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7 Ways to Make More Money with Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows anyone to buy and sell services, with prices starting at just $5 bucks.

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The website covers a wide variety of services, from logo creation to testimonials, translating articles to signing Happy Birthday in a thong, and a lot in between.

From a seller’s point of view, Fiverr allows you to make money from basically micro services which mean low overheads and potentially a large market as the site is very popular.

However, Fiverr also takes a 20% cut of earned fees and also charges for withdrawing earnings.

With that in mind, the most successful sellers on Fiverr need to plan ahead to make sure the maximise sales while reducing potential costs.

To help you do that, here are my top 7 tips to make more money with

#1 Keep Your Gigs Quick

This has to be the number one tip out there! If each gig takes you 30 minutes to do, then you’re only going to earn $8 an hour before taxes.

Whatever it is you decide to do should ideally take you less than 5 mins to produce as allows you to earn up to $48 per hour or more.

Anything longer than that and you should consider charging more per gig than just the basic fiver.

#2 Offer Similar Gigs

Expanding your portfolio is something all Fiverr sellers should do. You don’t need to branch out into different topics and niches necessarily; instead you can simply offer different variants of what you already do.

For example this writer offers various services that are basically the same:

Fiverr Portfolo

The benefits of expanding your portfolio are actually really great:

  • More portfolios = more SEO opportunities as people search for different terms
  • More portfolios = more chance of being found on the site
  • More portfolios = more options for your potential customers

Just keep the number sensible otherwise you could be inundated with orders that you can’t possibly keep up with.

#3 Offer Incentives

Another idea to not only get more customers but retain existing ones is to use incentives.

Offering more than your competitors is one way to do it, but that can quickly escalate into a fight to provide the most for the cheapest and that’s not good for anyone.

Instead offer realistic incentives, such as bonuses when multiple gigs are ordered at the same time, or advising people who have purchased a gig that if they buy more you will give something extra.

For example if you offer to write 400 for one gig, you could offer 500 words for repeat customers.

#4 Write a Decent Pitch

Your gig is your advertisement, and you should treat it with as much respect as you would any customer you get.

As such you need to make sure that it’s well written.


The title is the first thing a prospective client looks at, and as such it should sum up what you offer in a concise way.

Instead of writing “I will provide an article”, write I will provide a 500 word article on any subject”.

If your gig has something unique, try to get it into the title.

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The blurb compromises the bulk of your gig explanation.

It should be written in a way that someone reading it should walk away knowing exactly what they get for their money and anything that they can’t get.

Adding in all the benefits of your gig in a bullet point is recommended.

Having things you won’t do listed clearly is also recommended, as that way the customer knows exactly what they can and can’t get from the gig. Honesty here is the best policy.

Be Professional

Keep your gig professional and make sure that you check spelling and grammar. Coming across as professional will separate you from half the Fiverr crowd in a heartbeat. Poorly worded, badly spelt listings will simply turn people away.

#4 Use Extra Gigs and Packages

Fiverr has allowed extra gigs for a long time and you should be using them to maximize profits.

If possible an extra gig should add value for your customer, but not add too much time to you completing the job.

Packages are newer, but allow you to set much higher prices for your services. This is great news for sellers as you can finally start pricing things at a respectable level, especially if you already have a following and a five star rating.

Fiverr packages

#5 Make Use of Images and Videos

Whatever your service is, you can provide examples. Whether these have been done just for showcasing purposes or are previous works, you need to show people what they are likely to get.

Not only does this help you find the right buyers, it reduces the possibility of cancelled and refunded orders.

Make use of both images and videos as these again allow you to cater to a wider audience.

#6 Market Your Gigs

By listing on you are already increasing your chances of being found, just like with any marketplace.

That doesn’t mean you should leave it to chance though.

At the very least share your gigs on social media, promote new gigs, and advertise offers and so on.

The more you share the higher the chances of more people finding and purchasing your gigs.

I’ve even heard of some Fiverr sellers promoting their gigs via PPC (paid for advertising) though this is risky as your margins are already small. However if you can get decent rates, there’s opportunity to be had advertising like this.

#7 Keep Your Customers Happy

The final piece of the puzzle is perhaps the most important, even more important than offering quick gigs: keeping your customers happy.

Keeping customers happy is paramount in a service driven business like Fiverr. The reasons for it are:

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  • Happy customers become repeat customers
  • Happy customers give you 5 stars
  • Happy customers provide detailed reviews
  • Happy customers don’t cancel or refund their gigs

As you can see, keeping your customers happy is very important. How then can you do that? There’s obviously no magic bullet and some customers will be unhappy no matter what, but there are ways to minimize unhappy customers:

  • Reply to pre-sales messages quickly
  • Keep your customers updated, especially if there will be delays
  • Make sure you ask questions before you start so you have a clear idea of what the customer wants
  • Avoid delivering late!

The Bottom Line might not earn you much per gig, but with the right tactics you can turn into a little goldmine!