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Secret Agents Wanted


One thing is becoming increasingly clear to me and Steve: two guys can’t keep up with the sheer volume of money-making and money-saving claims online. We can point out a scam here and there, or show you when one or two programs can’t deliver what they promise. But we’re just two guys against hundreds and hundreds of questionable characters, each one bent on taking your hard-earned money from you. So we need your help.

We are looking for a few internet-savvy readers who can help us check things out. Here’s how it works:

  • You send us a note telling us about the program you want to try.
  • We pay for it and sign you up.
  • You check out the program, try out the advice, and write up a review. (If you’re a good writer, you can do a guest post on I’ve Tried That. If you’d prefer, you can give us all your notes and we’ll write up the review for you.)
  • If it’s a scam, you’re not out any money.
  • If it’s a good deal, you pay us back for your entry fee and then the program membership (or whatever) is yours to keep. Get rich on us!

Is there a program that has intrigued you, but you just haven’t yet signed up? Become an I’ve Tried That Secret Agent! You can help put scammers out of business and might just make some money in the process. Note, however, that we won’t accept proposals for data entry jobs, programs already covered on I’ve Tried That, or programs whose URLs shout “SCAM!”

Contact us using the “Contact” link at the top of the page, and please include a link to your program’s Web site. We’ll choose a few winners and get you your Super Secret Spy Decoder Ring right away.

**Note: You must provide your own Super Secret Spy Trenchcoat.

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  1. Hi there guys (Joe and Steve) I take it by the notes that you’re looking to bust internet scams, which by all means is GREAT!!! I consider myself a tradesman but I’m not an idiot when it comes to the net either. My question is will you help me check out some of these home assembly programes or do you want strictly internet based business business (note I use the word internet business very loosley) I’m intrested in http://www.tinydetails.com making minitures. If you’re intrested in letting me try this as your “Secret Agent” then please e-mail me back.

  2. All right then !

    Here’s the link to the culprit: (he’s guilty until he proves his own innocence, I always say.)


    He seems harmless enough on the surface, and his intentions are APPARENTLY good. But I’m not the expert, so check him out.

    And No.1 on his list of recommendations, which is the one that WOULD BE fantastic, and I’m itching to find out if it truly works with as much clock-work precision as he claims, is this one:



  3. Great!

    Any special under-cover instructions, or decoder rings I should know about, before I “sing like a bird” & give you the link of the perp(s) in question?

    And do I get a bullet-proof Aston Martin Convertible like 007’s?

    1. No, but we could maybe manage the pen that fires tranquilizer darts. Well, a pen. We could manage a pen.

  4. Yes, we are, Al. Let us know what you have in mind.

  5. Hi Guys:

    Are you still offering the opportunity for “Secret Agents?” If so, I do have a couple of different “opportunities” in mind I would like to help me check out. One is being touted as “New” & practically guaranteed to be legit. by a third party who does the same type of screening & recommendations you do. And like your Site, he doesn’t charge for the advise, nor tries to sell anything else.
    So please let me know A.S.A.P. if you’re still sponsoring the research.


  6. I just lost my totally legitimate work-from-home job. I would love to try out Project Payday for your site. I have good credentials and terrific grammar/spelling skills. Since losing my job a couple of days ago, I have time on my hands and no income, so anything you would offer me to try (that is legal) I would give my 100% effort.

  7. I would like to do the project payday thing like you said in the email.

  8. Joe, I can say that I’ve already tried that. Still have the links to the training program. It’s interesting to say the least. You can contact me via e-mail and I can tell you all the details or if you want all the details exposed then I can do that as well. I will say this it does require an investment to get started or you can sign up for two or three of their ad’s and get the free membership and training guide. The system runs off the Free Stuff ad’s that we find all over the place. The training guide consist of 3 different methods to collaborate with others in order to met the requirements for the free… TV or what ever. To do this you are consistently signing up for small trials or samples and either getting paid via another person who completes the requirements or you’re getting the free item, obviously you pay again for the shipping and some of the sites are quite cut throat, it can take several days/ weeks to get paid. Each time you complete an offer some form of money is needed from you, you must have a credit card and give the trials a legitimate go before canceling. Hope this helps, money can be made… not by me apparently but it can be done if you’re willing to have a bunch of small charges on your credit. A word of warning, be sure to read what it takes to complete an offer before you do one as some require instillation and full commitment on your end BEFORE you get credited for the offer and most certainly before you get paid, as in that $25 you get for the offer could wind up costing you more or less up front. Either way it’s going to cost you some thing so just be sure you have it to invest or throw around first. Hope this helps.

    Be smart and read all the small print before deciding, even if I help one person save their much needed money it’s worth it.

  9. Hi Steve,

    You may be getting this email twice…my computer or I should say my fingers slipped and away it went…but where I don`t know. Therefore, I apologize if you did receive the first one please ignore this one…..thanks!

    I am interested in trying out this opportunity (see below) and the only fee required is $35.00 for (so they say) a background search. I realize most **jobs** do require a background Security search so it did not surprise me. But…..when I researched this Company…as much as I know how (not computer savy) I see only negative comments (sorry, there was 1 positive and she worked their…so she says) and I did check with the BBB and it does have an Unsatisfactory rating but there was only 1 and it was resolved…so that is questionable as well.

    I realize your responses to becoming a Secret Agent are dated March 2008 therefore you may not be doing this anymore….I look forward to hearing from you. Please see opp below….thank you and Happy Holidays!


    Good Afternoon,

    Thanks for your interest in working from home as an independent contractor with Axis Global Client Referral Services.

    We would like to hire you as a remote contractor to work from home in the clerical, administrative or professional level phone support field! We have (23) internal job positions and literally thousand(s) of contract client referral positions available for immediate hire http://www.axisglobalclientreferralservices.com/internaljobs.html .

    Axis Global Client Referral Services is a leading professional outsourcing staffing agency that contract agents to work from home for various outsourcing clients throughout the world founded in 2001. We provide a wide range of telecommute employment services to applicants seeking viable employment from home.

    Our HR Department is contacting you to see if you are interested in working from your home office remotely with our firm or client referral jobs. Some of your job duties will include assistance in the clerical, data entry, customer service, telemarketing and other professional level jobs that are presently available for immediate hire.

    At Axis, we will give you several options to find viable employment with our company. As an independent contractor you can work with our company internally or we can refer you out to clients that hire agents to work from home.

    In addition, we have made it excessively easy to assist you with the best fit position to work remotely from home by using our reliable job resources. We have our telecommuting client referral job bank service available for new agents that come aboard with us to view thousand(s) of updated work at home jobs currently hiring remote contractors in various industries from home.

    New Agent Submission Employment Check List:

    1) Please send us a copy of your updated resume to axisglobalservices@sbcglobal.net


  10. […] insurance premium refunds? I’ve Tried That is about to find out. Or rather, one of our Secret Agents is about to find out. (Note to self: It’s hardly “secret” if you’re […]

  11. Yes, I want to apply to be a secret agent and provide you with all the scoop. Good or bad, and I understand that if I want to keep the service I will have to reimburse you guys for the money.

  12. Fany, are you applying to be a Secret Agent as explained above, or are you just asking us to check out the software and refund processing opportunity?

  13. Hi Joe, thanks for the response. I just went to the site and its up and running. Here is the link again. http://www.eaglesoftwareservices.com . The job is processing Mortgage refunds. Not rebates but actual refunds owed to people from HUD for insurance. Keep me poste, I defenitely want to know if this is true. I’ve found other numerous companies that do this and just a few negative comments but Im intrigued to know if this trully works.

  14. Fany, that software site has been down every time I’ve checked. How much is the software they’re advertising?

    I’m disappointed that our job search techniques led you to someone asking you for money, but glad you found some other leads. We still maintain that no legitimate job will ask you for money, so I’m interested in looking at what Eagle Software Services is about.

    What kind of job were you looking at when you were sent there?

  15. Hey Guys, I actually bumped into your site because I was doing research on the “Winning in the Cash Flow Business infomercial” and I am pleased to let you know that your site helped me make a decision on that. I did purchase your e-book, too and I found it to be extremely helpful. I have found really good job leads since and am actively sending my resume to a couple of companies. However, I replied to this one that I found on craigslist and they contacted me back but they are charging a fee for the software, thats what they state on their site, can you guys please help me on this one.. It sounds legit and I did some research on the HUD site and it states ; “Other “tracer” companies are legal. But they do not represent HUD, and they will charge you a fee. You do not have to use a tracer to get your refund, if you are owed one” the link to this answer is : http://www.hud.gov/faqs/faqworking.cfm. The program I want to try is http://www.eaglesoftwareservices.com. I did find some forums in which it states that some of these programs are legit and some that say this is a rip off selling you old lists from HUD. I could not locate anything on I’ve Tried That.. Pls Help

    Thanks in advance.
    Private Eye- Da Fanster

  16. Paul de Foiard-Brown says:

    Hi guys, there is a program I would like to try out. It was recommended by alot of peaple… we shall see. It is called http://www.twentyways.net 20 ways to make 100$ a day on the internet. Say the word and I am your man….

    Thanks for all that you do



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