Images sell; there is no doubt about that.

When was the last time you looked at a paragraph of text (without reading it) and thought “I want it now!!”.

Never, but I bet you have done that when you looked at a picture!

People are visual and can process much more information from a single image than they can from a paragraph of text. Because of that, images sell!

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Why is it then that we keep images on the side-line, merely as an afterthought to a blog post or something shoved in the middle to break up a wall of text? It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate marketer or you create your own products. If what you sell is visual, you can benefit from having a theme that helps bring your images to the fore and to life.

After all, an image is a powerful pre-seller helping to whet your visitors’ appetites for the product.

Photographer or camera sales man, these premium WordPress photography themes will also help you stand out from the crowd. Whoa hang on one second! These are all premium themes? You mean these will cost me? Of course! Premium (in general) equals quality and all of the following themes simply exude quality. Plus at around $40-$80 they won’t exactly break the bank!

1. Essenza

Essenza Theme

The essence of something good, this beautiful little responsive theme consists of a grid like layout, AJAX powered loading and a generous amount of screen space devoted to imagery.

2. Gleam

Gleam Theme

Using a full screen background, Gleam from Elegant Themes puts its focus on the front screen portfolio.

3. Invictus

Invictus Theme

Full screen and fully responsive, Invictus boasts an easy to use yet powerful options system. It can also intermingle full screen video. Think of it like a giant quality slider with a website on top.

4. Photo Artist

Photo Artist Theme

Another full screen offering, this time from Theme Fuse, Photo Artist has a lot of features packed into it, yet still manages to keep the menus and content secondary to the images.

5. Agera

Agera Theme

An easy to understand, full screen and responsive theme, it’s based on a grid layout and keeps the images at the forefront even in the blog layout.

6. ePix

ePix Theme

I love the automatic zoom feature on this theme, it is really subtle but also helps draw a person in to the images on show. It comes with a full screen option, responsive, integrated videos and with a variety of skins and options, including hiding the menu for maximum immersion.

7. Focal

Focal Theme

Full screen homepage, with grid layout gallery and responsiveness built in. Made with photographers in mind, this is one to check out.

8. Glare

Glare Theme

Glare is a responsive theme, with two home page layouts. It also includes a full screen background, slider, shortcodes and columns.

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9. Deep Focus

Deep Focus Theme

Another offering by the excellent Elegant Themes, Deep Focus uses modal boxes to put an emphasis on the images.

10. Keres

Keres Theme

A full featured theme, combining a full screen slideshow with a subtle yet stylish navigation menu. The full screen slideshow is in use throughout the site including on the blog.

11. Mercurial

Mercurial Theme

A one page parallax theme that makes great use of its gallery, bringing the images into an almost distraction free mode.

12. Tripod

Tripod Theme

My personal favourite of the bunch, Tripod features a very clean Pinterest style layout with what I can only describe as a “wobbly” hover.

13. James 2.0

James Theme

Featuring a clever navigation system where you can go sideways as well as down, James is a brilliant theme for showcasing your photos.

14. Photocrati

Photocrati Theme

Billing itself as “The Rockstar WordPress Theme for Photographers”, James 2.0 certainly boasts a large number of features, including over 40 different designs that can be installed with the click of a button.

What’s your favorite?

Is your favourite photography or image focused theme not here? Let me know all about it in the comments!

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