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29 Online Jobs for Artists That Pay for Your Creativity

Online jobs for artists are tricky to find.

In this day and age, anyone can get a full-time job in the comforts of their own homes and earn a livable income without the hassles of daily commute, spending gas money, and so on.

That’s why I took the time to find 28 different freelance art jobs to help you come up with legitimate ways you can get paid for your creativity.

Modern artist

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Finding online jobs for artists that would preserve their artistry is harder to find because these gigs must have:

  1. an acceptable compensation and;
  2. an opportunity that would keep their creativity alive.

Artists are a special breed of people – they bring beauty, enlightenment, awareness, and just overall good vibes to the world. When their creativity, artistry or spirit burns out, the art suffers in the end as well.

So what kind of online jobs for artists are there?

Types of Online Jobs for Artists

The cool thing about artistic jobs is that you can do as much or as little freelance art jobs you want.

  • Freelance – You can cater to two or more clients at a time. Dabble in advertising, mixed with other specializations like t-shirt design, animation, and so on.
  • Full-time – As a full-time, but home-based employee, you work exclusively for one company or client. Your tasks are usually described before contract-signing and will continue to be your responsibilities throughout your “employment.”
  • Part-time – Part-time online jobs for artists are a mix of freelance and full-time gigs. You’d have to follow some kind of strict schedule, say 8am to 12 noon, but you are free to do other gigs after work.

In the past, online jobs for artists were exclusive to work that require no team effort.

For example, t-shirt design, tattoo design and graphic design can all be done by a single person and have been known to succeed in work-from-home settings.

Meanwhile, animation work, marketing-related campaigns such as branding or advertising, often require multiple people in a team of artists to complete the work.

The advancement of communication tools and collaboration apps, as well as how companies now embrace the work-from-home culture have made working with a team easier, even if you actually perform your work at home.

This means majority of the artistic jobs traditionally available in office-based setting are most likely available as work-at-home jobs as well.

8 Freelance Art Job Ideas

1. Logo Designer

Logo designer

Logo designers are in demand now more than ever. With how easy it is to start a business these days, everyone is looking for creative ways to showcase their new brands.

Fiverr is where most logo designers hang out, but if you’re looking for a more stable job, go over Indeed to check what jobs are available for graphic design.

2. T-Shirt Designer

Learn how to design and sell t-shirts, even without equipment or time for customer service.

T-shirts have the possibility to go viral too. The right design + the right ad could become an insane passive stream of income for years.

3. Illustrator

There are quite a few ways to make money as an online illustrator.

You can draw manually, scan your artwork and upload, or use any modern drawing pens and tablets to bring your art directly to the screen.

There are tons of technology to support illustrators these days that you can create anything from stick people to charts and diagrams, logos, full-blown animation and a whole lot more.

You don’t even need to have a degree in illustration (but having one can give you an edge salary-wise over your competition).

4. Font Designer

Designing fonts may seem silly, but you’d be surprised how a handful of graphic designers are still earning real money with fonts they’ve designed years ago.

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A font designer can get employed by a company or you can create and sell your own fonts on various marketplaces.

5. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

When you think fashion design, the first thing that may come to your mind is the glitz and glamour of runways, magazines, photo shoots, and so on.

But before the clothes gets into production and presentation (either by print or the runway), designing the actual lingerie, streetwear, dresses, outerwear, pants, tops and other types of clothing comes first.

And fashion design can be done wherever you are…which means it’s a perfect job for freelancers.

Plus, you’d be able to make at least $60k/year for one client alone.

6. Motion Graphics (3D) Artist

If you’re both skilled at special effects and animation, you’d be awesome as a 3D motion graphics artist.

You’d need advanced computer skills (with proficiency in tools like After Effects and Adobe suite) and several projects in your portfolio to land a job.

7. Industrial Designer

Do you have a flair for designing furniture, cars or other industrial goods? Your skills would take you places if you explore engineering and industrial design.

This career path is also a lucrative one. An industrial designer can make at least $70k/year (and more if he/she takes on two or more clients).

8. Creative Jobs in the Tech World

Modern office

This fusion between the arts and the tech industry is an interesting field.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found out (from surveying 400 marketing and advertising HR managers) that companies are looking for experienced workers with expertise in web production, mobile development, user interface, and interaction design for both mobile and web applications.

There are tons of tech-focused creative jobs available, and more jobs are being invented by the day.

20 Freelance Art Jobs Available Year Round

If you’re looking for freelance art jobs you can dip your fingers into, check out these 12 companies that are always in search of creatives like you:


Photography Jobs

Those with mad skills behind the lens could join several websites and earn through either direct sales or commissions.

  1. Avanti Press – For pet-loving photographers interested in designing greeting cards
  2. Nature Friend – Nature-focused magazine accepts photography for publication
  3. Obeo – You don’t need a portfolio here. You just have to take decent photos of homes listed in the real estate market
  4. The Sun Magazine – Freelance photographers earn $100 to $500 for one-time use of their photos
  5. Papyrus – This greeting card company pays photographers and illustrators for their work to be included in their products

In the past, I’ve talked about several sources where photographers can turn their photos into cash.


Illustrator jobs

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  1. Avatar Press – Illustrators and colorists can find regular freelance work with this comic book publisher.
  2. Analog Science Fiction – Exclusive for artists specializing in realistic-looking illustrations.
  3. The Bradford Group – Those with product development experience would do well providing illustration and design of collectibles, ornament, home decor, book covers, and other types of products.
  4. Cricket Magazine – Freelance artists can submit either traditional hand-drawn or digitally-drawn illustrations.
  5. Cape Shore – If you’ve mastered painting in oil, watercolor, acrylic, or even mixed media and are interested in creating designs for the company’s holiday-themed paper products, then head over to Cape Shore for the opportunity.
  6. Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy – Exclusively for book cover artists.
  7. Funny Times – Got high resolution illustrations with humor infused in them? Submit your artwork here.
  8. Oatmeal – Submit funny greeting card designs and modern cartoon ideas. Oatmeal is always on the lookout for real talent.
  9. Recycled Paper Greetings – Share your card concept and be considered to lead a greeting card project.
  10. Rubber Stamp Madness – Regularly accepts artwork in specific themes.
  11. Teacher Created Resources – Freelance interior design artists can help write educational books.
  12. Viabella – Greeting card company accepts illustration submissions.
  13. Wild Apple – Wild Apple licenses and publishes creative artists throughout the year.

If you can’t find freelance art jobs from the list above, you can hang out in any of these useful resources:

  1. Arts Thread – Ideal for graphic design artists.
  2. Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market – Annual list of legitimate companies, publishers, and other organizations accepting illustrations geared towards the children’s books market.
  3. Freelancer’s Union Spark Community – The recommendations and job postings here are worthy of the time you’ll spend sorting through tons of posts.

There’s also Indeed, Glassdoor, Hubstaff Talent, LinkedIn, and other online job boards that are filled to the brim with opportunities for those deep into creative arts.

The Bottom Line: How to Make Money as an Artist

If you’re looking for online jobs for artists that won’t suck your soul dry, I’m pretty sure your first try may seem impossible.

Don’t give up too easily.

With a little digging deeper, you’d be surprised at how many online jobs for artists there really are and how the right opportunity can turn your creativity into your main source of income.

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