In my first post reviewing Free Money Formula, I looked at the site itself and the information it presents, concluding that there’s plenty of good stuff there to learn for free. In this post, I’m paying more attention to the money-making system promoted by the site. My conclusion? I doubt they’re trying to rip you off, but there is reason to be careful.

In a nutshell
Simply stated, is setting out to build a large network of consumers that buy products or programs FMF is selling (presumably on commission). You make money by signing up to sell affiliate programs and products, and then driving traffic to your site (which FMF will help you set up). Here’s their pitch:

You send visitors to the Free Money Formula website with a special customized link. When these visitors sign up to join the free membership, you have locked for yourself THREE solid and proven ways to make money.

We will do the follow-up for you, without you having to lift a finger, helping you earn handsomely for ONE FULL YEAR (from the time each referred visitor signs up)!

The three “solid and proven” ways to make money are 1. A free link to an affiliate or other income-producing site of your choice, 2. Clickbank credit for 50% of your referrals’ purchases, and 3. Purchases your referrals make through direct emails. So, let’s see, you make money by [sshhh!] referring people and having them buy stuff! Revolutionary!

Ok, why “take care?”
A couple of things about the system are suspicious. First, there’s this:

Your customized link [which you receive when you sign onto the system] will contain your Clickbank ID, your Paypal email ID and a website of your choice (your own or affiliate link). When a visitor comes in to Free Money Formula through your link, details of your Clickbank ID, Paypal ID and your chosen website gets stored on his computer. And they stay there for one year from the date the visitor signs up.

Maybe this isn’t so bad. We’re just talking about cookies, right? But it could also mean adware that feeds popups to your referrals; there’s really no way to know.

The second suspicious part of the system is the “mandatory” toolbar. Download and install their toolbar and you can increase your productivity by 400%! Wow! I could be, like, four Joes! Does that mean I’ll make four times as much money? I could stay in bed while mini-Joe goes to work! I could leave maxi-Joe at home to impress my wife while I go to work! ;-) But wait, every enhancement device comes with a catch:

Here’s what you will get from the FMF Toolbar…

  • Instant access to an arsenal of marketing and webmasters tools – all the tools you will ever need for online marketing
  • Little known keyword amd market research tools
  • Get your latest marketing news and updates right in your browser – Be on the forefront of what’s working in the Internet marketing world
  • Get Free Money Formula site updates instantly and automatically
  • Direct access to secret resources mentioned in the FMF Ultimate C.A.S.H. Formula Video Tutorials
  • One click access to nifty online tools such as search box, dictionary, encyclopedia, finance/stocks etc, even your local weather in real-time!
  • Lifetime toolbar upgrades…delivered straight into your toolbar – hands-free and no need to uninstall/re-install

Sounds a lot like adware/spyware to me. I posted a comment in the Toolbar section of the site that said: “will you reveal your code or otherwise certify that this toolbar isn’t spyware/adware?” The comment was deleted. It’s either the next big thing (in which case I’ll kick Steve) or just new skin on an old skeleton. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose, but you do risk some privacy and maybe your computer’s security.

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  • Joe

    Hi Winston,
    Thanks for your response. A post incorporating your comments is now available.

  • Winston

    Hey Everyone,

    This is Winston here…Owner of the website you’re currently reviewing…

    I am not sure if you guys got the real idea behind this project….

    A few things to clarify
    1.) It is not MLM
    2.) Hell, it’s not Amway..and I have my thoughts about Amway too…
    3.) The toolbar helps internet entrepreneurs like me to be efficient…in which case..does not apply to everyone else…
    4.) And yes, the toolbar is spyware, adware..malware free…

    Perhaps i should tell u what we’re trying to accomplish at our website..which is not migrated to

    The Vision is to be able to level the playing ground to help people who are new or have no money to get started with their online ventures…

    That’s why we start with using free resources…
    It may not be the best(because it’s using free resources)…but it’s the best we know how..and we do our best and give out best….
    U should check out the membership thoroughly before u make any judgements …afterall you’re the one who is losing out…

    2ndly, since this website is about teaching people how to make a living online and unless there is any monetary transaction, how are you going to make a living…

    That’s when we introduce the concepts of affiliate marketing….

    Here’s how we reward our members for taking action and learning what we teach in the members area..

    When they refer their friends to learn from us…
    And if their friends get value…why not get paid for it?…afterall, it’s a valuable service we are providing..

    Plus, since the membership is for anyone…not everyone has money…but some do….
    and in the membership we recommend other tools that can help with their business(tools we use our selves)…and those who can afford to invest..will invest…and the ones that referred them will get paid….isn’t this helping everyone?

    A WIN WIN WIN situation…
    your friends WIN cos they get valuable coaching and lesson (not to mention VIDEO lessons we have to spend our time doing it..for free (and we make more money with out time doing our own business)..

    You WIN because your friends could be your potential JV partners…2 heads are better than 1..that’s why i work with Thomas….

    if you friends gets value…just like when you refer them to some store cos u find that they provide valuable services etc…

    And when they purchase additional stuffs from the get paid too…(again i must mention, that your friend got value upfront with all the toils of hard work videos i did for free…)
    I really maddens to me see unappreciative ppl around….I’d like to kick these ppl out of our membership….

    We WIN because we have given up front first…and because of that…we get not only satisfaction from the feedbank and testimonials from our members..(Check in the members area..) but when
    we recommend tools that can help speed up their progress..they will buy and we split the investment with our members who referred them…
    (However, we have not promoted stuffs yet as we are very selective and protective over our members)

    I hope I have helped you guys clarify it…
    and Joe..thanks for your honest review..but if you do not find our membership useful.pls let us know and we will be able to remove you…

  • Chris K.
    Chris K.

    Oh, no I mean they’ll be like Amway once goes to a pay site and starts reauiring referals and product purchases as part of the program.

  • Joe

    Is Amway (Quixtar now, isn’t it?) going to a paid site model? True confession: I was in Amway for a time. Bothered some innocent friends and family members who seem to have forgiven me.

  • Chris K.
    Chris K.

    Sounds like just another good ol’ online “AMWAY” to me (once they go pay site at least). however, looks like the site is having issues right now anyway. You now ironically resorts to a click-through marketing site admin login. I’m sure this is just the click-through marketing software will be using soon and is most likely just a temporary maintenance issue.

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