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Pittsburgh, PA

Penn State University
Bachelor of Information, Sciences, and Technology
Minor in Sociology

Scam reviews, putting claims to the test, helping people make money online

Steve Wrzeszczynski started ivetriedthat in 2007 from his college apartment. The goal was to weed through all of the bogus claims online and help connect those who were looking to make money from home with legitimate opportunities. It has been over 16 years now and he has successfully saved tens of millions of dollars from falling into the wrong hands.

Steve has worked closely with journalists, news agencies, and government departments to help shut down scams across the globe and save innocent people from wasting money they can’t afford to lose.

While ivetriedthat no longer solely focuses on exposing scams, Steve remains dedicated to his faithful readers and continues to provide real and legitimate resources to help them bring in a extra cash each month.

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