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  • Kathy

    Great advice. I started Etsy shop 2 months ago and have 35 sales. It’s great.

  • Seb Guy
    Seb Guy

    Honestly, this whole thing of ranking Etsy shops by number of sales is ridiculous.
    Shops selling $2 items will obviously have more sales than shops selling $100 items.
    And what does the following sentence even mean?? “Competition isn’t so fierce, since many of the items are priced below $2.” For me, it indicates that on the contrary competition is so fierce that margins are extremely low on may item categories.

  • Laura

    Thank you for writing a very informative and detailed post, great read!

    I own and operate a successful Etsy Shop named:

  • Ratcha

    Nice one! thanks for sharing the list Steve! The best selling shops are setting quite high standards on etsy nowadays, I believe there is something we can learn from. Additionally I came across few lists of best selling items, which I found quite useful for inspiration and overview of what is currently trending.

    Best wishes!

  • Nirmal Kumar
    Nirmal Kumar

    I have heard about the Etsy marketplace before. Thanks for sharing the best sellers in the Etsy marketplace. Going over all these stores will give me some idea about starting out business there.

  • Bronwyn

    awesome ideas Steve. Thank you. I used to resell secondhand books on Amazon – books that I got for free via a Freecycler, and then became a newspaper delivery person at 3am to make money as a second job. But now I want to use my creative ideas and branch out when I use my yoga teaching skills and massage therapist skills and go into an all round holistic business , so I’m investigating lots of avenues besides the corporate world which is treating me very badly, and making me ill. Thank you again for this article.

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