As always, we’re looking for new programs to review. We generally like to receive requests on programs that we can try. This means, we like programs that make realistic claims. We want a program pitch that makes us wonder how quickly could we make our money back using their techniques, rather than how long will it take before we can get a refund.

Here’s a pretty good rule of thumb: if the presell page has pictures of mansions, Rolls Royces, and yachts, we don’t want to review it. No, you can’t make $8,000 per day sending emails. Yes, I’m positive it’s a scam. Fine, send away your $149.95, just don’t email us looking for reimbursement.

If you have something you think would be good for us to review, click here to submit a review request.


On the other hand, you may already be a member of program and would like to get the word out, whether it is good or bad. If you’d like to sing the praises of a particular program or warn others of a scam, you can submit a guest post to I’ve Tried that and we will feature your work, provide you with full credit, and send you a copy of our book, The Complete Guide to Telecommuting.

In addition to new program reviews, we’d like to feature your experiences with any program we suggest. We make recommendations and we sincerely want to know how they’re working for you. Let us know how you’re progressing and we’ll be glad to feature you on our site. As always, you’ll be given full credit for your story with a link back to a website of your choice and a copy of our book.

Interested in contributing to I’ve Tried That, click here to learn more about submitting a guest post.


Finally, I’ve been on vacation all week (Click here if you want to see where I’m currently writing this post from. I don’t suggest this if you’re sitting in a cubical.) and my review updates have been lacking. Nonetheless, I’m heading home on Saturday and will be resuming my updates as usual. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, be sure to submit stories of your own while you wait.

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  • Deborah

    Steve, you don’t play fair! Why did I have to click on your link to see where you are! I am not sitting in a cubical but am in front of my desktop checking my emails, appointments, to do lists and other mundane things which I now intend to blow off and head to my pool for the day and lose myself in a chick beach read.

    I believe you are holding out on us–you have found the perfect work at home MLM that does bring in $8,000.00 per day, and are not sharing this information. Must have been one of the Google for profits programs or perhaps the latest postcards money maker.

    Plus you don’t identify where you are which drives me crazy as it looks familiar. If I were to guess I would say it appears by the color of the water that you are on the Atlantic Ocean and perhaps the Caribbean. Based on how the trees are leaning I would guess Aruba with its trade winds or one of the leeward or windward islands.

    Hope you had a great time and you will have to let us know on Monday when you return!

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