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What’s the Best Food Delivery Service to Work For?

Wondering which company is the best food delivery service to work for? From UberEats to DoorDash and specialty delivery platforms like Hello Fresh, it can be overwhelming to pick just one.

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I’ve went ahead and rounded up some of the biggest and outlined the pros and cons for you.

I can’t pick which one is the best, because what’s best for me might not be best for you.

So, let me handle the research and you find the food delivery app that best aligns with what you need.

10 Best Food Delivery Service to Work For

Here are 10 food delivery platforms you should check out:

1. Uber Eats

  • Potential earnings: $14 to $24 per hour
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you can rest whenever you want, open the app anytime and anywhere. Plus, there is no limit to the hours you want to drive.
  • Availability: Nationwide

Uber Eats is the most widely available food delivery service. If you’re already driving for Uber, this is a great opportunity to add to your earnings. It is seamlessly integrated to the Uber app.

Uber Eats accepts bike, car and scooter, delivery partners. Each of these rides has different requirements, but all riders should download the Uber app, upload documents (license, ID, criminal background check, insurance details, registration), pass the online test, and prepare an insulated delivery bag.

While Uber Eats does take a 25% commission on all orders, drivers get to earn 100% of customer tips, and earn from pickup and drop-off fees.

2. DoorDash

  • Potential earnings: $10 to $25 per hour, plus you get to keep all of your tips and peak-hour bonuses.
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you decide when, where, and how much you work.
  • Availability: Nationwide (about 4,000 cities)

DoorDash is the leader in online food delivery in the country. It is also the pioneer of this platform-to-consumer model.

DoorDash welcomes anyone applying to be a “Dasher,” who will deliver food by foot, bike or car.

If you pass the requirements (over 18, insured vehicle, clean driving record without 3+ accidents within the last 3 years), DoorDash gives you an activation kit that includes a prepaid debit card (for paying for food) and an insulated delivery bag.

3. Grubhub

Original aggregator in the US and with Seamless, controlled over 50 percent of US online food delivery up until 2018

  • Potential earnings: $12 to $15 an hour; Cashout up to $500 a day.
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you have the ability to schedule shifts in advance or drive whenever you’re available.
  • Availability: Nationwide, but drivers are limited to the delivery zone you’ve chosen at initial registration.

For a time, Grubhub has control of over 30% of online food delivery in the US. Today, while it now has plenty of competition, Grubhub continues to be a solid choice.

Grubhub accepts drivers with a bike or car, as long as they have a valid ID, license, insurance, and a working smartphone. You’ll need to be at least 19 years old (or 21+ if you live in Chicago or Las Vegas).

When accepted, drivers can easily see incoming gigs, including the pickup/drop-off address, the total amount (that will be paid to the driver), and the tip. This means the driver has more flexibility to accept or ignore a particular gig.

4. Postmates

  • Potential earnings: $12 to $18 an hour, plus about 20% tip per order.
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, couriers can work any time in any market
  • Availability: Nationwide

Since late 2019, Postmates is a subsidiary of Uber Eats. This means application to become a Postmates driver begins at the Uber Eats application page as well.

This company lets you deliver items (beyond food). Requirements include a valid driver’s license, a passed background check, and 18-year-old age.

Postmates allows you to earn more money for the miles that you drive and even on the time you spent waiting for orders ($0.10/minute) and picking up an order (extra $1 per order).

5. Caviar

  • Potential earnings: $20 to $28 per hour, plus 100% of the tips
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you get to choose your own working hours based on your availability.
  • Availability: Caviar is available in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Caviar is owned by DoorDash, so you can provide DoorDash services as well once you pass Caviar’s requirements.

Like DoorDash, potential earnings are displayed in advance, giving drivers the power to accept or reject the order with complete information. Drivers all get paid out instantly (instead of waiting for a minimum amount).

The only problem with Caviar is that although it lets you partner with higher-end restaurants across the country, it isn’t as widely available as the other food delivery companies on this list.

6. Pickup

  • Potential earnings: $25 to $50 an hour with 100% of tips
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you’re given flexible work schedules.
  • Availability: Nationwide

Pickup isn’t exclusively for food. It provides same-day pickup and delivery services on demand.

On other food delivery apps, you cannot work with another person.

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With Pickup, since there’s a chance you’ll need to carry heavy items, you are allowed to work with a partner. (Note that the ability to carry at least 100 lbs is even included as one of the requirements).

Aside from the basics like driver’s license, insurance, a smartphone with the Pickup app, this company also requires drivers to have equipment for heavy lifting, such as moving blankets, ratchet straps, protective tarps, furniture dolly, stretch wrap and a tool kit.

7. Favor

  • Potential earnings: $10 to $18 an hour, plus $100 bonus after completing 10 deliveries, and 100% of the tips
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you can run whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • Availability: Unfortunately, this is only available in several cities in Texas.

When you apply as a “runner” for Favor, you provide food delivery services locally to people in your own city.

Favor isn’t as popular as Uber Eats, but it is becoming a solid contender for a good food delivery service to work for. After all, your services go beyond food. One order asks you to pick up dry cleaning, then the next asks you to deliver some tacos.

8. Bite Squad

  • Potential earnings: $10 to $12 per hour guaranteed hourly pay
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you get to choose your own work hours.
  • Availability: Available in 200 cities across 19 states

Bite Squad hires drivers through Delivery Logistics as 1099 Independent Contractors.

To become a Bite Squad driver, you’ll only need the basics: A valid license, a Clean driving record, an insured vehicle, and legal driving age. No complicated vehicle inspections or requirements. Sign up, get the app, and start earning.

Earnings can be cashed out instantly through the driver app, and anything not cashed out plus any bonuses are paid by direct deposit every two weeks.

9. Saucey

  • Potential earnings: $7 to $15 an hour, depending on your location
  • Flexible working hours: No
  • Availability: In select cities across the country

Saucey, an LA-based company, is one of the most buzzworthy alcohol delivery apps around. It caters to people who just want to enjoy and drink responsibly at home, yet require additional liquor to keep the party going.

Driving for Saucey is an actual job, so you’d have to go through the regular application process. Here’s the Indeed page of Saucey for driver job openings.

10. Eatstreet

  • Potential earnings: Up to $30 an hour with bonuses for milestones ($50 after 20 deliveries, $200 after 200 deliveries)
  • Flexible working hours: Yes, you are in control of your flexible schedule
  • Availability: Only available in 20 cities

EatStreet is a high-paying food delivery service provider available in about 20 cities (and expanding). You have the option to take on the job either as a full-time driver or a freelancer (work whenever you want).

The company has several incentives, such as a $250 bonus for new delivery drivers and a bonus for delivery milestones.

What I like most about the EatStreet app is that drivers are allowed to cancel a shift as long as they do it 24 hours in advance.

Which is the Best Food Delivery Service to Work For?

All of these food delivery platforms have their pros and cons.

Which Food Delivery Service Pays the Most? That would be Caviar, Eatstreet and Pickup, but they aren’t as widely available as other companies on this list. Your next best choice would be DoorDash & Postmates.

Aside from the pay, flexibility, and availability in your town, the decision relies solely on your preference.

The great thing about this industry is that many food delivery companies do not have exclusivity clauses, so you may be able to juggle the apps once you’ve gotten the hang of your routes and deliveries.

Of course, your car can also help you earn in other ways. For example, did you know that you can rent out your car and earn passively on a monthly basis?

You can also get paid to drive or literally deliver cars and other vehicles from point A to point B.