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Get Paid to Deliver Cars from Point A to Point B

Would you like to get paid to deliver cars to a specific destination, such as from pier to the dealership, dealership to a new car owner’s home, or across the country to “meet” with the car’s owner?

Unlike renting out your car, or using your own pick-up trucks to bring in some cash, wherein you use your own vehicles, this post is all about driving other people’s cars for extra income.

Wouldn’t that feel like getting paid to travel parts of the country?

Are you up for it?

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This post isn’t a truck driving job. You won’t be driving a massive truck and hauling 10 new cars with it across another state.

Instead, you’ll be responsible for driving a car from point A to point B.

Getting paid to deliver cars can be a quick gig within the city, or a multi-day ride across different states.

Car Delivery Job Requirements

If you have a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, and some extra time to spare, a car delivery job can be something you’d enjoy doing.

Of course, driving hours on end can be lonely (since most of these jobs do not allow you to drive along with somebody else ala-roadtrip).

This is why you should have a genuine love for backpacking and traveling to new places.

You have to follow a strict schedule. However, if the journey is worth two or more days, you’ll probably have time to sleep or take bathroom breaks at stopovers.

You should be OK to sleep at roadside inns when necessary.

The cool thing about this job is you are free to sign up to as many car delivery jobs you want.

For example, you can deliver a car to Chicago from Philadelphia, visit all the attractions you want to see in Chicago within a day or two while you’re in the city. From Chicago, you can accept another car delivery gig to Los Angeles or any other destination.

Paid Car Delivery

3 Ways to Get Paid to Move Cars

Generally speaking, a “driveaway driver” is anyone who transports a car from point A to point B.

Sometimes the people who hire driveaway drivers flew ahead to a new house across the country and needs someone else to take that 3-day trip with his car.

Company cars are often put through these transactions, since large companies move cars they provide to employees from one office to the next.

1. Roadie

Roadie is an “on-the-way delivery service that connects people with stuff to send to drivers already heading that way.”

Cars aren’t the only ones being delivered here, other tasks like delivering medicine to an elderly patient’s house, picking up groceries and delivering to another person, delivering lost luggage from an airport to the owner’s house, or delivering a school project left at home.

It’s available as an app (here’s the link for Android, and here’s for iOs).

You can either check what gigs are available near you or wait for a notification that informs you whenever you match a gig.

You can then check out details of the trip (delivering dogs to its new owner, for example) and see if you’d like to participate for the amount of money you’ll be paid.

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Yes, you can see payment details before committing to the job.

Accept the job, fulfill what needs to be done, and then get paid.

According to the site, you can earn “up to $60 for local gigs” and “up to $650 for long haul deliveries.” You can commit to multiple gigs at a time as long as they’re nearby, but don’t expect to get rich this way.

Roadie doesn’t have much car delivery jobs, and you’re lucky to receive one notification per week. But if you can perform one local gig a week for $50 each, that’s an extra $200 in side gig income you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t download the Roadie app.

2. Auto Driveaway

This is probably the most popular company out there today, it’s reaches up to Canada and has over 48 different offices (many of which are franchised).

Here’s  how to become a driver for Auto Driveaway:

  • Join the team of “Under 10,000 pounds” (there’s also application for truck driving available) and fill up a comprehensive application form, which includes employment history, home address, SSS, and more. If you pass the application, you’ll receive access to the jobs available on specific cities.
  • When you accept a job, you leave a deposit (around $300 to $500), inspect car for any kind of dings (big and small) and go on your way.
  • Check the rules for each gig, fuel allocations (some offer only the first tank for free, the next ones on you) and driving after dark are some of the biggest issues.
  • Once you reach your destination, call the owner where you’d meet up so you can get his signature. Unfortunately, you can’t leave car keys in the mailbox.
  • Visit any Driveaway office, get the deposit back via check.

3. Driveaway USA

Driveaway USA “moves vehicles and deliver peace of mind.” You can get paid to deliver cars once you’re accepted as an independent contractor (Apply for the job here).

Driveaway USA accepts part-time and full-time drivers. You can choose destinations you wish to take and participate in their referral bonus program and “safe driving” bonus program.

Finding Other Car Delivery Jobs

You’ll be surprised at how many driveaway companies are there all over the country. Just a quick Google with the keyword “driveaway companies” mixed with your “zip code” and you’ll get a list of the companies nearby.

Most of these companies work like Auto Driveaway and Driveaway USA:

  • You will be asked to complete an application form and wait for the reply.
  • If hired, you will work as an independent contractor. (Very few companies offer this kind of job to full-time employees with benefits)
  • Choose a dispatch from the company’s website or app. (some companies give assignments and do not give you a choice, so you’re forced to work on a particular dispatch)
  • Get paid to deliver cars by assignment, weekly, or on a bimonthly pay schedule. It depends on company policy.

Local Car Dealerships and Rental Companies

If you’re trying to branch out and look for clients on your own, ask your local car dealership and rental companies about it.

Since both types of companies fall under the car and transportation industry, there’s a big chance that rental companies and local car dealerships might be interested in driveaway services every now and then.

For example, car rental companies can hire you to transport vehicles back to their office from repair shops, or after a one-way rental.

How Much Can You Make Delivering Cars?

A self-employed, contractor can expect to make $300 to $400 per vehicle delivered. Of course, this will depend on the distance traveled and other factors (if the car includes other things like a pet, or boxes of the car owner’s stuff).

This is a legitimate job. You can get paid to deliver cars, but the income is often on the low side.

Customers pay for the gas it costs to have the cars moved from one place to the next.

Shorter deliveries, which involves transporting cars within a city, are often paid on an hourly basis

Full-time Potential of Delivering Cars

Is delivering cars for a living feasible? Can you get paid to deliver cars and turn it into a full-time job?

The only way I can see this work is if you aggressively find clients on all fronts. Join agencies like Auto Driveaway, but also build a network of contacts locally, so you’ll be able to have dispatches every working day.

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Be like many family-owned driveaway companies in the country who probably started as an independent contractor and turned it into a business. This would involve a lot of work, from networking, finding clients, marketing, and actually driving the cars.

Other considerations include:

  • Do you hire people as full-time employees, find fellow driveaway contractors, or do you deliver cars yourself?
  • Are you going to offer this service as part of another business? (Tow-trucking business, car rental business, pet transport business, and other somewhat connected niches can work too)
  • Are you willing to pay insurance? Yes, some people would ask if your company has insurance before signing up for driveaway services.

And since you’re already on the road, why not add supplemental side gig income by becoming a personal grocery shopper, or product tester – jobs which are often performed at the mall, restaurants and other establishments in the city.

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  1. My name is Lonnie and I want to be a car mover driver out of Texas. I live in Weatherford,
    Texas. I like driving from point A to B and back again. When you do this do you drive back
    from where you left.

  2. When I did “Google with the keyword “driveway companies” mixed with your “zip code” and you’ll get a list of the companies nearby.” All that appeared were driveway paving companies.

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