Apparently, Super Affiliate Jackpot 2 is so easy to do; even brain dead people can do it. I really wanted this review to be zombie themed, but oh well.

Super Affiliate Jackpot 2 by David Kirby, is currently only on the Warrior Forums and costs $9.95.

The Purchase

Sometimes I hate buying these sorts of products; I’ve been in situations where actually getting a hold of the product is harder than it should be. This time the process was pretty smooth.

There was a single upsell for $27, which would provide you with:

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.
  • More methods to make money than are outlined in the main guide
  • A guide to making PPC ads for free.
  • Contact details to 19 list owners.
  • 10 OTO products to use.
  • Email swipes.
  • Master resale rights to the core product.

This was followed up by a downsell of the same product for $17. The downsell had less of everything, so only 5 OTO products, 10 contact details, etc.

The Product

The members’ area is a single page, consisting of three steps.

Step one: download the product zip.

Step two: join the Facebook group.

Step 3: watch a video. Ooops! This isn’t a video! It’s an affiliate link to Automated Sales Funnel System. There wasn’t even a video there…

Super Affiliate Jackpot 2 Not A Video

There are also some bonuses, which are in reality links to other products (email gatherers basically).

The download consisted of a variety of things:

  • The core product e-book.
  • 2 free e-books.
  • 3 e-books and covers to give away.

The first thing that hit me about Super Affiliate Jackpot 2, was the size of the e-book. It’s really quite small. With the two blurb pages at the start and two recommended resources at the end, you are left with only a 22 page e-book.

On top of that the font size is huge, especially the titles. You could easy condense this down to a dozen pages.

The concept is email list creation. and to use that email list to generate money.

The e-book consists of 4 steps, plus a section on traffic.

Step one

This section covers creating a squeeze page and promotes a third party (affiliate) squeeze page creator. The author also provides a short sample squeeze page, though to be fair it is crap. The reason it is rubbish is because he wants you to buy the squeeze page software.

He also suggests using his own products as OTO’s.

Super Affiliate Jackpot 2 Example Squeeze Page

Step two

The step is an Aweber affiliate link and advice to turn double optin off.

Seriously, that’s pretty much it.

Step three

Another short step, this one covers hosting, and is once again an advert for his affiliate links.

Step four

Traffic generation is the key to any online marketing endeavour, and it’s no different here.

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

The methods used are irregular for most websites but could be considered OK for this type of list generation squeeze page.

The first method is to buy solo ads from other affiliates. He does add an interesting spin to this, but basically it is just buying solo ad clicks.

The other method is also via other affiliates, but this time in conjunction with them by offering a bonus product.

To be fair, he is right in saying that the traffic you get will be “buyer” traffic, and if you select the people you approach carefully you could even get targeted buyer traffic.

The bonus traffic section is David pushing a website called, one that he appears to have some personal dealings with (it says “Special thanks to David kirby” at the bottom, and yes it was not written correctly).

The Bottom Line

When an internet marketer sells a product like Super Affiliate Jackpot 2, I expect some affiliate links. It’s natural to want to increase your earnings beyond the few bucks for the initial product.

Super Affiliate Jackpot 2 just has too many. It is really thin on content and liberally plastered with affiliate links and self promotions.

It’s nice to get bonuses, but to me don’t make up for the fact that the core product is rubbish and not worth even the $10 bucks I paid for it.

Is this a scam? Not quite as you get “something” for your money, but I would not recommend it either. The system he is using would be ok to generate a list to push internet marketing products too, but I can’t see it being used to generate a list that is targeted in any other niche.

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