Quick Summary of Wonder Clicks

Rating: 1 It's a wonder why I'm giving them 1! Oh, yeah we can't give 0 that's why!

The Good: It looks professional, but that's all it has going for it.

The Bad: It looks professional so it's easy to think that it is a legitimate site when it isn't!

The Bottom Line: If something lies to you from the get go, do you really think you can make a sustainable business from it? If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Wonder Clicks Review

Do you know what makes me angry?

Binary Options affiliates, that’s who!

It seems that no matter which one you look at they lie to you. They use every trick in the book to convince you that what they are peddling is actually genuine and not just a front to get you to sign up so that they can make a quick buck at your expense.

The particular “system” that has sparked my ire this week is Wonder Clicks.

The Wonderful Pitch

Wonder Clicks is a professional looking website, one that doesn’t initially scream scam. However, if you scrape away some of the polish, it quickly becomes apparent that what lies beneath is designed purely to take money from your wallet.

Lie 1

The licences left call to action in the top corner, is powered by JavaScript and is pretty much just a countdown timer. It doesn’t actually reflect any one signing up, it’s designed to add a feeling of scarcity to the page.

Lie 2

The ticker marquee that scrolls across the top is once more just JavaScript. The names aren’t real, they use a generator to make them up and another generator to make up the monetary amounts.

Lie 3

The premium free licence. Free it might be, but there is no licence, it just pushes you to a Binary Options broker site called Max Options.

Lie 4

The awards badges look real, but what do they mean and who awarded them? Well, I can tell you: they mean nothing and no one awarded them. These are just some badges found randomly on the internet and added because if not examined too closely, they can instill a sense of trust.

Lie 5

It states you can make profits of $1,378.96 in one day with one click. Where’s the proof? Binary Options are a high risk venture and only the lucky or highly experienced traders can make money off of them. Except the highly experienced traders see Binary Options as the crap-shoot it is and stay far away from it.

Lie 6

How about the 50 random guests? Well these people are just random stock photos and pictures of random people on the internet. These people have about as much to do with Wonder Clicks as a cat has to do with rocket science!

Wonder clicks video testimonials are fake

Wonder clicks video testimonials are fake 2

Lie 7

The video testimonials are real either. They are just actors purchased for peanuts on sites like Fiverr.com.  Sites like that are a playground for unethical Binary Options affiliates as they can purchase lots of varied, unique and real sounding testimonials for virtually nothing.

Wonder Clicks in particular has spent maybe $100 on obtaining a large number of these fake testimonials, all the more to try and make it seem like what they are pushing is legitimate.

Lie 8

All of the members made profits did they? Well how can they when they are paid actors?!

Lie 9

The next lie is the consistent claim that you can make over $1000 per day. This flies in the face of their terms which state “No express or implied guarantees of income are made by WonderClicks”.

Their implied guarantees then can’t be believed because they state no implied guarantees!

The Wonder Clicks Video

The video follows much of the same style as the sales pitch. Once the testimonials are passed it shows how their specific system generates money. The system uses what are called signals, which are computer generated prompts as to whether the Binary Option will go up or down.

The first problem is that no Binary Option affiliate like this will generate a system like this; it costs too much for what is effectively a useless system. Yes, that’s the second issue; bot software like this doesn’t work. Trading is part science and part art, and that’s on a long term trade, it’s impossible to detect how short term trades of 5 minutes or less will play out.

All the bot software does is look at the history and looks for the rough trend of up or down and suggests that. You can do that yourself and no doubt with higher accuracy as the bot doesn’t “think” or understand the trends.

Wonder Clicks changes the standard game up by saying that you can use their software in exchange for a testimonial, like the other testimonials you saw. It’s a shame those other ones were fake.

It states you will need to become a paid subscriber after 60 days, and while I won’t be testing this, if they do enforce it I’d be surprised.

More likely you will have lost a bunch of money by that time and quit!

Signing up to Wonder Clicks

As suspected, once you hand over your email (in order for them to spam you to death, you are sent to another page where you need to sign up to the broker.

This is yet another professional but fake page. For example the “expert trader” Jacob Mitchell must be so embarrassed to put his name to this, they used a stock photo instead. They also don’t say who he works for or link to his own or company website. This does not induce trust!

wonder clicks expert trader

Binary Options made this expert trader resort to using his body for stock photographs
Screenshot from fotolia.com

After that you are simply pushed to the broker’s website, so you can deposit money and make the Binary Options affiliates day.

It’s possible that you are then redirected to a Wonder Clicks member’s area, but I wasn’t going to lose $250.

Let’s face it, after all of those lies, would YOU hand over $250 bucks?

The Bottom Line

This is a scam, pure and simple. Even if there is “software” at the other end, it is not going to be revolutionary, but rather basic signals software, which is about as effective as letting your cat chose for you.

Save your time and save your money and avoid Wonder Clicks.

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