We love receiving emails from our readers. We really do. That’s why we prominently display the Email Us link at the top of each page. After all, if it wasn’t for your emails, we would have run out of things to review a long time ago. But lately, you guys have been slacking on your end and yes, I am pointing fingers here.

If you’re going to send us an email (and please do), here are some helpful guidelines to ensure that you get a response.

  1. Search first. We’ve reviewed a lot of websites over the years and we might have already taken a look at what you’re requesting. You can find the search box at the top of each page.
  2. Include as many details as possible. No, we aren’t asking for you personal information, but rather details on the program you’re asking us to review. Be sure to include important things such as the program name, program website, author name, and any other details you may already know.
  3. Use common sense. If the program or person is promising to teach you how to make a lot of money very quickly, it’s probably a scam. Ask yourself, if it was that easy, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? If everyone would be doing it, but they aren’t, it’s probably a waste of time.
  4. Read through our recommended programs first. We’re constantly keeping track and updating our recommended ways to make money from home. The list is completely free to access. Click here to check it out now.
  5. Use proper grammar. Please! Do you know how hard it is to read a four-page email that consists of just two run-on sentences and is littered with grammar mistakes? I’ll accept typos as they are easy to miss, but there’s no excuse not to have proper punctuation and capital letters.

I’ll close out this post with two example emails.

Bad Email:

what hav u herd about john smith he told me i could make 4 million dollars this year with profit cash explosion millioniare overnightmaker what do u think of this product when can i expect a review do a review now and send it to me so i kno i can become a millioniare thank you

Good Email:

Hi guys-

I received an email from John Smith behind “Become a Teleworker” at http://www.becomeateleworker.com/ and wanted to know if you had any opinion on the program or are willing to review it. It costs $40/month but John claims that he will mentor you and you will have a telecommuting job by the end of the first month. I’ve attached a copy of the original email for you guys.

Thanks you and have a good day,
Sophisticated Reader X

Send us email. We are always looking for new programs or products to review.

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  • Bill Slateritz
    Bill Slateritz

    There is an ad on your website about a program from Michael Vincent. It has all the earmarks of a scam. The sob story, the
    idea comes to him, eureka!! he’s found the holy grail!! The
    pictures of the cars, the homes, the yacht, on vacation with the
    kids, etc. there must be hundreds of these websites out there
    all hawking the same thing. I get emails from this guy all the
    time and have ignored them. since your website is devoted to
    truth, what do you know of this guy and his program and should I
    continue to ignore him and save any money?

    • Joe

      Bill, most ads on our site are generated by Google based on the keywords used on any given page. As a result, we get a lot of work-from-home related ads, many of which are scammy. We try to weed out the worst, but it’s impossible to keep up. The appearance of an ad in the Google ad block in no way implies we’ve looked at the program or recommend it.

  • Eddy

    Well that’s encouraging. I guess I’ll have to give this a try then.

  • Steve


    We’ve received a lot of emails since posting this and you won’t believe how much the quality has shot up. Do yourself a favor and post something similar.

  • Eddy

    Amen to that brother!
    I need to do a post like this on my blog.
    But people would probably skim through it
    or fail to read it & I’d be back at square 1.

    Reading informative articles from sources like this can help people
    work at home & avoid scams. But so many people don’t want to
    invest the time in reading but will give a scam artist $40. Go figure.


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