Wealthy Affiliate has recently upgraded their entire system providing its users with a whole lot more in terms of usability. The entire site has been restructured and remodeled and plenty of new feature have been thrown into the mix. Wealthy Affiliate still reigns king as our number one most recommended program for beginners.

New Features

Wealthy Affiliate has been our number one recommendation to beginners looking to make money from home and with good reason too. Wealthy Affiliate has the single best online training I’ve found since launching my online career. I’ve been able to work full-time from home thanks to the methods and teachings behind Wealthy Affiliate.

In addition to personal one-on-one training and the best customer support I’ve seen any online program offer, Wealthy Affiliate has made a number of recent upgrades to their system. Some of these upgrades include a better training system with 8 different Internet marketing categories, brand new keyword research tools, interface updates and changes, and a whole collection of networking tools to keep you in contact with the creators of the program as well as the thousands of others members. These are just a few of the changes I’ve noticed thus far. I’m sure there are many more yet to be discovered.

Limited Two Week Bonus

As an incentive to join, the creators behind Wealthy Affiliate have decided to give away two of their highly-valued books away to new members. The books retail between $67-$77 and will be a great addition to your membership.

There are three books for you to choose from. They include:

  1. Beating Adwords – Our most popular and highly acclaimed and popular e-book focusing on conquering the worlds most profitable Pay-per-click network, Google Adwords.
  2. Inside The List – Focusing on our techniques, strategies, and secrets of building a thriving online business through email marketing. Every successful Internet marketer knows that there is huge power in building a list.
  3. Who Loves Money – How to start-up a successful Internet Marketing business without investing a penny into driving potential customers. This e-book is for people on a shoestring budget, no seed money required!

My personal suggestion is to grab a copy of Who Loves Money as I find it’s the best book for beginners and will compliment your Wealthy Affiliate membership rather nicely.

In addition to the book of your choice, every new member will be given a copy of Vegas Confidential, which is described as a “Step inside the minds of 5 highly successful WA Super Affiliates. Access our raw personal notes, strategies, and techniques as discussed during our annual Super Affiliate conference in Las Vegas 2009!”

Finally, the free book offer is only available for the next two weeks. Members signing up on October 1st will have to pay to gain access to these materials. Sign up today to ensure you gain free access to some of the best material on the web.

The Best $1 You Ever Spent

Finally, you can gain full access to Wealthy Affiliate for just $1. One measly dollar will grant you full access to the entire program and forum for an entire week. If at any time during your trial membership, you decide you don’t like the program, you can cancel your account and forget all about Wealthy Affiliate.

I do have one piece of advice for you should you sign up for the trial membership. Treat your trial membership as if you paid for a full monthly membership. This means that you need to read as much material as you can, get active in the forums, and soak up as much information as possible. Wealthy Affiliate is the best resource I’ve found online and I suggest you do not take your trial membership lightly.

That’s it for now. Click here to join the Wealthy Affiliate. Once you have your account setup you can add me as a friend and find me on the forums. I post under the user name IveTriedThat and will gladly assist you in any way possible.

See you around Wealthy Affiliate!


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  • Zon

    All this online marketing is grossly overrated by the promotional hype and BS. Too much competition makes you like a dog chasing it’s tail. To achieve anything you need to be working at the computer every waking moment, and eliminate your social life. It’s necessary to spend money advertising offline to get people to look at your website. If you can’t even get a 1% conversion rate it’s a lost cause. It doesn’t matter if you pay thousands for coaching, it won’t make much difference if you have no money left for advertising.

  • Will

    I would like to know if anyone else is successful with this program. I already tried Niche Blitzkrieg and lost over $100.

  • Steve


    I believe Vegas Confidential comes with the $1 subscription and the book you select will be given to you after you sign for a monthly membership.

  • Brad

    Hey guys,

    Do the two books come with the $1 trial? Or do you need to sign up for the full $40 monthly to get them? I’m sure other people are wondering this as well.


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