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Top 5 Micro Jobs Websites: Earn Real Money Online by Completing Simple Tasks

Need extra cash? The Internet has given us a ton of opportunities to earn real money online, and micro jobs are perfect for those looking for quick, easy-to-do tasks in exchange for cash.

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  4. Nielsen - Download their app and get paid $50!

Micro jobs have been available since the World War II, when men’s jobs were filled by housewives to survive the war, but the Internet changed how people search for temporary jobs. Today, micro jobs can be anything from signing up to websites, reading emails, sharing Facebook posts, watching videos, researching stuff online, classifying products, and more.

How Much Can I Earn?

Pay rates for micro jobs vary significantly – some tasks take less than 5 seconds to finish but pay only 50 cents, while others pay $4 for every sign-up to a program. The fees are reasonable, considering most jobs are part time, require no other skill except for basic computing and Internet knowledge, and does not require any kind of obligation after the task is done.

Most micro job sites pay in cash (either via bank account or PayPal), but some pay in gift cards, reward points, services, or bitcoins. Payment is often advertised in US dollars, but it can automatically be converted into your local currency when paid through PayPal.

The cool thing about micro jobs is that you can do as little or as many tasks as you can, which means the earning potential depends totally on you. Some people even use micro job sites to get as much cash as they would doing minimum-wage work.

These jobs are ideal for students, homemakers, and anyone else looking for a way to earn without full-time commitment. Note that since these jobs are not fulltime and no contract will be signed, micro jobs also don’t pay benefits.

Top 5 Micro Job Websites

If you’re ready to start, there are hundreds of micro job sites operating online. But here are the top 5 we recommend the most:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is free to join and gives you $5 just for signing up. You can earn SwagBucks (its virtual currency) by doing surveys, shopping, or playing games. The SwagBucks you collect are redeemable for coupons, gift cards, and more.

2. Mturk

Short for Mechanical Turk, Mturk is micro jobs platform that’s been around since 2005. What makes Mturk automatically attractive is that it is back by retail giant Amazon and is available to use free in over 190 countries. Requesters post jobs called HITs (human intelligence tasks), workers complete them and submit proof of completion, and then workers get paid. You can either receive Amazon gift cards, or cash via bank deposit or Amazon payment account. Plus, there’s no minimum withdrawal amount, so you can collect payment anytime you want.

We’ll talk about Mturk more in the future, so watch out for that post.

3. Clickworker

Launched in 2005, Clickworker has gained over 700k workers from 130+ countries. This website is free to join, but it’s more for people who have been up-to-date with online jobs for a while. Jobs range from easy (surveys, product categorization, etc.), to somewhat hard (video analysis, search relevance), or those that require specific skills (translation, competition research). Anyone can choose assignments to work on, but for those that require special skills, you’ll need to take assessments to prove your qualification. Payment is sent weekly from Wednesdays to Fridays with a minimum withdrawal amount of $5.

4. Fivesquids

If you’re in the UK, check out this website that provides a platform similar to Fiverr. Unlike other micro jobs sites on this list, the freelancer is the one who posts the tasks they could provide, and price his/her services somewhere between £5 and £50. Anything goes in this site – from voiceover gigs to animation, translation and writing, and everything fun and cheeky. Fivesquids pay in Pounds via PayPal with 2% or £1 fee.

5. Microworkers

Ideal for those with a marketing background or extensive knowledge in IM, Microworkers is a platform that connects employers to workers who are willing to fulfill small, quick, tasks for cash. The tasks include transcription, data matching/labeling/tagging, data mining, content evaluation, research studies, surveys, and more. Points are given to members every task is completed, which gives you an edge over other members when applying for future micro jobs. Microworkers is free and anyone from around the world could join.

The Bottom Line

Note that micro jobs aren’t for everyone. While the tasks involved sounds easy to do, remember that hundreds of people are eager to earn some cash as well, which means there could be plenty of competition for each task posted. If you know how to market yourself and love the challenge of competing with others, then start working on micro jobs and earn as much cash as you can.

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