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  • Renee

    SU is very expensive with continued price increases and they don’t even provide you with a FREE catalog. You have to pay for that too. Lawn Fawn is amazing!

  • Beth

    “unless you don’t care about making lots of money with it” ha! You will NOT make money with SU, you will lose your shirt! Save your pennies and buy your stuff at regular stores using coupons. Even SU on Ebay costs ridiculous amounts of money now. Plus the products are not that great when put up against what you can get from places like Lawn Fawn, MFT, SSS, etc. Why do you think they don’t sell their stuff the “regular” way? Because they know no one would buy it!

  • Adriana

    Just one correction – sales reps for this company are NOT to keep inventory. The only items allowed for cash & carry are adhesive and the Paper Pumpkin kit (monthly kit program). This is very different from other scrapbooking companies where sales reps keep inventory on hand to sale at events.

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