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  • Strahinja

    Wow! You really took time to write all the best possibilities… thank you so much!

    I don’t know which one to explore first. I have to say that I really love that cake image you put in #133.

    First of all, I’m amazed that there are so many places that you can get free meal on your birthday, I really didn’t know this, I’m so glad that I ran into this post and I’ll bookmark it.

    Surely this pays off for the companies because they get email, but still it’s a nice gift! It is also a great message – as you said ’they will reward you just for being born’…that’s cool.

    I’m thinking of giving two email addresses – one for me and one for the homeless guy, but I don’t if they would accept that. I’ll try. That just crossed my mind. :) 

    Thanks once again


  • Daniel

    Well, I think that this is not bad at all. I would be definitely become the member of many of those. I especially like backyard burger and au bon pain. I must forward this article to my sister because her birthday is in friday and she will be amazed when she see this.

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