I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sales page so full of lies.

I bet you can already take a guess as to which direction this review is heading. But honestly, this one takes the cake. The sales page is full of inaccurate misleadings. After reviewing the actual product, I went back to see if I could find any truth on the sales page. I did find one little tiny nugget of truth, but it was buried within the “Earnings Disclaimer.”

Do you want to know the only little piece of truth I found?

“In fact, you may lose money.”

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My Zero Cost Commissions Review

Okay, so the entire sales page is a pitch about the Zero Cost Commissions software and how it uses a “loophole” to generate content and traffic for you, runs completely on autopilot, and takes 15 minutes to start making money you thousands of dollars per day without costing you any additional money.

What you’ll ACTUALLY get is an outdated guide to affiliate marketing filled with poor advice and a crappy piece of software that helps you write “reviews” for programs. The only real automation here is that the software will put your article online AFTER you write the entire thing. It’s entirely up to you to get visitors to come to your site, despite the sales pitch claiming “Literally ‘write your own check’ with ‘point and click’ software that siphons FREE traffic and directs it straight to your affiliate offer!” And yes, that is a direct quote from the site.

The lies don’t stop there however.

Let’s continue, starting with the name. ZERO COST Commissions. When you see something with ZERO COST in the name, would you expect to have to spend more money? No! You’d expect no more costs, right? WRONG. Here are just a few additional things you’ll have to pay money for: domain names, web hosting, TRAFFIC, list software, and link exchanges. There is one tiny section regarding how to generate “free” traffic, but it uses all the methods the sales page says you’ll never have to use. Go figure.

Next, we have the claim that the software is completely automated and there is no manual work required on your part. OF COURSE this is bullshit. It takes a bit more than sending some random guy $37 online to make millions of dollars. You need to do research, spend money to setup websites and on products to review, WRITE ARTICLES, publish them, write more articles to bring in traffic, and so much more. Seriously the only automation here is that the software takes what you wrote and puts it online. That is it.

How about the “the never-before revealed LOOPHOLE” that’s plastered all over the sales page? Well, there’s ZERO mention of any type of secret or loophole within the software or affiliate guide. Color me surprised.

I can keep going and continue to rip apart the sales page and this product, but I think you get the point.

The ONLY redeeming factor of Zero Cost Commissions is the fact that they use Clickbank to process their payments. Clickbank offers an unconditional 60-day guaranteed refund. All you have to do is click here to visit their customer support page, fill in your order information, and request a refund. It typically takes a few hours for them to process refunds. I highly suggest you do this if you gave these guys any money at all.

The Bottom Line

I LOVE affiliate marketing and highly recommend it to anyone interested in making money online. BUT, it’s guys like these that give false expectations about affiliate marketing by coating it with lies. There’s nothing easy about it. I work my ass off full-time to be successful at affiliate marketing. There’s no magic piece of software that’s going to make you millions of dollars so don’t buy into the hype!

If affiliate marketing is something you’re interested in, you need proper, up-to-date training. I personally recommend Michael Brown’s Niche Blitzkrieg class. It’s a great introduction to affiliate marketing targeted towards beginners. Michael spends his time developing quality training materials instead of building up hype filled lies about his program. I highly recommend you check it out.

Oh, and stay far, far away from Paul Liburd, Antonio Giuditta, and Zero Cost Commissions.

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  • Ian

    I wasn’t sure if i was doing something wrong or not, with these rip merchants. I managed to get through to them one time, but they seem to be just “having a laugh” at our expense. Unless they are a legitamate company and are not letting us access the tools we need by keeping them, like a Child with a new toy and being situated in the middle of the desert over in ‘Texas’ they probably think they are sitting on a ‘Gold mine’ with the amount of trusting people pouring money into some fat, Cigar, smoking Crabtree salesmans pocket. They need a boot up the eighties to get them motivated in the area of human efforts, in the fight against nervous tension.

  • jerry sparks
    jerry sparks

    my question is the same as gary’s above.
    what about “traffic siphon”?

  • Gary

    This sounds very similar to Traffic Siphon by Andrew X and George Brown. Is it the same thing?

  • Rick

    Steve thanks for taking a look at this. I am not surprised by your findings however. I think I have told you before I am from the auto business and these IM marketers put the used car operations to shame when it comes to misleading and totally untruthful advertising. There are laws against this but apparently they do no apply to the internet for some unknown reason. I have come to realize the old adage about “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true” applies. The truth is, building an internet business is just like building any other (brick and mortar) type business. It is hard work, especially in the beginning. I have been hesitant to join up with NB because of another recommendation you have which is WA. From my own experience, I can say that is an operation that way over promises and WAY under delivers. I am going to order NB because I have come to believe Brown is the real deal much like only a couple of other guys that I have found. My only hesitancy on this NB thing is I am hoping Mike is using WordPress to build his mini-sites. You are such a big believer in WP that he probably is which would be great. Guess it is going to cost me $4.95 to find that out (and that is a good thing!) I will be ordering the NB product from you re-cast webinar on this post. Thanks again for your research on Zero Cost Commissions. Hopefully you got your money back! Rick A

  • erik

    Why are you talking away people hopes and dreams? ;) But for real these people are dishonest to the core

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