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Make More Money with These Etsy Best Sellers in 2022

Etsy is the go-to online marketplace for people who want to buy and sell handmade, vintage, or unique factory-manufactured items from around the world and with the right pick from the Etsy Best Sellers list, it can be a lucrative online venture.

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Launched in 2005, this platform has reached massive success with over 50 million members and almost $2 billion total sales in 2014.

Imagine how much bigger it is today.

If you’re a maker of crafts, art, jewelry, handmade beauty products, knick-knacks, toys, and other quirky items you won’t find anywhere else, Etsy should be your first e-commerce platform option.

Here’s why:

  • Cheap startup costs – You need to pay 20 cents for each item you list. If it sells, you’ll pay Etsy a small fee (3.5% of the selling price).
  • Well-built system – From its search feature to inventory management, logistics, and so on, Etsy makes the hard stuff look easy. The site is also updated regularly and prioritizes working on ease-of-use both for its buyers and sellers.
  • Free traffic and marketing – You can always sell your stuff on your own website, but listing them on Etsy means you won’t have to work on building traffic, marketing your site, and making sure people find your products online.
  • Friendly community and support – Etsy has a tight-knit community of creators who support each other online. Not only do they advertise items from fellow Etsy sellers, they also help out with common buy-and-sell questions. The in-house Etsy support isn’t that bad either.
  • Etsy events – Building an online store doesn’t have to mean you’ll be stuck in cyberspace forever. At Etsy, you get to participate at various localized events created by various Etsy teams.

Etsy Top Seller

Ready to join the exciting world of Etsy? First, you need to figure out what is currently popular and selling well on Etsy… and if your product fits the demand.

The Most Popular Etsy Shops

One way to determine if your product has a shot is to check out the most popular Etsy shops in the platform.

But first things first, don’t go to Etsy.

It may seem like a good idea to visit the most popular shops at Etsy, but I think you should start your product search elsewhere.

Specifically, Amazon Handmade’s Featured Artisans list.

Why? Because you can take what is selling well at Amazon and then replicate that success at Etsy.

The following shops don’t necessarily house items that are Etsy best sellers, but checking out the top 20 gives you an idea of what the buying market at Etsy wants.

Etsy Stores With The Most Sales

Note: The ranking and sales data are updated as of January 2022.

Here are the 25 Top Etsy shops and the items (category of products) that have earned these stores these coveted spots:

1. PlannerKate1 (1,813,809 Sales) — Kate Antesberger and her daily planners currently hold the crown of the Etsy shop with the most number of sales.

PlannerKate1 Etsy Best Seller Shop

2. CaitlynMinimalist (1,455,030 Sales) — If minimalist jewelry is what you’re looking for, CaitlynMinimalist does not disappoint.

3. Beadboat1 (1,366,949 Sales) — Bead Boat is a jewelry supply shop with almost 7,000 products to help any jewelry maker create whatever they can imagine.

4. ModParty (1,197,387 Sales) — This shop has bridesmaids gifts, as well as favors for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and pretty much any celebration or party you’re planning.

5. yakutum (941,263 Sales) — This fourth best selling Etsy shop hails from Turkey, Istanbul, and has been selling jewelry supplies on the platform since 2008.

6. KJewelryMetal (879,654 Sales) — King Jewelry Supplies is based in Turkey and has been selling metal jewelry supplies since 2014.

7. PeggySueAlso (782,030 Sales) — One of the more unique shops on this list, Peggy Sue sells leather and crafting supplies.

8. nicoledebruin (745,799 Sales) — Coming in sixth place, we have Nicole and her Charm Collection with over 14,000 listed items selling over half a million orders since 2009.

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9. ilovelotus (706,538 Sales) — Healing crystals are the specialty of this shop, which has been around for more than a decade.

10. HappyKawaiiSupplies (683,613 Sales) — They sell all things kawaii (meaning cute) and supplies for decoden (a style of decorating that looks like a 3D collage) for phone cases and many more.

11. ThinkPinkBows (653,624 Sales) — This Utah-based store sells bows for babies, toddlers, and girls. They’ve branched out into selling face masks as well.

12. DesignInYourHeart (630,737 Sales) — Based in Korea, DesignInYourHeart has been on Etsy for seven years, selling pendants, charms, and other jewelry supplies.

13. yadanabeads (623,154 Sales) — As its name suggests, this store (launched 2007) of beads also has gemstones, glass, and a ton of 2-dollar-or-less items.

14. Worldincensestore (588,042 Sales) — Yes, they do have incense sticks, but their product catalog contains mostly crystals.

15. jewelersparadise (585,630 Sales) — This is one of the most popular US-based stores, even if it only began selling pretty pendants and jewelry supplies in 2011.

16. clbeads (571,104 Sales) — This store operates from Canada and has been selling beads, Swarovski, seed beads, etc. since 2008.

17. CreatingUnkamen (573,576 Sales) — Another jewelry seller selling supplies and handmade gifts.

18. SEEDVILLEUSA (570,707 Sales) — Whatever you want to plant—flowers, fruits, vegetables—they have seeds for it!

19. NewMoonBeginnings (570,067 Sales) — This shop has a wide variety of healing crystals and different crystal-themed jewelry and home items. They also have a website in addition to an Etsy Shop to help grow sales.

20. GLDNxLayeredAndLong (537,712 Sales) — Operating out of Washington, Chrissy mainly sells personalized necklaces, rings, and gifts.

21. happysupplies (523,032 Sales) — Hong Kong-based crafting supply store is preferred by customers in the Asian region for cheaper shipping fees.

22. yummytreasures (519,362 Sales) — Known for its wide range of beads, this Etsy store has been up since 2008 and has been popular for its set stones even today.

23. goldswan (495,202 Sales) — Jewelry supplies are all the rage in Etsy, so there’s no wonder why a store like this would average $130/day sales even if it has been selling at the platform since 2009.

24. Prettygrafikdesign (493,357 Sales) — This Canada-based store is only 6 years old, but averages $180/day with its vectors and graphic design items. It’s one of the few non-craft, non-jewelry supply stores on this list.

25. PrettyInPinkSupply (479,573 Sales) — Operating since 2012, they mainly sell craft supplies. One of the few sellers not selling jewelry.

What to Sell on Etsy

By looking at the top 25 Etsy stores, it’s easy to see the most sought-after items by the Etsy community.

Competition isn’t so fierce, since many of the items are priced below $2.

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If you don’t know what to sell on Etsy yet, but wants to turn it into a business, here are 5  in-demand product categories that you should explore:

  • Planners/journals — Any fan of planners and journals can attest to how huge this market is. Whether you focus on bullet journals, printables, or handmade accessories, there’s a space for you on Etsy.
  • Digital products — For those with Photoshop and graphic design skills, you can put your talent to good use and earn extra income by selling digital products on Etsy. You can specialize in various kinds of items, too; from t-shirt designs to stock photography and printables. You don’t have shipment and inventory to take care of either.
  • Party decor — Because Etsy is home to thousands of creative people, the party decorations offered here aren’t just basic and mass-produced. Here, you can offer even the craziest party themes and people will pay for your effort.
  • Specialty desserts — Etsy probably wouldn’t be your first choice to check out when you’re looking for candies, specialty desserts, and other sweets. Heck, Etsy doesn’t even have a food category there, but you’d be able to find (or sell) drool-worthy desserts like these Vermont maple syrup leaf candies or these rose wine lollipop wedding favors.
  • Personalized clothing for babies or pets – Clothing is a basic need, so personalized clothes made for loved ones (human or fur babies) will always be in demand.

Of course, you can always get into the craft or jewelry supply category, but you should be armed with something unique to sell that would give you an edge over your competition.

Following trends, for example, adds more value to your jewelry store instead of just offering jewelry supplies that other stores are also selling.

What’s great about the Etsy community is that word spreads quickly if a store is selling amazing stuff, so wow your market and you won’t have a problem introducing your Etsy store.

What are the Etsy best sellers per category?

If you’re not quite sold about the ideas above, you can continue to get inspiration from the top five Etsy Best Sellers leading the pack of every product category:

  • Accessories – Accessories and party favors for brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, and other members of the wedding party from ModParty, adorable headpieces for girls from ThinkPinkBows, washable face masks and suncatchers from BeWellGroup, fabric, resin, glitter, and other craft supplies from PrettyInPinkSupply, and hair ties and badge reels from Libbieandco make up the top 5 accessories stores on Etsy.
  • Art & Collectibles – LouMarksPhoto leads the Art category, followed by the Guyana-based shop DesignMyPartyStudio, lovely Lightroom presets by VictoriaBeePhoto and KatherineDream, and quirky stickers, desk accessories, and prints by ZenspireDesigns.
  • Bags & Purses – EverlyGrayce specializes in cosmetic kits, tote bags, dopp kits, weekender bags, and many other gifts and favors for the wedding party. Other top stores include YourWeddingPlace, zoeysattic, SoGoodSoWood, and TealsPrairie.
  • Bath & Beauty – We’ve mentioned Etsy best sellers HappyKawaiiSupplies, ThinkPinkBows, and BeWellGroup, and they dominate this category as well. Face masks are classified under Bath and Beauty > Personal Care > Face Masks and Coverings, so it should be no surprise to see shops like ToughCookieClothing and ppeppiboutique round out the top five in the Bath & Beauty category.
  • Books, Movies & Music – We’re familiar with TealsPrairie, and they’re here because they offer personalized journals and diaries. OLIBLOCK sells various OliClips, OliUClips, and OliDots (if you’re a journal fanatic, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Check out NorthwindSupply for personalized journals as well. Meanwhile, stampoutonline specializes in personalized rubber stamps. Katie Daisy of thewheatfield has written How to Be A Wildflower and How to Be A Moonflower, and she’s selling various prints, stickers, and other items with art inspired from her books.
  • Clothing – Aside from being a best seller in the Bags & Purses, EverlyGrayce is a top seller in this category as well, with personalized shirts, sweaters, caps, and other clothing for one’s wedding party. Custom shirts remain popular on Etsy, as evidenced by the popularity of shops like CustomTeaShirt and LilMeStore. ElimStation sells shirts and face masks with cute prints, while HundredHearts also personalizes clothing, sleepwear, and other gifts for bridesmaids.
  • Electronics & Accessories – Even electronics can be given a personal touch, such as cute skins for PCs, gaming consoles, and smartphones from ShopEmilyG, Disney-themed magnets and decals from WishUponMagic, Airpod cases from leftcoastoriginal, personalized mouse pads from fieldtrip, and custom smartphone cases from TiritaCase.
  • Home & Living – Aside from ModParty and Spoonflower (which sells fabrics and wallpapers), the rest of the top 5 in this category are all about healing crystals (ilovelotus, Worldincensestore, NewMoonBeginnings).
  • Jewelry – The shops here are familiar ones (CaitlynMinimalist, Beadboat1, yakutum, KJewelryMetal, and ilovelotus). Aside from actual jewelry, these shops also sell supplies to repair and make one’s own jewelry.
  • Pet Supplies – People do spend on their pets and there’s a huge demand for pet-related products, as evident from stores like SoGoodSoWood (dog leashes, collars, poop bag cases), eugenie2 (pet-themed decor, Christmas ornaments, picture frames), DistinctlyIvy (pet-themed jewelry and pet tags), PaddingPaws (pet tags), as well as Susabellas (personalized dog bowls and treat jars).
  • Shoes – Whether your style is artsy (emandsprout), minimalist (marcellanyc), Mexican (SoleiEthnic and MacarenaCollection), or you’re looking for cutesy foot coverings for babies (Pinkpaisleybowtique), Etsy has got you covered.
  • Toys & Games – Planning on selling toys and games in your Etsy store? Check out these Etsy best sellers under this category: BusyPuzzle (wooden puzzles, Montessori toys), LittlePrintsParties (games for baby showers and bridal showers), BloomOwl (wooden name puzzles and piggy banks for children), LanternPressArtwork (National Park-themed jigsaw puzzles and playing cards), CreateYourOwnGift (personalized jigsaw puzzles).
  • Weddings – Weddings will never run out of fashion, and Etsy best sellers know this. Aside from familiar shops ModParty, EverlyGrayce, YourWeddingPlace, and DesignMyParty, hooraydays is yet another best selling wedding-themed Etsy shop.

Note that the Etsy best sellers featured here could change in the future. These should give you an idea if you’re launching an Etsy store anytime in 2022.

The Bottom Line: Etsy Best Sellers in 2022

Etsy is an amazing marketplace not only because it gives creative people an outlet to sell their art, crafts, and other handmade masterpieces. Etsy has also built an impressive community that supports each other even in the real world (check local Etsy market events) and on their respective blogs.

The above list is fairly comprehensive as to what really sells on Etsy. If you can’t find something up there that fits your interests, Etsy likely isn’t the platform for you.

It’s an extremely valuable ecommerce platform though. PlannerKate is receiving over a thousand orders per day.

That’s nuts!

If you are trying to get started, make sure you follow our how to sell on Etsy guide to help find your footing.

Do you have a favorite store? Or one of your own that you’d like us to link to? Leave me a comment below with the details.

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  1. Honestly, this whole thing of ranking Etsy shops by number of sales is ridiculous.
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    And what does the following sentence even mean?? “Competition isn’t so fierce, since many of the items are priced below $2.” For me, it indicates that on the contrary competition is so fierce that margins are extremely low on may item categories.

  2. Nice one! thanks for sharing the list Steve! The best selling shops are setting quite high standards on etsy nowadays, I believe there is something we can learn from. Additionally I came across few lists of best selling items, which I found quite useful for inspiration and overview of what is currently trending.

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  3. I have heard about the Etsy marketplace before. Thanks for sharing the best sellers in the Etsy marketplace. Going over all these stores will give me some idea about starting out business there.

  4. awesome ideas Steve. Thank you. I used to resell secondhand books on Amazon – books that I got for free via a Freecycler, and then became a newspaper delivery person at 3am to make money as a second job. But now I want to use my creative ideas and branch out when I use my yoga teaching skills and massage therapist skills and go into an all round holistic business , so I’m investigating lots of avenues besides the corporate world which is treating me very badly, and making me ill. Thank you again for this article.


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