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Let’s Talk About You


We have been getting quite a few comments and email questions lately that make us wonder (in a good way). For example, Rich writes:

My friend sent me a link to “work at home recuiters”, you know “click here” – tried to read it all, decided to go bach and finish and guess what – site no longer exists, IE wouldn’t open it – error 404 – so i looked up the sender etc. and found your site, and Boy I’m glad I did. I feel like I owe you something for saving me $100. Only thing is I’m not sure how to get back to your site, I kinda a newbee who almost got scammed, thanks a lot I REALLY appreciate the “Heads up”! Rich

Now, Rich is so new that he doesn’t even have an email address yet, so I can’t reply directly to him.

We want to know more about your favorite subject: you. In fact, as far as this post is concerned, you are our favorite subject, too.

We think it is very important to stay in touch with our readers. We need to know what your concerns are so that we can provide information that is of the most value to you. (Within our little niche, of course. You want to know about Life, God, and The Meaning of Everything, we’re not your guys.)

Please help us get to know you by taking our survey, and even better, by adding comments about you. Tell us what you’re looking for and what your fears and successes are. We’ll pick some of our favorite ones and send you a free Guide to Telecommuting. So if you’d like one, state in your comment that you want to be considered.

Why are we doing this? Our goal is simple: turn I’ve Tried That into the best online source for the truth about making money from home while avoiding scams. That’s a tough goal because we have some good friends who are doing excellent work in that regard.

So please scroll down to take the survey. If you’re reading this in an email message or feed reader, click here to visit the page so that your survey will actually count.


Thank you!

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  1. I’m not sure if I have been scammed. Maybe I just didn’t give my best when i joined My-Data-Team.com. The training materials provided was just so overwhelming because its a long, long, long list of text and links and text and links. To cut it short, I followed it (not all of course because its so overwhelming, only the easy ones) but haven’t earned a cent. Actually I earned $20 for the unique documents which I own and submitted it to oboulo.com (in fairness to the program, it introduced me to oboulo but that’s all and nothing more). I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate (since June 2009). I tried article marketing but haven’t write a lot. I don’t own a website that’s why I can proceed with PPC at Google Adwords. I tried once but Google gave me a very low quality score because I used the feeder sites provided by WA. Kyle (you know him I’m sure) suggested I have my own website so I tried creating at Google Sites (I’m having a hard time creating at Site Rubix… ssshhh! don’t tell Kyle). Since I’m still not earning, I’m considering quitting at WA since I’m not getting any money to pay for the monthly membership. Although I learned a lot in WA, I’m still unsure of myself. If I could just have my website to start with. But if I’ll assess myself, I’m sure I’d be better off working for somebody else rather than having my own online business (but I still wish I could have my own).

  2. Marjorie E. Pannell says:

    I do not currently have a website. However, I am very interested in cash gifting. Are all cash gifting programs scams? And if so, tell me how do they actually scam someone? I have not joined any of these programs. Do I have to pay a fee to participate in this service?

    1. They’re all scams, Marjorie, and most of them are illegal. They scam you by saying if you gift enough cash and recruit enough people who also gift enough, you’ll eventually be at the top receiving money. They just don’t work that way.

  3. Vasant Agnihotri says:

    I have just completed your survey where I was asked whether I have ever been scammed and if so, give details in the comments section. I did pay 27 dollars for a program called Twitter Affiliate Cash but later reached the conclusion that it, probably is the easiest way to make one highly unpopular on Twitter. I have decided not to use it. Maybe I could have got my money back but I have not tried to do so. I have also tried Amazon Mechanical Turk and have made a small amount there. However, several of the tasks are open only to residents of USA and Canada and I live in India. I have a lot of time to spare and spend several hours a day surfing. I am not desperate about money but am definitely looking at the possibility of making some money while surfing.

  4. Hi Steve,just wanted to thank you for the information i try and read them all the only thing is that some time it so many i cant remember all .So i really have a question for you?Is there a way I can go back to a list and type the companies name in and find out about them?I have been scammed so far and I want to keep it that way. When you have time please check out this job for stapling booklets at myweb.ecomplanet.com/ANDR7012/ just for 10.00 to 13.00 dollars to start to get supplies

  5. Bonnie (Barney) says:

    I have been scammed by more than one site. I have paid money for programs that offered nothing promise. Fortunately, I have never spent much money (example $39.95). I have also done online work I have never been paid for and entered CC information in order to complete offers (for pay) only to not get paid and to have undetermined amounts of money automaticaly disappear from my CC account. The only thing that saved me from greater losses is that I was smart enough (gun shy) to only use a prepaid debit card, so that when the money was gone, there was no way they could continue charging me for nonsense. I simply did not put any more money of the card. Had I not done that, it would have probably gone into the $1,000s rather than just a few hundred.

  6. Cass *aka* 'Coppertantrum' says:

    I LOVE your newsletter! I have been receiving it for months. It all started with my co-workers niece needing part- time work from home while she was out on maternity.

    Being a recruiter myself, and inquisitive, I naturally started looking for work for her. EVERYONE knows that work from home jobs are scams! So I rolled up my sleeves and started there. That’s when I came across your site. I was relieved to find that only MOST are scams!

    Since then, our company has been slowly and painfully changing our corporate structure: LAY OFFS! There are only 3 of us left in our HR Office. I think I may be safe being the only recruiter for a 24/7 call center of about 450 representatives but my co-workers are stressed everyday. Who knows when the ax will fall again?!
    I have been asking them to sign up to receive your newsletter too. What’s to lose?

    Honestly, it’s depressing sitting across from applicants daily when I only have one entry level position to fill and EVERYONE is applying. I have met some great people who have amazing experience but I can’t hire them all!

    I myself have started with Wealthy Affiliate and am at the beginning of my 3rd week so I don’t have much to tell except that it isn’t a J.O.B. (which is what I WASN’T looking for). If I was filling for this position I would say someone who COULD succeed would be a self starter, who requires NO supervision, excellent analytical and problem solving skills, STRONG time management and a BURNING drive to succeed. Truth is not many of us have these skills which is why many people fail at ‘work from home’.

    It’s unfortunate too, because the incomes that truly COULD be obtained by this type of part time work could sustain us better than a full time J.O.B.

    At WA, I have found all of the tools that I need and step by step instructions to help me get started on the road to who- knows- where! I have found that the forums there are priceless!

    Anyway, that is how it started.. I am hoping to get a real hold on Internet Marketing and see some results. Trick is to treat it LIKE a J.O.B. Put in that commitment that you had on your first day at work! Like someone IS watching over your shoulder!

    Thanks so much for your site and newsletter. It’s like there really is hope out there. And if I can make it, I plan on using my resources to bring in a lot of very desperate people! Thanks again, words can’t express~ Cass

  7. There is a post from Steph wherein they say that they canceled the membership in Wealthy Affiliate. I die too as too found it overwhelming
    especially for a 73 year old as newbie. got my son-inLaw interested and
    joined Niche Blitzkrieg. Just joined this week so there is nothing to report.

    How about you steve and NB as you said you were going to post updates
    on your girlfriend’s experience with it. Haven’t seen it yet. You seemed to be pretty sold on NB. any comments?



  8. Hi Steve , I thank god for people like you. The 1st time I stumbled on your site it was after paying $49.95 for dataentrybusiness. Then I went on to losing $39 on this autopilot The fortune39. The people that hurt me are the q4success.co.za my South African people that I thought this is it . Their decision package (R265) those not tell you exactly what will you be doing. The next thing you find out you gonna be a Herbalife distributor , no problem. After going to the presentation you buy training pack (R800), after business pack (R700), comes the big part – to start earning as Superviser you must buy stock for (R29 0000. Really Steve I dont wanna sound ungrateful , but if I am looking for a money making opportunity where am I gonna get such an amount of money bcos in my country only high paid people can come up with that investment. And how can I buy stock before getting clients that are interested in my product. Now they said if you not happy about the whole program you can send it back within three months, I did send the DVD’s back but I haven’t heard any thing from Nico van Staden or get my money back, maybe I’m just too slow

  9. I’ve read every scam, bought into none. I used to read anything that I could read for free, in the hope of finding something that I could make money doing, but found myself overwhelmed, so I began spinning my wheels. Never getting started & always suspicious. After finding you guys, I realize that I was right. I have been working on Mechanical Turk, I’m a KGB Special Agent, I do a ton of surveys, & recently started with textbroker. All of that adds up to very little money, but it beats nothing. (okay, not by much, but it kind of beat nothing) Everytime I think that I want to do something, I freeze; Can I really do this? Am I throwing my money away? How can I have a nitch, a nitch of nothing is nothing! Will I stick with it? You’ve heard them all & I can keep going, with more doubts. I’ll move on something, some day; I know I will. I know that since I’ve found you guys, I really am starting to do things. I thank you for all that you do & yes I want your book, if possible.


  10. I agree..its a jungle out there and its nice to know there is a “safe place” to go for info or just vent!!! thanks guys!!

  11. I was scammed twice by two separate companies (I say companies loosely) The first was Angela penbrook, oh I fell for that one hard, and the second was typeinternational, I think that was the name, it was a few years ago, when I wasn’t as “scam” smart as I am now. I never got back my money from either company. I consider myself lucky that I didn’t lose anymore than I did. I was desperate and thought all the hype sounded great, it never dawned on me that it was a scam. But fortunately for us, your site is here where everyone can read all about the scummy, scamming companies out there.
    I want to personally say thank you to Steve of “I tried that”, you have saved me a lot of money, and made me a smarter job seeker. I would love to buy that ebook that you are telling us is so wonderful, and I’m sure it is, but money is tight right now, so I’ll keep on chugging along.
    Thanks again Steve!

  12. I, too, am so glad to have found your site, and appreciate the emails. I left a decent paying legal job to enjoy my kids! We are struggling without my income (so I now use the word “enjoy” loosely! I actually have a legitimate P/T job working from home, but it is only 1/4 of what I was making. I have been trying to figure out what else I’m going to do, that will be a good match for me. I haven’t yet tried any of your suggestions, yet. I have a few projects I need to finish b/f I will have the time to devote to something else. I would definitely be interested in your free Guide to Telecommuting. Again thank you so much for all of your information. It’s PRICELESS!

  13. Allison Ward says:

    Wow. Absolutely, Joe. Thanks for the invite! *curtseys*

  14. I’ve been learning about the whole “making money online” field sort of in my spare time for about four months now. I’m not in a real hurry, and haven’t signed up for any paid courses yet because I’m still learning lots from the free resources that are available and am not convinced I’d get much more out of a paid course.

    Your newsletter and site is one of the first resources I found, and I love what you guys are doing.The one observation I have so far, is that it seems like all the people offering these how to make money online courses are fairly tight-lipped about how they made their money. And now, they all seem to be making it by selling courses etc to teach others how to make money online.

    For you guys to be the best resource out there what I’d like to see is case studies of people who have made it. What’s their site, how did they do it, how do they keep it going, and what’s their advice.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks millions for everything you’ve already done.


  15. Edgar Scott-Davilla says:

    I was actually scammed by autionworks. it was a bear trying to cancel it, and after I did it,, I kept getting phone calls from extremely rude peiple trying to sell me more stuff. I am totally blind, and am ready for a change in my career. I don’t picture myself being tied to a desk all day. eventually, I would like to work for my self, I am not too keen about working for others. (smiles) I think your site is an invaluable resource to both vets and newbies alike, and that if it were not for your site, you would have a lot more people getting scammed. thank you for all the work you and the community are doing to sift through the junk.

  16. @Steve: Usually by the time I get around to requesting a refund the company has gone under. And when I say that, I mean about three days after I’ve figured out it was a scam. I’m a paitient person. I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. But after a while, it’s like “OK, I haven’t heard back from you. What’s going on?” Go back to the site to try to contact them, and BAM. The site is gone.

    @Joe: I’ve probably lost at least $2,000, if not more. I don’t like to estimate; for one thing I can’t really. I have wasted my money on so many scams. The funny thing is those people have my money and I have nothing, and this is how they make a living. Jumping from one hot offer to the next. I guess it doesn’t bother them that they’re making other people suffer.

    As for what I’m doing right now, you can check it out when you click on my name. It’s only one of the programs that I’m doing, and it’s the easiest because you can try it for 30 days without submitting any credit or debit card information whatsoever. They let you try it out first to decide if you want to keeping working it before you actually pay to do it. isn’t for everyone, mind you but currently it is working for me. I only work it perhaps 1 hour a day. It’s completely affordable, which is the best part.

  17. Thanks Joe…I am working on that problem with the site but cant seem to get it fixed…

  18. I purchased Niche Blitzkrieg and I LOVE it! My boyfriend told me that once I’m making $10 a day from my sites that he will purchase Wealthy Affiliate for me. He’s actually the one that found I’ve Tried That.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  19. I notice a few of you guys have said you’ve been scammed by an online program. Have you tried to get a refund? I’m coming to find out that a few people take an online loss as a “lesson” and then chalk the money up as gone. Don’t do this! If you bought a TV from Bestbuy, came home, plugged it in and it didn’t work, would you return it or try and learn a lesson from it?

    If you have lost money, but haven’t gotten a refund send us an email through our contact form with the company/program name and any other detail you can offer and I’ll personally look for refund information for you.

  20. The one thing that has kept me from buying into any of the money-making programs offered on the net is that success seems to be predicated upon promoting it through expensive Google ads. Many of the programs might actually work but I cannot afford the advertising costs.

    1. @ JHWhite: Yes, that can be a problem. However, advertising through Google ads is just one way of generating traffic. A good program should teach you about the other ways, many of which are free.

  21. Allison Ward says:

    I’m a former Charlotte Big Bank Executive Assistant who never recuperated from a 2005 lay off. Four years on I live with my mother, Charlotte’s unemployment rate is 13% and I’ll begin a 2yr community college program this fall if only someone will trust me enough to let me pay it off later. I have a knack for perceiving people, their motivations and non-verbal messages and love creative writing; especially about life. I think the internet is the perfect venue to explore incorporating these and other elements (called intellectual property for now) ;) ….into a blog.

    One might think the inherent desperation in the diary above would motivate me to every internet opportunity heretofore comboobalated online, but I have my scrolls.

    Never ever believe that which arrives unbidden. Never sign up for opportunities found ‘on the sidelines.’ Each one of those Sideline Adverts are moneymakers, But Not For You. They’re money makers For Those Who Seek You. When I see monthly income offers of 2K, 3K hell, 55K a month–the higher the figure, the funnier–I laugh and automatically wonder, “If so, what are they trolling to find ME for?”

    Ever hear of the Pinkerton’s, the J.P. Morgan’s or J.D. Rockefeller’s advertise in endless endeavours to recruit the every little guy possible to join their company WITH THEM so they too could make millions…? OK, I rest my case.

    Even with such a heavily cynical nature, I’ve Tried That’s no nonsense delivery, advocacy and selfless ideals are a blessing to me for the simple reason that knowing what to stay away from doesn’t help me know what to try. Now I’m a daily reader, consider what’s possible and not just impossible online and……when under construction, I’ll be inviting ITT to advise on the above idea too. ITT: U ROCK, Baby!

    1. Thanks, Allison. I like your moxy! Your “scrolls” are especially good. Would you care to add to the list and expand them into a full fledged ITT guest post? Contact me if you’re interested. joe[at]ivetriedthat[dot]com.

  22. I looked around for about three months on the internet and came close a couple of times, but there was a little bird saying not this one. So I started off simply with surveys as I continued my search and I finally found the perfect program for me. It’s about a gas, diesel fuel additive that’s amazing and the money is unbelievable. So I guees holding out until something feels right may pay off for people, all I know is that it did with me.But for me it was like it was there just designed for me since I’ve been working in gravel pits on the caterpillars and building race engines. A match made in heaven at the right time. So there is something out there legit if you take your time. I look forward to getting up in the morning and reading your latest, very interesting stuff. Thanks for all your info I probably should check into wealthy affiliates since you have been praising it for so long. Thank you, sincerely Gerald Blaustein.

    1. Gerald, is the fuel additive thing an online money maker? Or do you mean that selling it has become your regular job? I wonder if there would be a way to combine that with Niche Blitzkrieg (for example, by selling the additive through your own niche site).

  23. I started taking the wealthy affiliate course and I am pretty computer literate..but after a few weeks, it began to seem VERY overwhelming to me. I would go to the forums and felt very intimidated. I canceled my membership at around 7 weeks because I started feeling that I just didnt have the time to “concentrate” on it all ( I work full time and have 3 small children). I REALLY want to succeed at this but I am not sure how I should approach this business, there just seems to be SOO much more to it….or is it just me? Any Advice?

    1. I hear ya, Steph. There is a LOT of information. Did you start by following the 8-week Action Plan? (Read about it here.) I found that to be extreeeeemely helpful in the information overload problem.

      I like your site, greenforareason.com (check it out. folks). Very clean look. It’s not behaving very well for me in Chrome, though. For instance, once I click a link on the Index.html page, the link turns white and is unreadable.

      Sadly, Mom Made Organics are not available in my area. Bummer.

  24. I’ve been doing alright moneywise, but I dream of doing much more with my life than being in technical support until I croak and die. I’d like to travel abroad next year, yet on what I earn, that will never happen. Life has to be more than just making enough money to pay my bills and mortgage. So, I’ve been looking into making money online. If I made enough money online, I could quit my current job and take my new career with me.

    My current online “career” consists of a financial blog, Your Money and Debt, a single niche affiliate site called Gelato Maker (thanks to Niche Blitzkrieg, a business I originally read about here!), as well as consistent submissions to writing sites Associated Content, Textbroker, and Examiner. The money does come in, but way too slowly for my tastes. I know part of the problem is the 45+ hours I put in at my job. However, it still seems like there has to be a better way of making more cash online. So, I’m still looking (and hoping).

  25. jerry english says:

    When I got “riffed” in October, I took retirement and went on Social Security. I also took a 50K hit as a reduction in salary. Ouch, that hurt. I found a pile of crap on the internet for almost $100 and would you believe it, I never heard another word from them. Since then I have gotten hundreds on e-mails and I read some and then delete them all. I always try to pull up scam sites and it is amazing that even then some are advertised as scams and others say they made money with them. It is amazing that some come with 145,456 DVD,s, books, and etc. that are easy, they say and just watch them and let the money roll in. Welcome to never-never land. I watched the ABC news special which stated most all of them are scams. I have even tried paid e-mails and they are a joke. Who is Hailey Gates? I have not made any money and this housewife did not send me my $100 for not making money. I grow weary of being asked to try their offers. I am leery of them all. My delete button is being overworked. I cannot waste $49-99 just to try something that I cannot do. I am disgusted with it all. I love this website and I thank you for your service. I was so naive. One site said, pay us and we will make you a website and when it goes up, just sit back and watch you bank account grow. Joke, joke. If I try anything in the future, I will have to be convinced that it will be a winner. Even on winspinwin, 60% of the spins are duds. I have made $12 so far, in 3 months. I almost tried the secret millionaire, you know the guy with the big cigar and with his face blacked out but I found that he too was a crook. I blocked sender on his page. When will all his scamming end?????Thanx for letting me blow off steam

    1. @ Jerry: a 50k pay cut?! Holy! Thanks for sharing. You probably know this by now, but the reason some sites say Program x is a scam and others say they’ve made money with it is because the sites that claim they’ve made money with it are trying to sell it to you. That’s the dark side of affiliate marketing.

      @ Joanie: We posted information from an experienced transcriptionist in an informative article that you can read here. She said she would be happy to answer any questions. So post your questions in the comments section of that article and she should see it. If she doesn’t reply, let me know and I’ll find her email address for you.

      @ Kinya: Don’t be a tease! Aren’t you going to tell us what you found that you have hope for now? How much do you think you’ve lost over all these programs?

      @ John: Wicked Witch of the Internet! I like that. I might use it, so please don’t sic your copyright attorneys on me. I don’t know what Kevin Riley’s mmf’s are. It sounds vaguely like a kinky personal ad.

      @ Brad: Nicely done! I laughed out loud, and that’s rare. “Here are some good ones.” You’ve got to be kidding. If I were going to launch a Craigslist campaign (and I’m not), I would make the emails a helluva lot more effective. (Attn. readers: If you’re learning affiliate marketing from someone who told you to do that, get your money back.) Your book is on its way (assuming you gave us a valid email address. I mean, there is room for doubt. “Azure?” It’s almost too poetic to be real.)

  26. I don’t have a website, and probably never will. I just want to be a Medical Transcriptionist. Have finished a course at the local community college. But no one will even look at me. So now I’m taking another class thru Ashworth College. And still putting in resumes, do you guys have any connections with Transcription companies? The ones that I have contacted won’t do anything with “newbies” so I’m stuck. They want experience, but you all no the cliche, “how you going to get experience if no one will hire you”. Thanks


  27. You name it, I’ve tried it. I was duped by all kinds of google scams, craigslist scams, pay-per-click, cash gifting, affiliate marketing – all kinds of stuff. I’ve been trying to find a way to make money online for years that’s affordable and that’s just right for me. I think I’ve finally found something. Too bad it took me so long to get to this point. I wish I would have found your site earlier on in my search. It would have saved me so much financial heartache.

  28. When I first started looking for online work I signed up with the wicked witch of the Internet Angela Penbrook. I wasn’t so mad about getting scammed but I was REALLY upset with myself for not having googled her before I gave money.
    Now I have taken one suggestion from ivetriedthat and that is niche blitzkrieg.I like it but I am taking it slow. I am also working on Kevin Riley’s mmf’s.

  29. Oh, by the way, I still haven’t received any response from the Partner With Paul “support team”!

  30. My name is Brad and I’m struggling with making money online.

    Phew, that feels better. (polite clapping)

    My story begins when I was looking for another job since my customer/technical support job wasn’t working out. I went on Craigslist and, lo and behold, there was a position where I could make $xxx working only xx hours per week, and I could do it from home! Hot dog, I replied to the post and was sent a simple email with “here are some good ones” as the text, with four links included, and that was it (obviously they didn’t put much work into it). I clicked one, and wouldn’t you know it, I was taken to Partner With Paul. The ad copy and impressive screen shots almost had me whipping out my credit card, but I’m a little wiser than that, so I checked out the disclaimer, FAQ, and contact page. I sent a message to the “support team” who claimed that they would respond within 24-48 hours, and basically said that I was skeptical and wanted further information or proof. After a few hours I Googled “Partner With Paul” and stumbled onto this site, and I’m glad I did! I probably would have bought into the program if I hadn’t read about it here. Since that time I’ve been getting into internet affiliate marketing, with little success so far, but it’s mostly because I don’t have a lot of time to put into it these days. But I’m going to earn a living from it eventually, I’m sure of it — if thousands of other people have done it, with many of them being unfamiliar with the internet, then I can do it too. I’m just glad that I didn’t fall for the rebate processing/Google-link-posting/data entry/turn-on-the-computer-and-make-money scams.

    First comment gets a copy of the Ebook, right? Right? :)


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