s). Sorin provides notes on generating your product sales letter and thank you pages, setting up training and bonuses, launching a Google Analytics account, etc.

JVZoo crash course (28:48)- Sorin describes how you can list your software products through JVZoo.

You also get access to non-video resources, including a JV Rolodex, Fiverr outsourcing cheatsheet, and a list of references.

DFY Tools and Bonuses

At first, I suspected these tools and bonuses were all affiliate product upsells, but they can actually be downloaded and opened. This area is filled with several different goodies, namely:

Instant Video Site– This bonus teaches you how to sell other people’s products and use Copybuilder to create pursuasive sales copy.

Cash In With WSO’s– This bonus introduces you to the idea of creating Warrior Special Offers, or WSOs, on the Warrior Forum to build a large subscriber list.

Optin Fire– This WP plugin helps you to create optin forms that you can link to your software products.

IM Pages plugin– This WordPress plugin helps you create different sales and marketing pages within WordPress.

Sales Optimizer– This tool helps you optimize your call-to-action buttons, perform split testing and track conversions.

There is a huge amount of content to download when you first open up all your bonus files:


Within this area, there are not only plugins, but instructional PDFs and a series of training MP3 files and videos. Sorin even tells you that you can resell these bonuses as your own products, if you wish.

App Rebrandr

This nifty little WordPress tool lets you input all your desired product brand names, such as the desired website link, images, author name, etc. and have these files instantly generated for your white label product.


Copybuilder Pro

This last item must be accessed from the JVZoo platform. Because I didn’t buy this upsell, I didn’t bother with this step. However, given the quality of the other tools and bonuses within WLA, I wondered if the Copybuilder Pro might in fact be a worthwhile purchase.

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My thoughts on WLA

While I was initially not impressed with the claims that WLA makes (e.g., earn six figures with little work), the products and training that are provided inside the dashboard are actually good. You also get loads of products that Sorin basically tells you to resell under your own label.

Does selling white label products to niche markets work as a general business strategy? Will selling niche software really have you earning six figures in no time and with little work?

That’s still uncertain. There is a LOT of software out there available for free, and getting people to buy your (remarketed) products is never easy. You will need to create great white label items and then market them. You will need to fix any bugs that are discovered in your software products- which will mean spending more money. You will need to test and retest your marketing messages and optins.

So, this will NOT be a zero work venture. However, with enough time and effort, selling white label products can be a good source of extra income.

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