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5 Social Media Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2020

Whether you’re a novice job seeker or you’re already working in social media and want to switch jobs, this list of 5 social media jobs should be useful for you.

People who spend their time online spend 30% of it on social media; even more if you’re a millennial.

Social media has opened up plenty of opportunities for businesses who want to reach this wide and connected audience, speak to their target audience, and convince them to do a specific action, such as read a blog post, answer a survey, or share the post on their social media.

Here’s a rundown of social media jobs you can do from home that only require a computer and an internet connection.

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Social Media Jobs You Can Do From Home

Before we dive in, I would just like to point out that managerial positions often require at least a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of experience in digital marketing or something related.

Entry-level positions usually require at least a bachelor’s degree, even without experience, though those who already have at least a year’s experience generally get paid more.

1. Social Media Manager

This is perhaps the most common and the most obvious position that you can apply for.

A social media manager creates and executes long-term social media strategies in accordance with objectives set by or approved by the company.

This involves optimizing which social media accounts should be active, planning the content (words and visual elements), scheduling the content, and making sure that everything reflects the brand personality.

Aside from organic social media posts, social media managers are also responsible for planning social media advertising campaigns.

Social Media Manager

They are also the ones who analyze the data from tracking software so they’d know if their strategies are working or not so they can adjust their strategies accordingly.

They may also be asked to delegate actual social media content creation and design to other employees. This is so that social media managers can focus on the overall strategy.

Note: If you want more details, check out our post on this site about being a social media manager.

Also known as: Social media content manager, social media content coordinator, social media coordinator, social media specialist

2. Content Marketing Manager

This is not a purely social media job, but it involves plenty of social media planning, promotion, and content creation.

A content marketing manager is responsible for creating content marketing endeavors that aim to direct traffic and engagement to a website.

The main component of content marketing is blogging and creating articles with calls to action (CTAs) for subscribing to newsletters, purchasing something on their site, or simply commenting on the posts.

Social media comes into play when it comes to promoting these blog posts and articles by posting compelling social media copy aiming to attract readers.

These content marketing initiatives normally includes social media campaigns to promote links and drive users to the site.

The main skills needed to do this job well are SEO writing, organizational skills, and creativity.

Content marketing managers also need to know how to monitor and analyze the results of their campaigns.

Also known as: Content marketing strategist, content marketing coordinator

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3. Community Manager

A community manager is someone who is not only in charge of social media messaging but also in charge of engaging with customers.

When you’re merely in charge of social media posts, you can just drop the posts and then leave it to go about composing and scheduling the next posts.

But a community manager doesn’t just post and leave; they monitor each post for follower comments and shares, as well as reply to the comments as a brand representative.

Communities can be in the form of Facebook Groups, but more often than not, replying to audience comments on a post on a business’s social media page increases engagement and makes followers feel that they are seen and heard.

Community Manager

Depending on the company requirements, you can either reply to social media posts using the brand’s social media accounts or using a social media account of a certain persona.

You could, of course, use your personal account to do this, but it’s not advisable, especially if your personal account has been around for years.

Zealous social media followers of the brand are likely to scrutinize social media accounts that reply to them as a brand representative.

All your personal tweets are now subject to close examination, and if there’s even a single tweet that doesn’t match the brand personality, your campaign is going to fail.

Also known as: Engagement manager, social media brand advocate

4. Customer Support Representative

Bigger businesses have dedicated social media accounts and messaging app accounts solely for answering questions by customers and potential customers.

Customer support representatives answer these inquiries and requests for assistance in a timely manner, all while projecting the desired brand voice and personality.

Social media followers that post anything—a question, feedback, suggestions—expect to be replied to within hours, if not minutes. It’s important to make them feel that what they have to say is important to your company.

Aside from answering them punctually, followers need to have their concerns resolved and all their questions answered in a satisfactory way.

Also known as: Social media customer service representative, social media customer care agent

5. Social Media Analyst

A social media analyst uses social media tools to monitor conversations about the company, current trends in social media and helps inform the overall social media strategy for the brand.

Social Media Analyst

They also determine how effective the current social media strategy is and whether engagement is happening on various social media platforms.

They should be able to analyze complex data from a variety of sources, such as social media listening and monitoring tools.

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Also known as: Social media associate, social media strategist, specialist

Innate Abilities Needed To Be Successful

There are skills that can be learned; using various social media, creating and designing compelling content, or working with social media tools to plan and schedule social media content.

But there are just some skills that can’t be taught.

Here are some of the inherent traits you need to have so you can do your social media job well.

Social skills

Posting in social media is one thing; posting on social media while able to really connect with an audience and building a relationship with them is another thing altogether.

Additionally, you should be able to carry on a conversation with anyone, regardless of age, gender, education level, or political affiliation.

Social Listening

Everyone can read a tweet or a status update, but not everyone can get meaningful insights or draw conclusions from them.

If you have a knack for social listening, you’re able to go through conversations happening around your brand and get a sense of what customers think or feel when they’re talking about your brand.

Do they like your brand or hate it? Are they complaining, or recommending your brand to someone else?

Analytical Skills

Because social media strategies are data-based (or at least, they should be), you’ll be dealing with a lot of data when you formulate these strategies.

Besides being comfortable with looking at numbers and data, you need to be able to analyze that data, formulate a hypothesis, and inform your decisions regarding planning and scheduling social media content.

Where To Find Social Media Jobs

To help you find the best jobs, you’ll have to get into the best job seeker websites. Here are the best websites to find social media jobs.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing, and social media marketing, in particular, is a thriving field offering numerous jobs that people can do with just a laptop, an internet connection, and a space to work.

If these social media jobs don’t pique your interest but you still want to work from home, check out these work from home jobs that you can start right now.

Or if you’d rather start your own online business from home, here are some ways to start an online business.

How attractive are these social media jobs? Were you inspired to find one today? Share your stories in the comments below!

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