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15 Easy Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards Online

Everyone likes discounted stuff, so why would you ever pay full price for something on Amazon when you can earn free Amazon gift cards?

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In the current age of online shopping, we’re all trying to figure out how to get free stuff. Discount codes. Referral bonuses. Gift cards.

It’s practically like getting free money.

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And here’s a little-known fact for you:

There are a lot more ways to earn Amazon gift cards than you’d expect.

Seriously, if you look up “how to win Amazon gift cards”, you’ll be met with hundreds of options. And I’ll be honest with you – it gets overwhelming.

So the question is:

Where can you get those free Amazon gift cards and how can you take your shopping experience to the next level?

What it Takes to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

For starters, no one is just going to hand out money for free.

With that in mind, you will need to exchange something in order to earn Amazon gift cards.

In most cases, you will need to share personal information about yourself (eg. your demographics, your shopping patterns, past purchases etc.) and companies will pay you to gain access to this information.

Other sites listed below ask that you fill out surveys or answer questions. Basic work that nets you a reward.

With that in mind let’s check out…

15 Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

I’ve compiled the top 15 ways you can earn Amazon gift cards online, so you’re not overwhelmed with hundreds of choices!

Below, you’ll find the best of the best.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks signup form

First things first:

When you sign up to Swagbucks you get $5 for free. It’s one of those websites that pay you for pretty much every task imaginable too.

Firstly, you earn SB points whenever you continue a task (watching a video, answering a survey, doing some online shopping).

Then, you can redeem those SB points and earn Amazon gift cards (or cash via Paypal). You can do this from the comfort of your own couch and it’s free.

300 points get you a $3 Amazon gift cards, and you can redeem with as low as that. You’ll find that other websites usually allow you to redeem a minimum of $10 or $20.

The cherry on top?

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Amazon gift cards can actually get discounted at Swagbucks. So not only can you earn Amazon gift cards for doing minimal work, but they can also be redeemed for a lower cost.

2. Ibotta

ibotta earnings

Ibotta is one of the best (and easiest) ways you can get free Amazon gift cards.

You pretty much have to do nothing (no answering surveys, no watching videos, no doing any tasks) to earn your Amazon gift card.

So what do you have to do?

Well, activate an offer and scan your grocery receipt.

Yes. That’s it.

This cash back and rewards app allows you to find the best deals by browsing through different stores.

This is how it works:

  • Before going to the store, open the app.
  • Check all the available offers at that store.
  • Add them to your account.
  • After arriving back home, take a picture of your receipt.
  • Withdraw your earnings (through cash or winning an Amazon gift card.)

3. Honey

Honey is a browser extension that also lets you earn Amazon gift cards. Here’s how you do it:

  • Activate a Honey Gold shopping session. This is done through the browser extension that you download.
  • Purchase something and earn Honey Gold points.
  • Collect enough points.
  • Redeem those points as Amazon gift cards.

You can also make 500 points just for referring another user. 1000 Honey Gold points are usually equivalent to a $10 gift card.

Could it get any easier? I think not!

4. Check Wikibuy to earn Amazon gift cards

Wikibuy instant

This is another browser extension that you download (usually works with Chrome & Firefox).

The extension not only allows you to earn points and win Amazon gift cards, but it also helps you find the top coupon codes, alerts you when sales are on and helps you find the best prices.

Aside from redeeming your points as Amazon Gift Cards, you can also use the extension to notify you when you can find a product at a lower price somewhere else.

5. Shopkick

Shopkick has eight different ways you can earn rewards, and we’re here for it! You can earn points (called Kicks) on the website by:

  • Entering a store with the app open.
  • Scanning barcodes of some products.
  • Make purchases with the card that you’ve linked to the app.
  • Scan your receipt (on featured items)
  • Visit online stores & buy products.
  • Watch videos.

These are all the different ways you can earn Amazon gift cards on Shopkick.

6. Mobee

What I love about Mobee is how much fun it is.

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The whole idea is that the app assigns you different missions to complete at stores (all undercover, of course) and you win Amazon gift cards in return.

It adds a little fun to the process, instead of answering a survey or watching a video.

7. Drop

Drop is another app that gives you rewards for shopping at specific stores. The best thing about the app is how easy it is to use. You don’t even need to open up the portal whenever you shop. You can forget all about it.

Here’s how you can get your Amazon gift card:

  • Sign up on the app.
  • Link your credit or debit card.
  • Select 5 different stores (merchants).
  • The merchants have different rates (the number of points you can get for every dollar you spent.) Some of the shops include Uber, Target, Starbucks, and Walmart.
  • You can redeem your drop points in the form of Amazon gift cards.

8. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog website

You can use Receipt Hog to get points for snapping a picture of your shopping receipt.

What makes this app different is that you don’t have to be at a specific shop or buy a specific product.

9. PrizeRebel

Complete offers, answer surveys, watch videos and do some more tasks to get free Amazon gift cards on Prize Rebel.

They have a much lower redemption level than some of the apps mentioned here, where you can literally cash out 200 points ($2 gift card).

That shouldn’t be hard, should it?

If you want to make even more points, you can refer other users to the app and then make 20% of what they are making!

The more points you make, the higher your referral percentage gets. It can easily reach up to 30%. It’s a great source for passive income.

10. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is renowned around the world for helping you make money fast.

This website has a massive inventory of all types of surveys that you can take. 1000 points equal $10 that you can either cash out or get in the form of free Amazon gift cards.

11. BeFrugal

BeFrugal’s whole point is to give you cash and coupons. You can definitely earn Amazon gift cards.

When you shop at stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Ebay you can get cash back in the form of either cash or Amazon gift cards. You will even get a 1% when you choose the Amazon gift cards option.

12. Checkpoints

Take quizzes, shop online, complete surveys or watch videos to earn points on Checkpoints.

Once you get enough points, you can redeem them in the form of free Amazon gift cards.

13. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another website where you can take surveys, take quizzes, shop online, play games and more to get “rewards” and points that you can redeem as free Amazon gift cards. You can even test products!

When you reach a balance of $30, you’ll be able to redeem your Amazon gift card. If you want to make money there faster, I recommend referring a friend, since you get $1 and 30% of what your friend makes.

14. Personal Capital

Personal Capital is an incredible app overall.

This financial app can easily be one of the top money apps right now, as it doesn’t just allow you to track your financial situation (cash flows, what your budgets are likes, the performance of your investment) but it also gives you $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up.

15. Earn Amazon Gift Cards from Amazon

Yup. You can earn free Amazon gift cards from Amazon themselves! If you sign up for their Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card you can get a hefty $70 bonus.

The only thing you will need is a Prime account. The perks are worth it though:

  • A $70 Amazon gift card.
  • 2% off at select restaurants and drug stores.
  • 5% cash back on all your Amazon restaurants.

How do you Earn Amazon Gift Cards?

Have you used any of the sites listed above? If so, what one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Those websites and apps are all convenient, flexible and are guaranteed to help you earn Amazon gift cards.

They’re all legit, need little to no effort, and help you get quick money! If you want to know more about how you can make quick money online, check out this article.

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