Here are a few things I’ve heard recently that have been bothering me. I just need to get them off my chest before I go crazy.

“How dare you recommend a program that costs money. You’re a scammer. I’m telling EVERYONE!”

As of today, there have been 611 posts written at I’ve Tried That. Nearly all of them have been warnings against a particular program or “job offer.” There have been thousands of comments posted by random visitors thanking me for saving them money, and I’ve received countless emails expressing gratitude for the work I’ve done with the blog. But, I make one positive recommendation on a program that costs money and I instantly get called a scammer.

When I make a positive recommendation, it’s because I’ve personally tried the program and found it to be worthwhile. I never make a recommendation just to make a quick buck. The latest program that’s been getting me a lot of flak is Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve used their teachings to build a successful online career so of course I’m going to give them a thumbs up. Why wouldn’t I? They’ve personally helped me get to where I am today and I share with you guys my story what has worked for me. I’m not holding a gun to your head saying spend your money and join right now. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. But don’t email me and personally threaten and harass me because I give one positive recommendation.

“We don’t want this secret to get out!!!”

This is a sales tactic I’ve seen popping up a lot more frequently these days. The owner of the program states over and over that he or she does not want this secret available to the “general public” but anyone is free to sign up and watch their ultra-secret hidden underground videos or webinars.

It’s just annoying. If you don’t want your information out there, then why are you holding a free webinar in which you reveal said information you want to keep private?

“I know you said that ALL CHECK PROCESSING jobs are scams, but these guys are offering me $500 a day to process checks! Is this real?”

Of course it’s not real.

You explicitly state that you’re reading my advice, but then throw it out the window. I had someone email me the above quote. Even after I responded saying not to do it, they wrote back saying they were going to try it out anyway. I love you guys, and I promise I have your best interests at heart.

“Sir, please get out of the ball pit. You’re much too tall.”

I was just looking for my keys, I swear.

How did they get in there, you ask?

Uhh, well, you see…

I threw them in.

Fun fact: you’re never too old to have fun in a ball pit. I’m going to open a national chain of ball pits for adults. If you’re interested in investing in a franchise opportunity, please send me an email. Tons of fun guaranteed.

Well, that’s all of them.

And I feel better.

Thanks for listening.

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  • Marilyn Rae
    Marilyn Rae

    Great information, your comments are always right on, I tried WA and although a good program, I was overwhelmed with info. Any comments on “Fast Track Cash” by Ewan Chia? I have read some reviews but feel that they are affiliates writing articles to promote the product. Thanks–

  • Deborah Young
    Deborah Young

    I really appreciate your website and everything i learn from it.Thanks.

  • mary

    I recommend you highly and Ed Solomon. I wait for your email eveyday. I could have got scammed so many times but I took your advise.

    I have two if you cna investicate One is Project Payday is it worth my time and the other is Anthony Morrison-wealthy affliliate

    Again thanks for your help

  • Sean

    Man I got kicked out of the ball pit on my seventh birthday because I was too tall! I think it’s just a scam to make tall people feel like jerks.

  • Jon

    Get it out of your system and move on, some people just cannot be helped or don’t want to be helped. It’s like blinders for some ,small minds thinks small. IF they actually read and understand what you’ve posted about programs-job offers it really explains what you’ve experienced while doing it.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Ann

    Hi Steve,

    I think any of us who’ve been scammed, and/or who’ve been around awhile realize that there is nothing wrong with steering searchers in a good and potentially profitable direction – after all who should we trust more than someone like you? And who more should we be happy to repay even slightly by enrolling in something you may be affiliated with?

    I value your opinions and recommendations (damn – I can never spell that!) about legitimate opps, and am grateful for your warnings about scams and possible scams.

    You helped those of us who were ripped off by Push Traffic and John Raygoza a few months back by publishing our stories – probably saved a few newbies the same fate. He’s still at it, but we’re still fighting. I’d be grateful if you could point people at my blog (website above)

    BTW, I registered at a site you recom… hm :D a site you named in your “Five Ways to Make Some Extra Side Cash (That Won’t Cost You Any Money First)” email and the “” one is great. Dunno about the others – haven’t tried them yet – but thanks!


  • Derek

    I stumbled across your site looking for reviews of various pay-for-survey companies, and, when you posted the Wealthy Affiliate article, I have to admit that I became suspicious. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on the internet where money is involved, and back-dating posts to make a blog look older than it is simply for credibility isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

    In any case, I was glad to see this post to clear the air a bit.

  • Ken

    Hang in there – I think your site always has great info. And I checked out WA based on your recommendation and am happy I did. TONS of great info (but very overwhelming right now) and an awesome community more than willing to help you succeed. You don’t get something for nothing, people – those that continue to seek the fast buck while sitting on their a$$es will always whine and complain if they have to get off it AND make an investment. Keep up the good work.

  • Damie

    Thanks for the laugh, guy! Anyway, I’d never snark on you like that – I think you’re doing an awesome job sifting through all the crap, and recommending the good stuff, free or not. Don’t listen to the haters, there are still many of us who think you rock.

  • Eddy Salomon
    Eddy Salomon

    Brother, you’re preaching to the choir. I go through it all the time on my site. But I blame a lot of other related sites and past experiences for the hate you get about recommending things that cost money. Too often there are certain bloggers and webmasters that make the blanket comment: “If it cost money it’s a scam!”. The warning should actually be that no job should cost you money. Because there are a lot of legitimate circumstances when you may need to invest money such as a business, training, etc. But I think it’s just mental laziness just to say everything related to making money that requires a fee is a scam.

    The other thing we must all realize is that there are so many shady and half ass products, opportunities and scams out there that so many people run into. So by the time they may visit a legitimate site like you have here, they’re jaded. They assume we’re all out to get them. They fail to actually read through your posts. Because if they did, they would see you’ve actually worked hard to provide them value via scam warnings and providing legitimate recommendations.

    It’s very annoying but fortunately what makes it tolerable is when you get overwhelming feedback from your loyal supporters who thank you for your work. So focus on that. In the past I use to try to respond to such ridiculous emails about being a scammer. But I realized it cost me too much energy and it was better to store those emails in my special folder called the trash bin. Take a page from me and try that. I find it to be very relaxing. lol

    Keep up the good work as always.

  • Citizen Roe
    Citizen Roe

    Sorry to hear about the hassle you’re getting over Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I tried WA. I found that it is quality program with a site overflowing with excellent resources. I decided I did not want to pursue the affiliate marketing approach at the time, so I withdrew. I would, however, definitely recommend it to anyone. The cost is reasonable especially considering what you can get out of it. I continue to work slowly to build my own web presence and will probably jump back into WA sometime in the future.

    An important thing all of us have to learn is that our progress is our own. Some people blaze through and get huge, and some of us move methodically and steady. When I’m ready to set things on fire… that’s when I’ll be ready to rejoin Wealthy Affiliate again. For now, I like my pace.

    Your site has become one of my favorite places. You give a knowledgeable review of what is out there and I have confidence in your information. Plus, you’re entertaining! :)

    Keep up the good work, Steve!

  • Davia

    I agree with everything you said. People do need to be a bit smarter and realize that if they can trust all your warnings, then they can trust your recommendations too, and that the word all means ALL, not all but the $500 one.
    And yeah, the whole ‘secret info’ thing annoys me too.

    And I claim Florida for the ball pits!! I love ball pits so much…I once through my empty wallet in so I could go in after it…I got some weird looks for sure ^_^

  • Steve

    Thanks for the comments guys.

    Always good to have a little positive reinforcement.

  • Eliz

    Good post. I understand your frustration.

    People should realize good programs cost money. I agree Wealthy Affiliate has excellent training, besides it’s not that much money.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Nicole Khairullah
    Nicole Khairullah

    Keep up the good work… Some of us trust and listen to what you are saying. Thank you for all your hard work~ I’m sure you’ve saved people thousands, if not more!!!

  • Luke Wootton
    Luke Wootton

    Man, you have hit the nail on the head with your website, the haters can preach to someone else. You have taken the time out to make something great, and if they cant see that they are blind. I am also trying something similar, looks like I better get ready for the flak. Hope to see you at the WA convention this year , or the next if I don’t make this one. Hope to be just like you when I grow up lol, and yes the ball pit rulz!

  • Didge

    I’ve only spent a short time on your site and have seen a honest trustworthy approach and attitude by you Steve and welcome to read what you say and the other visitors comments I am brainstorming some ideas I have and this site offers some real soup you can put your fork in and gives you confidence to follow your gut feeling. Keep up the good work .From one that did send you an email on Wealthy Affiliate on how you can be” taller” ??? hypothetical situation after one has been caught cheers Didge

  • Gabby

    Thanks, Steve. I needed the comedy relief. Here’s my favorite quote in response to 1 and 3: “I’d be nicer if you were smarter.”

    You show a great deal of respect to your readers and it would be nice if all of your readers would do the same for you. You do a good thing. Don’t let anyone make you forget it.

    Check out Bouncing Bears if you like ball pits. You might have to borrow a kid, but adults play too. If you still want the franchise, I call dibs on the Alaska territory!

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