You know, they all said we would never make it in this industry. Voices echoed in my mind. “There’s too much competition.” “I’ve met pigs with better ideas, and they dressed better too.” “You’re downright crazy. SECURITY!” Weeks after weeks of presentations in front of venture capitalists had yielded no results. Joseph and I were weak and losing sight of our goal. We were both sick of sharing a single bed in a sleazy motel room. He assured me that the banging on the wall each night was from the neighbors redecorating. But I knew the truth and it wasn’t pretty.

Alas, one day our luck changed. I finally saved enough pocket change to buy a $1.00 scratch and win lottery ticket. I crept out of the motel while Joe was still showering (they last more than an hour and I don’t want to know what takes him so long) and quickly hurried to the convenience store on the corner. I was enticed with one last temptation: $1.00 hotdogs. My stomach was grumbling but my brain told my body otherwise. I marched up to the counter and demanded the first scratch and win ticket I saw. Thirty seconds later I was jumping with joy. I had won $8.00. We could now purchase our very own domain name at

And that is the true story of how this site began.

The site was founded on the idea of providing our readers with unbiased, honest reviews of various popular programs across the internet. While there are plenty of programs out there each week, it’s becoming a drain to post the same article with a different name. I mean, most of the programs we have been reviewing all share the same qualities and there are only so many synonyms for the word scam. So, with that in mind, we are going to add a bit more flavor to the site that you all should find very interesting. Keep in mind that program and product reviews will still be our main objective.

I have been a webmaster long enough to know a few things about this business. I’ve experienced not only the troubles but also the glory of running a website. I’ve tried that and there is a lot to learn about becoming a professional webmaster, and I plan on sharing my experiences with you.

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  • Sabrina's Money Matters
    Sabrina's Money Matters

    Spoken like a true guru….

    Can’t wait to see the new flava!

    Are ya’ll gonna wear big clocks around your necks like Flava Flav? LOL

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