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  • lourdy senatus
    lourdy senatus

    i want to know if libertyinternational is legitimate website to invest on. because i am really interested on their wowmobile services. Please PLease someone give advice thanks a million

  • Candy Statts
    Candy Statts

    I emailed Steve a couple of days ago regarding my blogs? They are Google right? Because Google took them down because they said they had spam. However, the only way you can buy off of my sites is if you click on the item or get it off of Google. I write a short artical about the product which brings it to my website or the company I am promoting. One was restored because they said it tested positive for spam even though there wasn’t any on it, and they were going to restore the other 3. This morning I went in and they took out the one they restored. They did not email me to let me know they were going to do it. They just did it. So all the work I did went up in smoke.

    And they refuse to communicate? What happened to Google? Is it Google or did I get involved with a spammer inadvertently.

    I should have signed up for Wealth Affiliates with Steve. I just didn’t have any money.

    What should I do?

  • ren

    very informative site and full of helpful ideas, especially regarding SCAMS! keep it up steve and everyone involved.!

  • fred

    “Who Else Wants To Copy & Paste Their Way To $4,356.86 Every Week From Home Using a Little-Known Internet Profit Loophole?!”

    …and If For Some Reason You Don’t Make Money I’ll Send You Up To $500!*

    From The Desk Of Jeff Powers
    Last Updated: February 13, 2010

  • fred

    “Who Else Wants To Copy & Paste Their Way To $4,356.86 Every Week From Home Using a Little-Known Internet Profit Loophole?!” is it a scam at $4.95

  • muhsin

    does anyone know anything about . Are they legit? I’ve gotten two emails to websites about making money in the last two days, and both sites happend to have their “trusted seal”. One site was getting paid to send emails, and the other was about the same thing. please mail to let me escape from these scams.

  • Joe

    Vivi and AJ, did you two see this post and Lee’s response in the comments section? You might be able to get some answers and satisfaction there.

  • Vivi


    Thank you so much for your response. I have canceled the credit card that I gave them. I also took screen prints of the screens I had to fill in to cancel. My credit card company told me that this would suffice to prove that I did cancel on time if they do try to submit the charges under the original authorization code they used to charge my card $1.

    Apparently, a lot of unscrupulous companies do that.


  • Aj

    I had a similar experience. They tell you Lee is delivering a special webinar–only he does it 15 days after you signed up for the 14 day trial.The phone number in the DVD case does NOT work. When you send questions to the support desk they give lame excuses why they can’t help you and actually ignore your how-to questions.

    When I canceled–according to their directions, through a support ticket–2 days before the trial expiration–the next day I got an email saying that wasn’t good enough I had to fill in some form–which I did. With still one day to go, even after I got their confirmation for my, cancelation and still less than 14 days–they billed me!
    I am reporting then to the Better Business Bureau and sending their cancelation confirmation to my bank.
    For someone who markets himself as being all about integrity–I See zero integrity for how he runs his business–a real shame as his info has value but no support.

  • Vivi

    I stumbled on what looks like another Scam that I wanted to share with everyone. The email originally came from:
    Kurt Chrisler (

    The email starts with:
    “In August 2009 Lee McIntyre held a two day workshop where he
    revealed the fastest way to build a $20,000 per month business from
    for a limited time you can get the recordings from this seminar for

    I have been trying to research Lee McIntyre’s Point and Click Coaching. Other websites that are part of this include:

    I have my browser set to NOT allow page redirects. So, when I click one of the links inside of their email, I have noticed that they try to redirect me to a page at I’m not sure how all these sites are connected, but you should all beware if you get an email from any of these domains.

    This is what happens when you click on the link for the “FREE” DVD. Of course, they want you to pay for shipping and handling of the DVDs. When you try to close the browser window, you get one of those annoying pop ups that says:
    “WAIT. If you want the digital version of DVDs, you can save the shipping cost by ‘investing’ 1 dollar for the log in details to access the online version.” Plus, I also get a 14day Free Trial to some other bogus stuff, which of course, I do need to send in a cancel if I chose not to continue after the trial.

    For a buck, I thought, what the heck. And, I used a credit card I rarely use that has a very small credit limit as well as a bogus email address that I set up to use for potential scams.

    After ‘investing’ the 1 dollar, you are served up a bunch more screens trying to get you to purchase things for hundreds of dollars. But you can bypass them and keep going through all the screens. Finally, at the last screen you are told that you will get the Log In information to your in box in 30 minutes with the subject “Here’s Your Log In Details…”. They do give you a link to their Support site in case you have a problem logging in. I opened a ticket on their support site letting them know that I had been waiting 2 hours and still no email with my Log In Details.

    I never did get that email I was expecting, but instead got a bunch of crap emails to this bogus email account.

    In researching their Support Knowledgebase, they do tell you how to cancel your subscription. But you need to read the Sales page to make sure you are within the time frame to cancel. Ironically, there is no Sales Page to go to.

    In looking at who registered all these domains, this is what I found:
    Administrative and Technical Contact is Fiona McIntyre with an email address of :
    Administrative and Technical Contact is Lee O’loughlin of Leafy New Media. The email address is :
    Administrative and Technical Contact is Lee O’loughlin of Leafy New Media. The email address is :
    Administrative and Technical Contact is Lee O’loughlin of Leafy New Media. The email address is :
    Private registration. Registrant is Infusionsoft Software.

    Private registration. Registrant is Chrisler Marketing, Inc.

    4 hours later and I never did receive that “Log In Details” email. Nor could I find the Sales page to stop the charges after the 14 day free trial. I guess I will be calling my bank tomorrow and stopping all charges and requesting a replacement credit card number.

    If anyone has any other information on these guys, please do share.

    Thank you,

  • richard

    I actually phoned the number someoneposed on here 1-888-705-1275 and the actully cancelled my membership , after the threat of Federal Gov’t Action. i even got the Customer Services Reps Name(April, ext437).
    I have a comfirmation number also abot the cancellation. Let’s just hope this works, will post again if I don’t get billed the 72.21USD. My Credit Card Company Fraud Dept. has already looked into it and reimbursed me,

  • Vivi

    Hi Steve,
    This is probably not worth the ebook for guest posting, but I did want to share something that I read on The Federal Trade Commission announced today that bloggers need to be up front on their blogs about getting paid or other reimbursement for reviewing products. The FTC wants bloggers to be fined up to $11,000 per blog entry if they do not disclose this information.

    Being new to blogging, I was not aware that bloggers actually wrote positive, bogus reviews in order to get free products or payment. Apparently, this is common practice and has many bloggers upset.

    I have provided the link above so anyone can read the full story and follow it if they chose to.

  • Jon

    Just an FYI ABCs 20/20 did do a news thing on Angela Penbrook-Angel Stevens last year and found out a guy owns this company from Newport Beach, CA , which they said the Federal govt was investigating. Some of us from this site and other sites helped ABC with as much info as we could, like the CA Attorney Generals Public Investigation Unit who I and others filed complaints on received letters back from them saying thank you for alerting us. But when ABC called them they stated they had no complaints or knew anything about this company, which was very frustrating to us. I actually sent Paul-Work at Home copies of my 2 letters that the CA Attorney Generals PIU dept. sent me on their letterhead with a PIU # and signed by an agent. This just seems to still be happening even with the numerous complaints from several states , Attorney Generals, BBB’s , etc etc.
    Is it because they keep changing names or what?
    Any of us starting a business has to register a business name,address with the county clerks office or Sect. of State , but these companies are not registered only one was found with the CA Sect. of State as an LLC (Make You Famous I believe it was) using an Irvine address but is not there anymore. The CA Sect. of State and the lawyer who did the paperwork to get an LLC also would not divulge any information to ABC 20/20 either.
    It’s gotta be some kind of loop hole that’s letting them continue their scheme under unregistered business names and false address’s.
    Just thought some people would want to know about this.

  • Jon

    On another note has anyone checked out this Robert G Allen / The Enlightened Millionaire Institute Real Estate seminars and other wealth opportunities? Every so often I get these in the mail with 2 Free tickets worth $2995.00 each and 4 people can get in to this training seminar for Real Estate buying and making $10,000-$20,000 in just 90 days. Buy houses in your area with no job, credit or money / buy excellent properties with none of your money / etc.
    From websearching these names it looks like this Robert G Allen guy is kinda like Angela Penbrook, moves from one company to another for years after so many complaints under one company name they move on to another.

  • Jon

    First off I have not been on this site for a while and gotta say it has really changed into something great.
    When I was layed off I was online checking for jobs and ran across, Yahoo Hot Jobs and Monster looking for a legitimate job. I posted a resume with Careerbuilder & Hot Jobs only to receive nothing but scam-scheme-fraud(which I spent the better part of everyday looking for information on these companies sending job offers) job offers left and right, reported them to their security dept. and several other agencies and nothing was ever done to these scams-schemes-frauds. After some BBB complaints I actually received an email from Careerbuilder saying that they are not responsible for scams-schemes-frauds and it’s up to the people using their site to find out what’s a scam-scheme-fraud. I actually looked and read all rules/policies are on their site and never saw this posted anywhere on their site before signing up, but I also agree with what they said anybody receiving any job offer should check anything out first. With that said, I also believe that any legitimate company offering customers a product/service should check anything out before they advertise/offer it to anybody. They however don’t, come to find out their claim is there is too many calls coming in to check everyone , but have a dept. for after the fact situations of scams-schemes-frauds posted on their site. Isn’t that a little backwards? So basically as long as any company/person pays to advertise on your site they can put up any scam-scheme-fraud job posting. This is where I was contacted by Penbrook productions for rebate processing, which at the time this company didn’t show Angela Penbrooks name or had any ratings with the BBB or any other consumer agency. So I kept reading their site and it looked like something I could do and signed up, which is when I then found out it was one of Angela Penbrook Productions out of Irvine,CA. A quick search lead me to numerous complaints websites going back for years, I quickly felt a punch in the gut feeling and emailed for my 90-day money guarantee. No answer to several emails then I called and called only to receive Lie after Lie that we are processing your refund that never came, so days before my 90 days was up I called my credit card company faxed copies of my emails and their answers to them for proof. I was lucky and received my refund through the credit card company ,which after a few days they acknowledged their investigating dept actually has known about this Angela Penbrook Productions companies.
    I never paid for posting a resume on Careerbuilder or Hot Jobs but quickly asked for them to take my resume off their site and explained what kind of job offers I was receiving ,especially all of Angela Penbrook companies they still had advertised on their site. Which they said they would take my resume off but actually it was still on their site so I had to have help from the ChicagoBBB & LA BBB to actually get it removed. Then the emails/calls for representatives out of country jobs, we heard you were looking for a home business type jobs, since you filled out an application to our service/product type stuff was overwhelming everyday almost 40-70 emails/calls. First I forwarded some of them to the FCC, FTC, BBB, SEC , Attorney General ,which they all didn’t have any registered business names with any county clerks office-using mail pick up places as company address’s-etc. etc. Most stopped and then I recieved an email from HiringMax (Fountain Valley,CA) saying Careerbuilder gave me your info and I am posting your resume on our site for companies to view, you should also stop by one of our work fairs too. Checked this company out, no business registered by that name either with any LA/OC county clerks office for 2 different main offices listed on their website, plus they were using hotel work fairs address’s as one of their companies address, So I confronted Careerbuilder about them sending my resume info to HiringMax and was told by a manager they never did any such thing, then I confronted this Fred at HiringMax and he kept claiming CB sent him my info. I asked him how can that be when they said they never did any such thing and my resume was off their site for 2 months? Then he got really rude and long story short finally said he would take my info off their site, but after searching this company/person out more found Ripoff Report that had complaints from employees and customers that said he would send employees to other companies job fairs to get/sometimes steal peoples info from their lists. Also after my LA BBB complaint it showed this Fred guy claimed he was an employee/contact for this company and would respond back to complaints sent in for a manager/owner to reply back, so if he was only an employee why was he only responding to complaints. He also claimed to have 11 years experience in finding people jobs industry, placed several thousand people in well paying jobs, etc. Found out that he had 2 other car business’s registered during his so called 11 year job placement experience and a high percentage of customers never got a job through his company. Few months later the LA BBB took his name and contact number (which was his cell and home office number)off their posting for HiringMax and just have the Fountain Valley office number now.
    It was a nightmare with a vicious circle that I hope nobody else goes through looking for a job online, don’t get me wrong there are some legitimate jobs out there but BEWARE and check, double check things out like from this site, Paul-work at home and Ripoff Report. Most complaints posted are very helpful and give insight to what is really going on with these money making ooportunities. I eventually had to change my email and phone number to slow down the madness of unscrupulous telemarketing from mailing,warehouse lists being sold, and scam-scheme-fraud job offers. I do still get unwanted telemarketing and some other things, but not as bad as before.
    Don’t be shy to file legitimate complaints with the FCC, FTC, BBB on these schemes that is what they are there for consumers. One thing I did find out is that all recommended filling unwanted mail telemarketing with the Post Master General , only to be told to call this Direct Marketing Assoc. company and they could help with unwanted telemarketing. Well all agencies recommend this DMA co. , but DMA is also one of the companies who sell lists to telemarketers that numerous people are unaware their names are on. DMA charges you a small fee to take your name off lists being sold and tells telemarketers who have been sold lists not to send this person anything, beware you are told by these agencies DMA will help stop telemarketers but DMA says they can only slow it down not stop it all together. Which I really didn’t like because DMA has the market cornered they sell peoples info to telamrketers and recommended by consumer agecies only to charge a small fee to the people that they gave grief to by selling their info. I don’t have any credit cards in my name, fill anything out online or in any stores, don’t own a business so when I talked to DMA about where did they actually get my info from to sell on their lists they couldn’t answer. It would take them too many hours to search where they actually get peoples info from that they in fact sell to telemarketers. I didn’t pay any fees to this DMA , but I did send in numerous complaints and information I had about DMA to the FTC,FCC,SEC,BBB & DCA saying how come they recommend a company that sells lists to telemarketers , cannot stop what they actually started with the telemarketers but are told they can stop telemarketing? Which I have to say did slow down alot of the telemarketing after that, without paying their small fee.
    Thanks for letting me post Jon

  • Carolyn

    Thanks for the opportunity to post my complaint about a scam my sister fell victim to. Looking for extra income, she read a lengthy “infomercial” about a company called….”Home Job Placement”. It is some type of auction listing scam where you are suppose to list items for sale on Ebay.

    My sister is deaf and sometimes has difficulty understanding the way things are worded. Yes, she paid her $197 to become an “Agent” for “HJP”. I want everyone to know that IF they think this is a great way to earn extra money at home….think again. The only thing you will get is a charge on your credit card.

    There is no one to contact, no phone numbers or addresses listed, that I could find. I even tried to contact the company “Assured Pay” which is the company she paid her money through..I waited for over an hour and never had my call answered. (they do play some nice “waiting” music)

    Please if you read their propaganda and think it is a good program…do yourself a favor and read the very very small print at the bottom on the last page of the pitch from Jennifer Johnson….The first paragraph will tell you that results talked about in the testimonials are NOT typical. It goes on to state that “some individuals purchasing the program will make little to NO MONEY AT ALL” Etc.

    Do yourself a favor….get a magnifying glass and ALWAYS READ THE SMALL PRINT!!

    We are still working to get her money refunded through her credit card company. We have also filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office.

    I have one more warning about a scam that she received in the mail from “BMA” Mystery Shoppers”. They sent her a check in the amount of $2,996.00. She is to use this money to purchase items at several local stores and she is suppose to give her review and then keep the product. Two of the establishments she is to “mystery shop” are Western Union and “Money Gram Transfer”…She is suppose to call “BMA” and ask for a representative and they will give her instructions as to how to deposit the check. Thank goodness, we checked this one out at This is also an excellent website to find information on scams.

    I am glad I found your website as well and will be checking back often. Thanks again for the opportunity to tell our story.

    Most Sincerely,
    Carolyn Wills

  • isaac

    i like the quality info on this site!

  • Sam

    When I found myself a victim of this sluggish economy, I, too, was looking for an opportunity to prosper, or at least survive, financially. I had a pretty decent job as a supervisor in a warehouse facility. Then one day it all came crumbling down when it was announced that my facility was closing. I hadn’t even been in the job for a complete year. It was about 11 months and 1 week.
    Naturally, I was curious about online money-making opportunities. After what I’ve experienced thus far, I have a song to sing. That song is, “What kind of fool am I?” I invested in quite a few opportunities before I learned my lesson. I began to recognize a scam more easily when a request for money was made upfront. However, my most recent disappointment in finding a money-making opportunity was a little more elusive. This opportunity didn’t require any inital investment, so I said, “What the heck?”, and gave it a shot. 2 words……..”BIG MISTAKE”!!! This turned out to be the biggest hoax I have ever encountered in my life! The hoax’s name is “Magenta Service”. I thought since they were not asking for any money, they can’t get me. Well, they got me! The difference is that in the other so-called business ventures, my biggest loss was that intial investment. In this venture, my biggest loss is my credibility! Not only did I get contacted by the police. (That’s right……..the police!), I wasted 5 weeks of my time and gas expense running around picking up and delivering packages hoping I would see some compensation and I DIDN’T SEE ONE THIN DIME!! Conclusion……..Magenta Service is the BIGGEST SCAM I have ever run across. When I started asking when I was going to see my first paycheck, I was “conveniently” denied all further access.
    So, it turns out this was an illegitimate company trying to do illegitimate business and I was an illegitimate SUCKER!!!!
    Word to the wise, stay away from Magenta Service! Be extremely leery of online money-making opportunities. Check out the company on Google or BBB online! If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!!

  • erik

    does anyone know anything about . Are they legit? I’ve gotten two emails to websites about making money in the last two days, and both sites happend to have their “trusted seal”. One site was getting paid to send emails, and the other was about the same thing.

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  • Thierran

    Thanks for getting the word out on the processing rebate scams. Especially, the Diana Deangelo version.

  • SixSigma

    I just got off the phone with What really hooked me was there was a picture and a “testimonial” by a young lady from Niles, MI which is literally only 14 miles from my small city.

    I didn’t give them anything and contemplated calling them back until I saw your site. What threw me was that the telemarketer wouldn’t tell me who owned the company. exact words were “I’m not allowed to disclose the owner but I can tell you we’re powered by Google.” (At this point I’m supposed to believe it’s actually secretly owned by Google I suppose.) My response was, “Why should I disclose my credit card number when I don’t know who I’m giving it to?” In a coy way she blamed the misunderstanding on me and ended the conversation.

    Be careful folks, there are a lot wolves out there.

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