[Disclaimer: If you know about government grants, and you know that you might qualify (for example, you know what it means to “write a grant”) this post is not for you. It’s for people who think “government grant” means “free, easy money.”]

I’m not sure it’s worth looking any deeper into this cesspool. Yes, various federal and state agencies give away money in certain cases. But NOT for any of the purposes below:

  • To help you pay bills
  • To cover daily living expenses
  • To start a small business
  • To help you expand a business
  • To supplement your income

Nevertheless, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of site advertising Exclusive! Free! Easy! information that can get the checks flowing to you in as little as a week.

The worst of these sites bundle up a bunch of trial memberships with your “free” CD, and then when you don’t cancel (because you didn’t read the fine print), your credit card or bank account is charged a recurring membership fee anywhere from $3.95 to $98!! And sometimes, more than one fee.

When you put in your credit card information, the fine print says something like this:

By submitting this form I am ordering a free trial membership to blah blah blah. I understand that the free trial will expire in 7 days and then my credit card will be charged $79.95 per month for as long as I do not cancel.

Yes, you should read the fine print. But the people who sell this crap shouldn’t hide the conditions in the fine print under big, colorful words that say “Free! Pay only 2.95 S&H!”

Here are just a few of the offending programs. We’ll add to the list as we hear about them:

  • Grant Danger (because billions of dollars in grants are “in danger” of being lost. Get it??)
  • Grant Every Day
  • Free Grant Toolbox
  • Grants For You Now (see the discussion going on over at Work at Home Truth blog about this one)

There ain’t not Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus. And no CD or Exclusive! membership site is going to get you government money. Stay away.

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  • Dan

    Marc: NO because the only reason that “grant sites” exist is to rip you off!

  • Marc Bormel
    Marc Bormel

    Are there any grant sites out there where you don’t have to pay a
    shipping and handling cost or monthly fee?

  • sara beth owens
    sara beth owens

    Thanks to you both. with times being tough, I read all the time your site and you keep us that are willing to work in CHECK. Beth

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