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15 Top Selling Fiverr Gigs for 2023

Fiverr is one of the best sites to get quick online jobs you can do in your spare time, but if you’re planning to expand your virtual career, this platform could also serve as a cool way to know which top-selling Fiverr gigs can be added to your services offered. Use it for research and reevaluating your freelance options.

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15 Top Selling Fiverr Gigs for 2023

Check out these top-selling Fiverr gigs you can incorporate into your services in 2022:

1. Logo, Business Card Design

Since the start of Fiverr in 2010, logo design has been one of the top-selling Fiverr gigs. This continues until today because every business needs a logo (whether the business is a brick-and-mortar one or a web-based business). And the demand remains strong even through a pandemic.

Got the eye for style and want to try logo making as a side hustle? Check here for a more in-depth guide on how to make a logo.

2. Content Writing

Content writing is a VERY BIG industry and encompasses everything from company website text to product descriptions, gossip news to even adult writing.

If you’re new to the industry but have a passion for writing, you can always begin fresh today and still get a piece of the pie, alongside seasoned content writers. You just need to learn how to present your services and pick the specialty that you like (and could earn significant money for).

On Fiverr’s writing section, the biggest selling gigs are editing and legal writing. (FYI, there are PLENTY of types of writing you can do online. These two are just the most in-demand.)

3. SEO Keyword Research

Even if you have no idea what search engine optimization (SEO) is, I’m sure you are aware of how to use Google to find a product, read reviews, research how to do something, and so much more. Whatever words you use for searching is called a keyword/keywords or keyphrase, and is recorded by Google, Facebook, and other platforms to identify what people are searching for.

As an expert in SEO keyword research, your goal is to use the proper tools in figuring out the right keywords businesses should use. This helps in creating SEO-friendly content, which can be used for making targeted ads, ranking web pages, and turning videos viral, among others.

This Fiverr gig isn’t a job everyone can do, but if you have these SEO skills, you just might be able to pull it off.

4. Whiteboard Animation 

One Fiverr job people with digital drawing skills could jump into is whiteboard animation. It is in-demand by companies, very easy to do with the right tools like VideoScribe, and is a perfect beginner gig for anyone who can create engaging animations.

Fiverr Animation ads

A simple, 30-second whiteboard animation job range from $5 to $15, plus you can include options such as voiceover, HD quality, watermarking, and so on with extra fees for every add-on.

Check here for more jobs for artists that they could offer in Fiverr.

5. Social Media Content Creator

I know a Jack-of-all-Social-Media guy. He is an expert in creating, maintaining, and marketing social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and others) for other people or businesses.

The job entails brainstorming content, building a content calendar, and then creating the actual “content,” which could mean a simple Facebook update or tweet, an infographic to post on Pinterest, a quick video, and so on.

You can offer specific social media tasks, such as writing 30 Facebook updates for 30 days, or set-up Instagram ads for a company. You can also contract your expertise for a month or through the duration of a social media campaign.

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6. Photoshop Editing

Like I told you before, you can make up to $80k by just editing photos. Fiverr can help you achieve this if you don’t know how to start. Here are some ideas:

  • Edit any photo quickly (within 2 hours, 12 hours, etc.)
  • Photoshop editing for Amazon product photo
  • Add/remove a person, item, or background of a picture
  • Perform beauty fashion retouching
  • and so on…

With Fiverr, the more specific the tasks you’re offering to do, the better.

7. Spokesperson

If you are excellent at public-speaking with a good voice, diction, pronunciation, attitude, and look, you can become a spokesperson for another person or company’s website.

These videos are used to welcome messages on websites, pop-ups, YouTube videos, ads, and so on.

Fiverr Spokesperson Video

You can do this as a per-video gig, or as-needed basis, or get hired part-time and full-time. It’s really up to you.

The best thing about top selling Fiverr gigs like these is that sellers always make use of the add-on section, wherein they place extra services with corresponding prices.

8. Landing Page and Website Design

In the past, web design professionals have trained traditionally with IT- and arts-related courses like graphic design. Today, with WordPress, Wix, Shopify, landing page builders, and other heavily-developed platforms readily available for quicker page-building, this gig has become more doable and lucrative.

This is especially true if you have web design experience, a certain level of creativity, an eye for good design, and up-to-date knowledge of good web practices.

9. Traffic, Backlinks, and On/Off-Page SEO

In #2, we brushed on a bit about SEO, but if you know this industry, you also know that SEO keywords are just the tip of the iceberg. Another in-demand specialization in the SEO space involves traffic (and how to bring traffic to a particular website, Facebook account, YouTube channel, and other online properties).

For example, this Fiverr seller Linda89 offers non-bot, keyword-targeted traffic to her customers. Her most-basic offer for $5 gives 140 real-people traffic to a customer’s website within 29 days. Other variations and add-on services are available for extra fees, of course.

10. Translation & Transcription

Speak a language other than English? There is a HUGE market in translating one language to the next. From simple one-liners to product descriptions, the possible gigs you can list are endless. And once you’ve made a name at Fiverr, you can even try other translation jobs here.

Fiverr Translators

Transcription is different because this is a skill that not all people can do. It also takes a lot of time if you have no experience using transcription tools. However, if you’ve transcribed before and have a good ear, this Fiverr job can be very lucrative for you.

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11. Tax and Finance Advice

You probably know the saying, “Nothing is certain but death and taxes.” And if you agree in the inevitability that people do have to pay taxes every year (and that all of us end up dying), then you know that helping other people deal with their taxes will always be in-demand. It’s a grim reality, but true nonetheless.

In Fiverr, CPAs and other finance professionals offer services such as:

  • Tax consultancy services
  • UK or USA individual and business tax returns
  • Specific bookkeeping, auditing, and accounting tasks
  • CPA assistance with any tax or finance questions
  • Tax research for small businesses
  • Configure Woocommerce taxes and terms
  • …and so on.

Of course, financial advice is more comprehensive. It could include stock investment advice, debt management consulting, business advice, feasibility study of investment products, and so on.

You must have extensive financial knowledge (or accreditation) when you decide to offer tax and finance assistance. If you wish to go beyond Fiverr, I wrote a guide about working from home as a financial advisor or places to find bookkeeping jobs online.

12. Resume and Cover Letter Writer

Some people find writing a resume or cover letter challenging, so they ask other people to help them. This could mean:

  • Writing resumes on a document from scratch
  • Editing an existing resume to be used for a specific job application
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Fixing a LinkedIn profile on another person’s behalf

As with most top selling Fiverr gigs, the quickest someone submits the job, the more in-demand the providers become, especially if the end-product was satisfactory.

13. Illustrator, Animator, Canva Designer

In this day and age where content providers are everywhere, if you’re an illustrator or animator with talent, you can offer any kind of service on Fiverr. Canva, the graphic design platform with a drag-and-drop feature that makes creating graphics 10x easier, is an in-demand Fiverr job as well.

Fiverr’s graphics and design category is one of the most popular categories on the site since the turnaround times by most providers are exceptionally fast.

14. Mobile app and Game developer

Ever since smartphones became the norm, the development of mobile apps has continued to be an ever-evolving industry. Even in 2021, I’m sure the demand for mobile apps continues. This also goes for game development. There will always be a need for a new app/game, and there will always be people eating them up.

15. Podcast-related services

People who want to build a podcast business can seek the help of various talents to create stuff like podcast cover art, podcast intro/outro, DJ drops, podcast logo, podcast marketing, podcast consulting, and so on.

Did You Find these Top Selling Fiverr Gigs Interesting?

You don’t need to take up all these top-selling Fiverr gigs to get ahead of the pack. Decide on the best skill you have, match it with one or two of the gigs above, craft an awesome-looking Fiverr listing (or hire someone to do it for you if writing isn’t your thing), and get working for a lucrative year this 2021.

And if you need more info, here are 7 ways to make more money with Fiverr, and learn from the secrets to success of these 3 top Fiverr earners.