We can’t possibly keep tabs on every program or product out there. It’s just not realistic. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to review them all. That’s where you come in. You being the guy or gal who has given money away after reading a sales page with hopes of being rich. We want to hear your story and feature it on this blog.

What’s in it for you?

  • Our Book – If you write and submit a post, we’ll send you a free copy of our Complete Guide to Telecommuting as a thank you.
  • Exposure – Our blog is visited by thousands daily and nearly 2,000 people are subscribed to our email updates. Plenty of people will be able to enjoy your hard work.
  • Traffic – Every guest post you submit will, of course, be credited to you. Each post will be accompanied with a blurb about you and a link back to any website of your choice.
  • Satisfaction – By writing a post for I’ve Tried That, you’ll be helping others achieve their goals by offering advice on whether or not they should follow in your footsteps or stay far away from programs you’ve tried.
  • Praise – You will personally be thanked via email by both Joe and Steve for your hard work. Hand-written letters of appreciation are available upon request. Seriously.

So, the perks sound good right? I bet you’re now eager to spend your days writing articles for I’ve Tried That. Well, hold on a minute as we do have a few requirements that we would like you to follow.

  • Write your own story. Please don’t copy and paste another’s work. It won’t be accepted.
  • Write at least 300 words. You can write a lot more if you like, but please keep it above 300 words.
  • Write something relevant. Our blog is about the various methods of prospering online. Have you recently tried a product making such claims? Or joined a program that promised to make you rich in 30 days? We want to hear about it. Yes, you can stray from our usual topics (we do), but it might not get accepted.

I think that’s it for now. Fire up your keyboards and start writing. Submit any finished articles to Steve@IveTriedThat.com and I’ll keep you updated on the status of your post. If you have any questions, send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll be glad to answer them.

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  • krystal

    you have a link to extreme Millions Australia on your site… does that mean that you approve of their site? im confused as to how i can still find sites that are claiming to make unrealistic dollars on this site. please clarify for those of us, meaning me, that are not completly computer literate. I did notice that the link said adds by google, but do you give permission to put it there.

    • Joe

      Krystal, no, it doesn’t mean we approve of the site being advertised. Those ads are generated by Google based on keywords it sees on the page. So, unfortunately, when we make fun of unrealistic claims, you can sometimes see picture perfect examples of what we’re talking about in those ads.

  • Liz

    here is the number to call to cancel….888-705-1275

  • James Hagarty
    James Hagarty

    What happened to the Forum?
    Havent been able to get in for months!

  • MLDina

    That’s a great idea!!! Can’t wait to read some of those posts. I tried selling Electrolux appointments back in high school, not even the actual vacuums, but the repair appointments! Now that was something I would never do again.

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